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A device for extinguishing a candle, usually made of silver or silver plate, and sometimes ceramic. There are two types, the first in the shape of a cone that is placed over the the top of candle and smothers the flame, also known as an extinguisher. The cone shaped snuffer may be part of a candlestick or have its own stand. The second type is similar to a pair of scissors with a small box on one of the blades into which the wick falls when it is cut. Prior to the invention of snuffless candles in the 1820s, this type of snuffer was used to trim the wick of the tallow candles (also called "snuffing") that were in use at that time, so that they did not become too long. With the snuffles candle, the newly developed plaited wick bent into the flame as it burnt, and was fully consumed. This type sometimes comes with an accompanying stand or tray. However the two components may have been separated, and a new name found for the snuffer tray, such as a pen tray.

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The life story of English potter and designer Clarice Cliff, (1899-1972) is a real-life rags-to riches story. Clarice was born in the potteries area in Tunstall, Staffordshire in 1899, and her father was an iron moulder, while her mother took in washing.

She attended school until age 13 and then left to work in a lowly paid job in the potteries. At that time the potteries were the major employers of women in the North Staffordshire and at the time she commenced work there were over 20,000 women employed.

The jobs for women ranged from being assistants to the men who threw the pots, to the less menial but repetitive task of painting prescribed designs onto clay blanks.

After 10 years, and a several of changes of employer, she had learned a number of trades and mastered the techniques of gilding, enamelling, lithography and design.

At the age of 17 Clarice Cliff was working for the Royal Staffordshire Pottery owned by A J Wilkinson owned by the Shorter family. and at this time the firm's pattern books begin to credit her as the designer of some of the items illustrated in the books. more...
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Three Clarice Cliff Bizarre 'My garden' wares: a bowl, sugar shaker and a small Candleholder$1930-35, a tan drip glazed yellow bowl and a matching pillar shaker, both with moulded floral bases in exuberant colours; and a similar domed candleholder;

Clarice Cliff Bizarre 'Pompadour' pair of candlesticks stamped '776 Clarice Cliff Wilkinson Ltd England 'Pompadour''. Condition, good, minor wear to the bases. Dimensions, 13 x 5.6 cm

Clarice Cliff Bizarre candle stick. Sandon ptn, Ziggurat shape. Height 9 cm

Clarice Cliff 'Erin Green' Art Deco porcelain candlestick, circa 1920s. 12.5 cm.

A Clarice Cliff fantasque 'Melons' candlestick, English, circa 1930. 30 cm high

Clarice Cliff 'Fantasque Bizarre' candlestick, c. 1933-1937 'Secrets' pattern, printed factory marks to base 'Fantasque hand painted Bizarre by Clarice Cliff Newport Pottery England'. Height 22 cm

Pair of Clarice Cliff Bizarre Gay Day candlesticks, 8.5 cm wide, 4.5 cm high approx

Clarice Cliff 'Bizarre' Diamonds candlestick, 30 cm high

Clarice Cliff, 'Fantasque' candlestick, 'Melon' pattern, painted factory marks to base 'Hand Painted Fantasque By Clarice Cliff Wilkinson Ltd England', with impressed shape mark '331'. Height 5.5 cm

Pair of Clarice Cliff candlesticks 13.5 cm high

Clarice Cliff 'Gayday' candlestick, shape 331, 'Bizarre' printed factory marks. Height 5 cm. Diameter 9 cm

Clarice Cliff pair candle holders shape 310 double V Bizarre stylized leaf pattern 11.5 cm base diameter