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Before the invention of the dripolator, percolator and the expresso machine, the roasted and ground coffee beans were placed in a pot, and hot water was added, to infuse the water with the coffee. After the coffee had brewed it was ready for pouring, a similar process to that used to make tea now. It was not until the invention of the percolator in the late 19th century, that use of the coffee pot began to decline. From the early 18th century to the end of the 19th century, coffee pots were produced in silver, silver plate and by most of the major ceramics producers who produced dinnerware, including Wedgwood, Royal Worcester and Belleek.

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The life story of English potter and designer Clarice Cliff, (1899-1972) is a real-life rags-to riches story. Clarice was born in the potteries area in Tunstall, Staffordshire in 1899, and her father was an iron moulder, while her mother took in washing.

She attended school until age 13 and then left to work in a lowly paid job in the potteries. At that time the potteries were the major employers of women in the North Staffordshire and at the time she commenced work there were over 20,000 women employed.

The jobs for women ranged from being assistants to the men who threw the pots, to the less menial but repetitive task of painting prescribed designs onto clay blanks.

After 10 years, and a several of changes of employer, she had learned a number of trades and mastered the techniques of gilding, enamelling, lithography and design.

At the age of 17 Clarice Cliff was working for the Royal Staffordshire Pottery owned by A J Wilkinson owned by the Shorter family. and at this time the firm's pattern books begin to credit her as the designer of some of the items illustrated in the books. more...
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A sixteen piece Clarice Cliff 'Autumn Crocus' tea and coffee service$1928-35 (teapot); and after 1952, comprising a teapot, coffee pot, sugar bowl and six demitasse cups and saucers in blue, orange and purple colours with tan and green borders; one

A Clarice Cliff Bizarre 'Yellow rose' coffee pot$1930-35, the striking 'Daffodil' shape pot hand painted with a yellow and orange rose and trailing stems and foliage on a cream ground, with orange, brown, and green stripes to the handle and

Extensive Clarice Cliff 'Honeyglaze' dinner set, to include 6 dinner plates, 6 entree plates, 6 side plates, 6 dessert bowls, 6 soup bowls, 6 coffee cups and saucers, coffee pot sugar and creamer, gravy boat and saucer, 3 piece condiment set, dish, lidded

Clarice Cliff, A Bonjour porcelain coffee service, circa 1930, modelled in Art Deco geometric forms and comprising: a coffee pot and cover, sugar, milk jug and six coffee cans and saucers, painted with stylised scattering foliage in pinks, orange and green

Clarice Cliff Bizarre 'Sunshine' set of three conical cup saucers & cake plate stamped & numbered to the base '8978'. Condition, good, minor paint losses consistant with age, height of coffee cans, 5.5 cm

Clarice Cliff Bizarre coffee cans (5 - 1 restored) three saucers and matching cream jug

A Clarice Cliff Byzantine diamond pattern coffee pot. 7 cm high, 16 cm diameter

A Clarice Cliff 'Liberty' coffee can and saucer, circa 1930. The can with a simple loop handle handpainted with horizontal bands in differing widths in orange, yellow and black; with black Bizarre backstamps underside with mark of Newport pottery. Saucer d

A mixed Clarice Cliff coffee can and saucer, circa 1928 and after. The can in original Bizarre in purple, green and russet upon a yellow and cream ground, with a banded Fantasque saucer; backstamps underside to both, the cup with the early handpainted Biza

A Clarice Cliff bizarre orange 'Tresco' coffee set, English, circa 1935 the coffee pot 16 cm high

A Clarice Cliff bizarre tea and coffee service designed by Eva Crofts, English, circa 1934 the coffeepot 19 cm high

Clarice Cliff 'Bizarre' coffee pot, c. 1929-1930 'Swirls' pattern, stamped 'Registration applied for', printed factory marks to base 'Hand painted Bizarre by Clarice Cliff Newport Pottery England'. Height 21.5 cm

A thirty one piece Clarice Cliff dinner service, circa 1934, in 'Aura' (green), pattern 6385. A setting for six comprising soup, dinner, entree and bread and butter plates, two covered tureens, three oval platters, a gravy boat with stand, having a hand de

Rare Clarice Cliff art deco coffee set, conical shape, applique range, Lucerne pattern. Comprising coffee pot, six each cups and saucers, cream and sugar. Excellent original condition. Small glaze loss rim of sugar

Clarice Cliff, 'Bizarre' Eva Crofts for Clarice Cliff coffee set, c.1934 'Field Flowers' pattern, 'Bonjour' shape, printed factory marks to base 'Designed by Eva Crofts Produced in Bizarre by Clarice Cliff Wilkinson England', six cups, six saucers, coffee

Clarice Cliff, 'Fantasque' tankard coffee pot 'Broth' pattern, printed factory marks to base 'Hand Painted Fantasque by Clarice Cliff Wilkinson England', stamped 'Lawleys Norfolk Pottery in Stoke'. Height 19 cm

Clarice Cliff, 'Goldstone Bizarre' coffee set 'Goldstone' pattern, printed factory marks to base, 'Hand Painted Goldstone Bizarre by Clarice Cliff Wilkinson Pottery England', six cups, six saucers, coffee pot, creamer, sugar bowl (A/F) (15) Measurements co

Clarice Cliff fish service from Newport Pottery, circa 1940's, a fish serving plate, sauce boat and six plates. Length of server 38 cm

A twenty one piece Clarice Cliff orange crocus pattern part tea service.

Clarice Cliff 'Platinum Hotel' dinner service for six persons consisting of two lidded tureens, six half moon side plates, six soup bowls, six dinner plates, six entree plates, six bread plates, six cups and saucers, two gravy boats, two sauce boats and tw

Six Clarice Cliff Bizarre Crocus coffee cans, with two saucers and four octagonal side plates, one repaired. A black printed Newport Pottery mark to base. Height 5.5 cm.

A Clarice Cliff Bizarre Crocus coffee pot, with black printed Newport Pottery mark to base. Impressed '36'. Height 19 cm

Clarice Cliff, Fifteen piece earthenware coffee service, 'Sunburst' pattern comprising coffee pot, creamer and sugar bowl, having an all over geometric 'Bizarre' colour way

Clarice Cliff 23 piece part dinner set. Creamware, with geometric silver overlay. One oval platter, 6 large dinner plates, 3 small dinner plates, two desert bowls, one side plate, one teapot, one coffee pot, one coffee cup and saucer, and one tea cup. Seve

A Clarice Cliff orange crocus pattern part tea service. A Clarice Cliff orange crocus pattern part tea service including teapot, slop bowl, six coffee cans and saucers and six teacups and saucers, two dishes, and a tiny pepper pot and salt pot

A Clarice Cliff Biarritz part dinner service in floral pattern

A Clarice Cliff Bizarre dinner service for 6 with two vegetable tureens and three platters

A Clarice Cliff Biarritz dinner service, with stylised blue flower decoration, comprising a tureen and cover, platter and six each of cups, saucers, side plates, luncheon plates, dinner plates and soup bowls, printed marks, restoration to one dinner plate

A Clarice Cliff Bizarre Solomon's seal pattern part demi tasse coffee set, circa 1930, comprising three demi tasse coffee cups and saucers a milk jug and a conical sugar bowl each painted with stylised flowers within mauve blue and green borders black fact