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Royal Doulton Ploughing the Fields bowl with, the Gleners plate and Autumn Glory sugar basin (3)

Two Royal Doulton bowls Olde Charly ashtray and character jug and an autumn glory jug

Royal Doulton series WRE Autumn Glory bowl and matching square plate

Royal Doulton Series Ware 'Autumn Glory' serving bowl and bowl. Serving Bowl diameter 21 cm. Bowl diameter 19.75 cm

A Royal Doulton Series Ware 'Autumn Glory' vase, 14 cm high together with a plate, 26 cm wide.

A Royal Doulton Autumn Glory jug and plate. Jug: Height 10 cm Plate: Diameter 27 cm

A Royal Doulton Autumn Glory coffee pot and scalloped bowl. Jug: Height 18 cm Bowl: Diameter 30 cm.

A collection of Royal Doulton 'Autumn Glory' & 'Cottage Ware' Ceramics comprising, Autumn Glory water jug and sugar bowl, cottage Ware plate and sugar bowl and a hand painted vase with game keeper scene (5)

A Royal Doulton ‘Autumn Glory’ coffee service, circa 1930, comprising six coffee cups and saucers, a milk jug, sugar bowl and a coffee pot. notes crack to sugar bowl. Height 10 cm. Diameter 10 cm. Height 10 cm. Height 23 cm