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A Royal Doulton Nursery Rhyme Series Ware trio. 1937-38 period, pattern D5187. And based on the original paintings by William Savage Cooper (1863-1943), the gently lobed trio comprising a cup with an associated saucer and plate, each with transfer designs

A rare Royal Doulton Huntley & Palmers nursery rhymes biscuit casket 'Old Mother Hubbard' - in the shape of a bombe commode. Date mark c.1906. Length 190, height 13 cm

Royal Doulton 'Little Boy Blue' (1950-1973), Designer L. Harradine. Series 1 Nursery Rhymes

Royal Doulton 'Curly Locks' (1949-1953), figurine HN2049, Designer M. Davies. Series1 Nursery Rhymes

A Royal Doulton figure 'This Little Pig' together with a Royal Doulton figure Jill HN2061, from the Nursery Rhymes series, (2) tallest 13 cm