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Wedgwood Jasperware cheese dome and platter, decorated with classical figures, animals, and trees, in tones of white on black, height 20 cm

Wedgwood black Jasperware cheese dome decorated with raised figures of classical maidens & cherubs, & with a tree form handle. Diameter of under plate 29 cm

A large antique blue Jasperware cheese dome and base 19th century, unmarked. In deep ultramarine with an acorn finial surrounded with anthemion motifs, decorated in white slip decoration to the cover with classical figures and continuous borders of morning

A blue jasperware cheese dish and cover by Brownhill Pottery & Co. English, 19th century, together with a small Wedgwood blue jasperware teapot, English, 19th century, the cheese dish, 19 cm high, 24 cm diameter

Wedgwood 'Kutani Crane' dinner set, comprising of 6 each main, entree & bread/butter plates, plus 6 coups with 5 saucers, 6 teacups with 5 saucers and a side plate

Wedgwood gold Florentine dinner service for six forty four pieces plus six Wedgwood California bread and butter plates (50 total)

Wedgwood 'Mandeleine' part dinner set comprising of 11 main course plate, 10 bowls and 10 bread and butter plates

Wedgwood Jasperware cheese dome decorated with raised figures of maidens & cherubs, some losses to the ring banding on the cover. Diameter of under plate 28 cm

Wedgwood dinner set, comprising of platter, gravy boat, teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, large bowl, 8 each main, entree, bread/butter plates, soup bowls & teacups with saucers

Wedgwood dinner set, 'California' pattern, comprising of platter, gravy boat with saucer, coffee pot, cake plate, 2 jugs, sugar bowl, tureen with under plate, 9 soup coupes & 8 under dishes, 9 dinner plates, 8 entree, 9 dessert bowls, 9 bread & butter pate

Victorian Jasper Ware cheese dome in the Wedgwood fashion, with chip to interior. Diameter 27 cm

Wedgwood 'Adelphi' dinner service with gilt decoration, 13 dinner plates (28 cm), 28 entree plates (2 sizes), 23 bread and butter plates, 1 oval open tureen, 29 soup coupes, 15 tea cups, 29 saucers and 6 coffee cups and saucers

Three Var pieces table Ware. Lidded vegetable bowl; cream jug and sugar bowl set, Imari ptn, with stand; Wedgwood Jasper butter dish in stand

Wedgwood blue and white cheese dish in the 'Fallow deer' pattern. Date mark 1924 (4MA). Length 19.5 cm

Rare Jasperware cheese dome and underplate in crimson, probably Wedgwood