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Sauce boats, also called gravy boats, are a small jug form object used for serving sauces and gravy as indicated by the name. They were made in silver, silver plate or ceramics became fashionable in the early 18th century. Early suaceboats were usually plain and of oval shape, with a solid oval foot.. In the later Georgian period they became more elaborate, with the metal examples decorated with chasing and engraving, and a three-footed base, and sometimes available in pairs. Ceramic suaceboats were often part of a dinner service, and some of the ceramic sauceboats have an attached plate, its purpose being to catch drips and dribbles.
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Wedgwood dinner service, comprising six main plates, six entree plates, six side plates, six bowls, tureen and cover, sauce boat and saucer and large platter, all with cobalt borders and decorated with gilt beehive patterning

A Wedgwood blue porcelain dinner set with gilt trim, 20th century, comprising 3 meat platters, soup tureen and dish, 4 vegatable tureens, 2 gravy boats and saucers, 15 dinner plates, 12 entree plates, 13 bowls and 12 side plates

Extensive Wedgwood Susie Cooper design dinner set, pattern: Charisma, comprising of 8 dinner plates, 8 entree plates, 8side plates, 8 bowls, 8 soup bowls and under plates, 8 cups and saucers, 2 platters,lidded tureen, jugs, coffee 2 serving bowls, 2 platte

Wedgwood 'Garden' dinner setting for eight persons by Eric Ravilious comprising twelve main plates, eight cup saucer plate sets having four extra plates, five shallow bowls, six entree plates, three side plates, two vegetable tureens (one with lid)

Wedgwood 'Mirabelle' dinner setting for ten persons comprising ten main plates, ten entree plates, ten cup saucer plate sets, fourteen dessert bowls, teapot, sugar bowl, cream jug, oval platter, lidded vegetable tureen & a gravy boat & sauc

Extensive Wedgwood Susie Cooper dinner service ", Glen Mist", pattern, comprising 8 soup plates, 8 dessert bowls, 6 dinner plates, 10 entree plates, 18 side plates 2 tureens, cake plate, ashtray, 8 teacups &, saucers, 7 coffee cups &, saucer

A Sixty seven piece Wedgwood 'Kingston' dinner service 1981-1987, production period, pattern 4677, comprising: nine dinner plates, seven entree plates, seven soup coupes and six saucers, eight side plates and eight dessert bowls, seven cups and sau

Wedgwood 'Medici' dinner setting for six persons comprising six dinner plates, six side plates, six dessert bowls, six two handled soup coupes & saucers, six cup, saucer, plate sets, six coffee cups & saucers, oval meat platter, two oval ve

A 148 piece, 12 place Wedgwood bone china dinner service, Avon pattern, hand-coloured with passion vine and other flowers, printed Portland vase mark, numbered W3983; comprising: 11 dinner plates, 12 luncheon plates, 12 side plates, 12 soup coupes, 12 dess

Wedgwood & Co service, royal semi porcelain, three platters, tureen, sauce tureen and under plate,

Extensive Wedgwood dinner service for 8, turquoise Florentine pattern, comprising eight of dinner, entree, soup & side plates, 8 dessert coupes & under dishes, 8 dessert bowls, jug & sugar bowl, 8 cups & saucers, lidded tureen, platter, serving bowl, coffe

Wedgwood dinner set, comprising of platter, gravy boat, teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, large bowl, 8 each main, entree, bread/butter plates, soup bowls & teacups with saucers

A collection of Wedgwood Queen's ware, comprising 35 dinner plates, 4 larger dinner platters, 24 side plates, 6 tea cups and 13 saucers, a sauce boat, 2 tea pots (approximately), (housed in top right drawers)

Wedgwood dinner set, 'California' pattern, comprising of platter, gravy boat with saucer, coffee pot, cake plate, 2 jugs, sugar bowl, tureen with under plate, 9 soup coupes & 8 under dishes, 9 dinner plates, 8 entree, 9 dessert bowls, 9 bread & butter pate

A Wedgwood 'Columbia' dinner service comprising; 6 x dinner plates, 8 x side plates, 4 x bread plates, 4 x teacups, 2 x saucers, 8 x soup bowls with saucers, teapot, sugar bowl and cream jug, gravy boat serving platter and tureen cover tea pot and sugar co

Antique Wedgwood 'Queen Charlotte' sauce tureen and stand

A Wedgwood blue dinner service with Webb & Co retailers mark. Pattern X7860. Twelve place setting, with dinner plates, entree plates, side plates, pudding bowls, graduated meat plates, gravy tureen and stand.

Wedgwood gravy boat, German stein, Abbeydale Imari style dish (3)

Wedgwood ' Patrician' dinner set for 6 plus gravy boat and stand, two tureens, and two serving platters

Keith Murray, dinner set, comprised of six dinner plates, six entree plates, six side plates, six soup bowls, serving platter and gravy boat, manufactured by Wedgwood all with impressed and printed marks 'Wedgwood Etruria -England, Matt Green, Made in Engl

Wedgwood 'Medici' dinner service for 12, comprising 12 dinner plates, 12 entree plates, 12 side plates, 12 soup bowls, 2 oval serving dishes, 2 gravy boats with saucers

41 piece Wedgwood Campion part dinner set, including Four large plates; four side plates; four bowls; platter; tureen; salad bowl; sauce boat and underdish; four tea cups and saucers; four demi tasse and saucers; teapot; coffee pot and four soup coupees

A Ninety seven piece Wedgwood Florentine dinner suite, including plates, bowls, covered tureens, jugs, sauce boat and stand. Some faults

A Wedgwood bone china dinner service in the 'California' design comprising twenty four dinner plated, twenty four dessert plates, twelve side plates, eight soup bowls, six copper cups and saucers, twelve tea cups and twenty saucers, a meat dish and a gravy

A part Wedgwood dinner and coffee service in 'Senator' pattern comprising a pair of tureens and covers 6 soup coupes gravy boat and stand and a matching coffee set comprising coffee pot 7 demi tasse and saucers (25).