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Wedgwood dinner service, comprising six main plates, six entree plates, six side plates, six bowls, tureen and cover, sauce boat and saucer and large platter, all with cobalt borders and decorated with gilt beehive patterning

A Wedgwood Art Nouveau serving platter, 1882, the transfer Ware platter in Prussian green colours, centred with a maiden feeding a calf enclosed by reserved borders of ducks and chickens alternating with cupids and animals; impressed Wedgwood mark, three l

Wedgwood Jasperware cheese dome and platter, decorated with classical figures, animals, and trees, in tones of white on black, height 20 cm

A Victorian Wedgwood Flow blue & white water nymph pattern platter c.1880's impressed makers marks verso height 35 cm, width 43 cm

Wedgwood 'Frog' twenty two piece afternoon teaset, from the limited edition Genius collection, all with certificates and boxes, signed to base, comprising of 8 plates, 8 lidded ice cups, 6 triangular dishes,1 platter, together with 2 Wedgwood jasperware di

Wedgwood, a large 'Australian Flora' porcelain serving platter, 1882, creamware, transfer printed and hand painted decoration adapted from designs by Helena Forde, Australia, 1879, made by Wedgwood, England, 1882, stamped and printed: Wedgwood Aust

A Wedgwood blue porcelain dinner set with gilt trim, 20th century, comprising 3 meat platters, soup tureen and dish, 4 vegatable tureens, 2 gravy boats and saucers, 15 dinner plates, 12 entree plates, 13 bowls and 12 side plates

A Wedgwood lustre ware platter, 20th century, stamped Wedgwood of Etruria and Barlaston, Made in England, Tm, 31.5 cm diameter

Extensive Wedgwood Susie Cooper design dinner set, pattern: Charisma, comprising of 8 dinner plates, 8 entree plates, 8side plates, 8 bowls, 8 soup bowls and under plates, 8 cups and saucers, 2 platters,lidded tureen, jugs, coffee 2 serving bowls, 2 platte

Wedgwood 'Mirabelle' dinner setting for ten persons comprising ten main plates, ten entree plates, ten cup saucer plate sets, fourteen dessert bowls, teapot, sugar bowl, cream jug, oval platter, lidded vegetable tureen & a gravy boat & sauc

A Wedgwood fifty four piece 'Spring Morning' dinner service, 1964, pattern introduced, a complete service for six people, comprising: soup coupes with saucers, teacups and saucers, dinner, entree, side plates and bowls; with a teapot, milk jug or c

Wedgwood 'Formal Platinum' dinner setting for twelve persons comprising eleven main plates, twelve entree plates, twelve cup saucer plate sets, twelve dessert bowls, an oval platter, two oval vegetable bowls & a lidded vegetable tureen. Condition, good, mi

A Sixty seven piece Wedgwood 'Kingston' dinner service 1981-1987, production period, pattern 4677, comprising: nine dinner plates, seven entree plates, seven soup coupes and six saucers, eight side plates and eight dessert bowls, seven cups and sau

Wedgwood 'Medici' dinner setting for six persons comprising six dinner plates, six side plates, six dessert bowls, six two handled soup coupes & saucers, six cup, saucer, plate sets, six coffee cups & saucers, oval meat platter, two oval ve

A Wedgwood platter, tureen and cake plate, later 20th century, 'Columbia' pattern W595, period of manufacture 1924-1997. An oval platter, lidded tureen and shaped cake plate in classic ivory decorated with green borders, pairs of griffins and flora

Wedgwood Majolica Waves serving platter modelled as a boat, with two seaweed pieces to the interior, with lapping ocean waves to the edge, stamped 'Wedgwood Yzi'. Condition, fair, some restoration

A set of nine green Wedgwood majolica leaf pattern side plates, stamp to the base; together with another green majolica side plate and two serving platters. Width 29 cm max

Wedgwood & Co service, royal semi porcelain, three platters, tureen, sauce tureen and under plate,

Keith Murray (1892-1981), moonstone charger matte glazed dish with wide lip and shallow bowl, manufactured by Wedgwood, facsimile signature to base 'Keith Murray' with factory stamp 'Wedgwood, made in England'. Height 6 cm, diameter 35.5 cm

Extensive Wedgwood dinner service for 8, turquoise Florentine pattern, comprising eight of dinner, entree, soup & side plates, 8 dessert coupes & under dishes, 8 dessert bowls, jug & sugar bowl, 8 cups & saucers, lidded tureen, platter, serving bowl, coffe

A group of fourteen Wedgwood Etruria Tablewares, 1922, 'Floral' design, with a US patent, a mixed group including a large moulded meat platter, two further platters, two bowls, and dinner plates, shallow bowls, soup bowls for two and three salt and pepper

Wedgwood dinner set, comprising of platter, gravy boat, teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, large bowl, 8 each main, entree, bread/butter plates, soup bowls & teacups with saucers

A collection of Wedgwood Queen's ware, comprising 35 dinner plates, 4 larger dinner platters, 24 side plates, 6 tea cups and 13 saucers, a sauce boat, 2 tea pots (approximately), (housed in top right drawers)

Five various Victorian meat platters. Pictorial & floral designs. English makers including Wedgwood. Length 40 cm (largest)

A part “Cavalier” dinner set by Wedgwood, English, comprising three oval platters, twelve dinner plates, six side plates, six soup bowls, a sauceboats and tray, one tureen and cover and one tureen together with two other creamers

Wedgwood dinner set, 'California' pattern, comprising of platter, gravy boat with saucer, coffee pot, cake plate, 2 jugs, sugar bowl, tureen with under plate, 9 soup coupes & 8 under dishes, 9 dinner plates, 8 entree, 9 dessert bowls, 9 bread & butter pate

A Victorian Wedgwood majolica large fish platter, long oval form, relief decoration of a scaly salmon on fern and lily leaf decoration on cobalt blue ground, orange/tan border, impressed mark, c.1879. Length 64 cm, width 32.5 cm Note: See N. Dawes Majolica

A Wedgwood 'Columbia' dinner service comprising; 6 x dinner plates, 8 x side plates, 4 x bread plates, 4 x teacups, 2 x saucers, 8 x soup bowls with saucers, teapot, sugar bowl and cream jug, gravy boat serving platter and tureen cover tea pot and sugar co

A Wedgwood blue & white charger, 'Chinese' pattern. Diameter 42 cm.

A Wedgwood part dinner service from the Nizam of Hyderabad, comprising of 16 soup bowls, 23 teacups, 1 platter, tureen base, 10 menu plaques, 7 cake plates, 2 bowls

A Wedgwood part dinner service from the Nizam of Hyderabad, comprising of 4 dinner plates, 2 side plates, 8 soup, bowls, 8 tea cups, 1 coffeepot, 2 jugs, 1 cake stand, 2 platters, 1 entree tureen, 8 menu plaques, 8 cake, plates, 2 entree plates

A Wedgwood part dinner service from the Nizam of Hyderabad, comprising of 8 dinner plates, 8 side plates, 8 soup, bowls, 8 tea cups, 1 coffeepot, 2 jugs, 2 platters, 2 soup tureens, 2 entree tureens (with stands), 8 saucers, 8 cake plates, 8 bowls

A Wedgwood part dinner service from the Nizam of Hyderabad, comprising of 8 dinner plates, 8 side plates, 8 soup, bowls, 8 tea cups, 1 teapot, 2 jugs, 1 cake stand, 3 platters, 2 soup tureens, 2 entree tureens (with, stands), 8 saucers, 8 cake plates

Wedgwood ' Patrician' dinner set for 6 plus gravy boat and stand, two tureens, and two serving platters

Keith Murray, dinner set, comprised of six dinner plates, six entree plates, six side plates, six soup bowls, serving platter and gravy boat, manufactured by Wedgwood all with impressed and printed marks 'Wedgwood Etruria -England, Matt Green, Made in Engl

A Wedgwood dinner service in gold Florentine pattern, for twelve persons comprising dinner, entree and side plates together with two serving platters, printed factory marks (38)

A Wedgwood Etruria blue and white oval serving platter, 19th century, decorated in the Ferrara pattern, with a central image of Venice surrounded by floral bouquets. Length 31 cm