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Wedgwood black basalt figure, made for Sydney Olympics in the form of torch bearer, height 26 cm

Wedgwood black basalt figure, made for Sydney Olympics, the form of discus thrower, height 20.5 cm

Pair of Wedgwood black basalt boxes and covers, decorated horses in gilt after George Stubbs, impressed marks, length 5 cm (2)

Nine antique Wedgwood black basalt seals, comprising of portraits, animals, figural scenes

Wedgwood terracotta and black basalt lidded urn, with box and card, approx 26 cm high

Wedgwood black basalt figurine of monkeys, signed J. Skeaping

Wedgwood black basalt Memorial medallion, of the Duke of Windsor (1894-1972), boxed, 12.5 cm x 8 cm

A collection of blue basalt Wedgwood, 19th/20th century, comprising a pair of round medallions, a box and six small items

Pair of engine turned Wedgwood black basalt urns, impressed Wedgwood 19th century mark to base, 20.5 cm high

A Wedgwood plaque, 'The Frightened horse', after George Stubbs, 1973, number 47 in a special edition of 250, modelled in black basalt in relief after the original 18th century painting by Stubbs; gold stamps and impressed Wedgwood made in England m

Wedgwood plaque 'Death of a Roman Warrior' plaque with Lord Wedgwood signature in Queen's Ware after an 18th century black basalt original, of rectangular shape with high relief depiction of death of a Roman warrior, from the Genius collection,

Wedgwood model of kangaroo as above in matt black basalt glaze, 20 cm length

A Wedgwood black basalt 'Taurus the Bull', circa 1960, by Arnold Machin, stamped Wedgwood Made in England, Am, 15cm high, 38cm long

Three Wedgwood black basalt float bowls with bird flower aides, early 20th century, stamped Wedgwood Made in England, 18 cm high, 30 cm diameter

A Wedgwood black basalt Art Deco deer figure, by John Skeaping, impressed Wedgwood Made in England, J. Skeaping, 21 cm high, 15 cm wide

A Wedgwood black basalt Art Deco kangaroo figure, by John Skeaping, impressed Wedgwood Made in England, J. Skeaping, 20 cm high

A Wedgwood black basalt figure of Venus de Milo, 19th century, a slip cast model of the classical Greek figure mounted on an integral base; impressed Wedgwood mark underside, height 52.5 cm

A Wedgwood black basalt model of a bull, 14 cm high, 34 cm wide

A pair of antique Wedgwood black basalt cylindrical vases, classical scenes in relief

Wedgwood black basalt Krater urn and cover, England, 19th century, polychrome enamelled with sprays of flowers, terracotta coloured border, impressed mark, approx 16 cm high, 27 cm wide

Wedgwood Munich 1972 Olympic commemorative plate. Black basalt 'Not the Winning but the taking part' in original box. Diameter 16 cm

Wedgwood black basalt vase. Embossed classical figures decoration. Including internal flower separator. Rim chip to top of vase. Height 23 cm

Three Wedgewood black basalt porcelain spittoons, English, 19th century, 18.5 cm diameter and 12.5 cm diameter

A Pair of Wedgwood Black Basalt Cupid and Psyche Figures, England, late 19th/early 20th century

Wedgwood Nick Munro black basalt bowl having a high gloss finish interior & a bisque finish exterior. Stamped & impressed to the base. Condition good, minor wear to the base. Diameter 23.2 cm

A Wedgwood black basalt three-piece set, comprising pot, sugar and creamer

A Wedgwood black basalt King and Queen, by Arnold Machin, c. 1960

A King and Queen cased Wedgwood black basalt set, by Arnold Machin, c. 1960

A collection of Wedgwood black basalt, including cup, saucers, two plates, bowl, ashtray and small pot

A Wedgwood black basalt teapot and cover, circa 1920, and 2 small blue vases (some damage)

A Wedgwood basalt Ware jardiniere, 1930 and after, the conical shaped jardiniere with a spreading foot, slip decorated with a continuous classical scene of goddesses with their symbolic accoutrements and making offerings, between a floral and fruiting band

A Wedgwood basalt Ware urn, 1930 and after, the classically shaped pedestal urn with a pleasing satin glaze, having a sprigged grape vine border to the upper body, a lappet border to the lower section, and acanthus embellished to the footrim; with impresse

A Wedgwood basalt Ware jardiniere, circa 1909-1929, of conical shape with a spreading foot, with a slip decorated classical scene of figures representative of the liberal arts in a landscape setting, between a floral and fruiting band to the upper body and

Three Wedgwood black basalt wares: a teapot, cup and saucer. The teapot of compressed form with an Egyptian handle and glazed to the interior, marked Wedgwood 24 3A 62 to the foot rim; the cup with a glazed interior and saucer, both of unadorned form, mark

Two engine turned black basalt wares, a Wedgwood tea cup and an unmarked saucer, 19th century. The cup of tapering hemispherical form with a small foot rim and loop handle, with vertical engine turned ribs in an alternating polished and matte finish, marke