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Of all of Wedgwood's ware, the most highly prized and keenly sought are the company's range of Fairyland Lustre.

Fairyland Lustre was the name given to a range of ornamental lustre wares by "Daisy" Makeig-Jones (full name, Susannah Margaretta "Daisy" Makeig-Jones (1881–1945) who was a designer and artist for Wedgwood.

Daisy Makeig-Jones was born in Wath-upon-Dearne near Rotherham in Yorkshire, the eldest of seven children, and she came from a professional background.

After attending boarding school and studying the Torquay School of Art, she joined Wedgwood in 1909, aged in her late twenties. The first fairyland Lustre was produced from her designs in 1915.

Fairyland Lustre is characterised by bright underglaze colours, commercial lustres and printed figures (often elves and fairies), scenes and landscapes.

The wares produced fall into three main categories, most items being bowls, jars and vases of various shapes and designs of which there were about 32 designs), and not seen so frequently, plates and plaques, for which there were about 12 designs of each. more...
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A Daisy Makeig-Jones Wedgwood Fairyland lustre bowl decorated with spiderwebs and bees, Dear Earl, size: 10.5 cm high, 23 cm diameter cm, weight: 0.863 kg, no visible cracks, chips or wear to the paint. In good condition.

Rare Wedgwood Fairyland lustre Octagon bowl c. 1920, 'Geisha Or Angels' pattern Z.4968 designed by daisy Makeig-Jones, Wedgwood Portland vase back stamp diameter 17 cm. Height 8 cm