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Of all of Wedgwood's ware, the most highly prized and keenly sought are the company's range of Fairyland Lustre.

Fairyland Lustre was the name given to a range of ornamental lustre wares by "Daisy" Makeig-Jones (full name, Susannah Margaretta "Daisy" Makeig-Jones (1881–1945) who was a designer and artist for Wedgwood.

Daisy Makeig-Jones was born in Wath-upon-Dearne near Rotherham in Yorkshire, the eldest of seven children, and she came from a professional background.

After attending boarding school and studying the Torquay School of Art, she joined Wedgwood in 1909, aged in her late twenties. The first fairyland Lustre was produced from her designs in 1915.

Fairyland Lustre is characterised by bright underglaze colours, commercial lustres and printed figures (often elves and fairies), scenes and landscapes.

The wares produced fall into three main categories, most items being bowls, jars and vases of various shapes and designs of which there were about 32 designs), and not seen so frequently, plates and plaques, for which there were about 12 designs of each. more...
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A Rare Wedgwood fairyland lustre 'Ghostly Wood' malfrey pot and cover, designed by Daisy Makeig-Jones, circa 1920, the vase is inspired by the The Legends of Croquemitaine by Gustave Dore and other tales. The cover is painted with the Owls of Wisdo

A Wedgwood fairyland lustre 'Candlemas' ovoid vase, designed by Daisy Makeig-Jones, circa 1920, the sides of the vase decorated with arched black lustre panels of candle figures in procession with fairyland figures, alternating with pale blue lustr

A Wedgwood fairyland lustre 'Gondola' lily tray designed by Daisy Makeig-Jones, circa 1918, the low bowl with everted lip and interior painted and printed with 'Fairy Gondola' pattern, depicting elves and fairies frolicking around a lily pond. the exterior

A Wedgwood fairyland lustre bowl, designed by Daisy Makeig-Jones, circa 1925, of octagonal form, the interior decorated on a pearl lustre ground with Woodland Elves VII - Fairy in a Cage pattern, the exterior with black lustre ground and 'Leapfrogging

A Wedgwood fairyland flame lustre 'Tree Serpent' vase, designed by Daisy Makeig-Jones, circa 1925, depicting the tree serpent wound around a tree amongst mythical creatures and a pale yellow baby calmly seated at the base of the tree, shape no. 315

A Wedgwood Fairyland lustre 'Roc centre' plate designed by Daisy Makeig-Jones, circa 1925, the Imps on the Bridge and surrounds printed, painted and enamelled in polychrome colours, the rim printed in gold with a 'Twyford' border on pale ap

A Daisy Makeig-Jones Wedgwood Fairyland lustre bowl decorated with spiderwebs and bees, Dear Earl, size: 10.5 cm high, 23 cm diameter cm, weight: 0.863 kg, no visible cracks, chips or wear to the paint. In good condition.

Wedgwood Fairyland lustre trumpet vase, height 25 cm approx.

Daisy Makeig-Jones for Wedgwood Fairyland lustre bowl, circa 1920, the exterior painted with 'Woodland Bridge' the interior with 'Picnic River' marked, Z4968 T, 20 cm diameter x 8.8 high

A group of seven pieces of English Nursery Ware porcelain, various makers including a 'Bunnykins' plate and bowl by Royal Doulton, a Wedgwood 'Peter rabbit' plate, a 'Dizzy Ducklings' plate and saucer by Hanley N.S pottery, and a Winterton 'Buttercup Fairy

Wedgwood fairyland lustre bowl. Octagonal shape with butterfly decoration. 6 cm high, 15 cm wide.

Wedgwood fairyland lustre bowl, the interior with butterfly decoration, the exterior magenta with gilt butterflies. 5 cm high.

Wedgwood fairyland lustre bowl interior pattern 'fairy with large hat', exterior 'woodlands'. Diameter 16.5 cm and 8 cm high. Excellent Condition

A Wedgwood Fairyland lustre Malfrey pot and cover of elongated ovoid form decorated with small imps and fairies on a gilt blue and black ground factory mark Z5157, 23 cm high

A large Wedgwood Fairyland lustre ginger jar converted to lamp base,'Ghostly Wood', circa 1920, ovoid with high domed cover decorated with a woodland scene of fairies, ghosts and goblins on multi iridescent grounds, later converted to a lamp base with timb

A large octagonal Wedgwood Fairyland lustre bowl by daisy Makeig-Jones, circa 1920, the interior decorated with 'Woodland Elves Viii - Boxing Match', the exterior with panels of 'Castle on a Road' design, factory marks and pattern number 'Z5125' 26.5 cm di

A small Wedgwood Fairyland lustre bowl, circa 1920, circular, with an everted rim decorated throughout with winged characters, externally a lime green and dark purple lustre ground, stamped Wedgwood England to base, 12 cm diameter.

A Wedgwood Fairyland lustre bowl decorated internally and externally with fairies in a magical landscape, printed factory marks 17 cm diameter

Rare Wedgwood Fairyland lustre Octagon bowl c. 1920, 'Geisha Or Angels' pattern Z.4968 designed by daisy Makeig-Jones, Wedgwood Portland vase back stamp diameter 17 cm. Height 8 cm

A Wedgwood Fairyland lustre vase, circa 1920, the conical footed vase displays a menagerie of fairies and goblins on a bulle de savon lustred ground, gilt factory marks to base, 20.5 cm high

A superb Wedgwood Fairyland lustre bowl, bird pattern to the exterior, elves and flying fairies in water landscape settings to the interior. Diameter 28 cm

Daisy Makeig-Jones, Fairyland lustre bowl, manufactured by Wedgwood, stamped makers mark and numbered 24968 to base. Height 7 cm. Diameter 14 cm

Wedgwood Fairyland lustre 'The Enchanted Palace' wall plaque based upon an original Wedgwood design in Fairyland lustre produced in 1922 number 33 in a limited edition of 250. (length including frame - 36.5 cm

Wedgwood Fairyland lustre vase of inverted baluster form. Height 23 cm

Rare Wedgwood Fairyland lustre cabinet plate, decorated by daisy Makeig-Jones, handpainted design 'Imps on the bridge' diameter 27 cm

Wedgwood Fairyland lustre vase. Trumpet shape with circular base. Red ground stylised leaves and flowers in gold. Chinoiserie landscapes in gold. Interior orange mottled. Height 25 cm. Artist daisy Makeig-Jones

Wedgwood fairyland lustre vase. 'Imps on bridge' pattern. Two panels each showing procession of mauve imps crossing green bridge spanning a blue river. Banks orange. Single imp paddling canoe. Flying 'Roc' bird. Two large black imps with purple white watch

Magnificent Wedgwood fairyland 'Bowl' Z4968 designed by daisy Makeig-Jones

Wedgwood fairyland lustre vase. Three panels separated by trees with purple and gold trunks. Oriental scenes with pagados, boat and bridges in black with touches of orange on blue ground. Gold rimmed. Pattern Z5407. Height 22.5 cm

Daisy Makeig Jones Wedgwood Fairyland lustre bowl, c1920 decorated with imps and daisies, the interior with a mouse at a spinning wheel. Height 5.5 cm. Diameter 9.5 cm

A Wedgwood 'Imps on a bridge' Fairyland lustre Lincoln plate by daisy Makeig-Jones, circa 1920, painted in colours and gilt, the border of tendril-like foliage on a luminous yellow ground, gilt printed mark. Diameter 27 cm

Wedgwood Fairyland lustre bowl decorated, with frolicking elves on a red ground

Wedgwood Fairyland lustre vase decorated with trees, elves and bridges

Wedgwood miniature Fairyland lustre vase with dragon decoration

Wedgwood Fairyland lustre octagonal bowl with dragon decoration

Wedgwood Fairyland lustre octagonal bowl with dragon decoration

Wedgwood Fairyland lustre octagonal bowl with butterfly decoration

Pair of Wedgwood 'Fairyland' patterned, lustre glazed vases