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A Rolleiflex SLX medium format camera, circa 1976/1979 case and accessories including, Carl Zeiss Distagon 1:4 f=40mm lens, Carl Zeis Sonar 1:4 f=150mm lens, spare film back insert, charger, filters, Pentax MV 35mm camera body, Nikon SB-E flash unit and St

Zeiss (Germany): Zeiss Contax II (543/24) with Sonnar 5 cm f2 in maker's Erc.

Zeiss (Germany): Zeiss Tenax II (580/27) with Tessar 4 cm f2.8. A very nice example of this earlier version of the Tenax.

Zeiss (Germany): Zeiss Ikon Nettax (538/24) with Tessar 50mm f2.8 in non-matching Zeiss (Contax) case.

Negretti & Zambra (England): A Verascope stereo camera with Carl Zeiss Jena 54mm lenses and Jules Richard (Richard Freres) film pack back (45mm x 107mm format).

Zeiss Ikon (Germany): Contarex 'Bullseye' c1959-66, 35mm camera [#T89273]; early version without data strip slot at rear with chrome Tessar f2.8 50mm lens. Also, an early Contax 1 [#U.54797] with Sonnar f2 50mm lens. (2 cameras)

Rolleiflex Tlr camera with Carl Zeiss 75mm lens (c1954) in Er leather case and booklet; Zeiss Ikoflex Tlr camera in case (c1952); Brownie Starlet camera in box; Brownie Flash II box camera. G/VG condition. (4 items)

Bermpohl three-colour camera no.781, Bermpohl & Co., Berlin 9 x 12 cm, polished wood body, brass fittings, top mounted optical viewfinder, focusing screen and two blanking panels, three Bermpohl coloured Filters, tan leather bellows, and a Carl Zeiss, Jena

Tropical Klapp camera No. 820493 European; 10 x 15 cm., polished wood-body, tan-leather coloured bellows and viewing hood, with a Carl Zeiss, Jena Tessar F/4.5 16.5 cm. Lens No. 169520, condition: 6; lacks Viewing screen, Shutter Defective

A Leica IIf-IIIf camera, in original box and leather carry case., with instructions, together with a Zeiss Ikon camera in leather case and instructions for a Leicaflex

Rolleiflex wide angle Rollie, Serial Number W 2492457, Heidosmat 1:4/55 Number 3507886, Carl Zeiss Distagon 1:4 F=55mm Number 3506560, in original box with 2 x manual

Tele Rolleiflex, Franke & Heidecke Synchro Compur, Serial number S 2301491, Heidosmat 1:4/135 Serial 2694079, Carl Zeiss NR 2718146 Sonnar 1:4 F=135MM, in original box with Rolleiflex 2.8E manual and others (Lot)

Abbe Refractometer Carl Zeiss Jena in fitted Baltic pine case c1926. Some loss to the Japanning on the cast iron base and owner engravings on the telescope arm. Rack and pinion adjustment for the alidade and prism. Maker's logo is engraved on the telescope

Zeiss Ikon: Cameras with Contafl ex I (4); Contafl ex Prima; Contafl ex Super; Contina II; Contina IIa (2-one in original box); also Pro-Tessa 115mm f4 lens in maker's keeper. (10 items)

Zeiss lens Exakta mount Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar f/1.5 75mm lens No. 4013204, with adapter to Exakta mount, condition: 5

Zeiss Super Ikonta IV model 534/16 with Carl Zeiss Tessar f/3.5 75mm lens, meter not operating, condition: 4

Zeiss Contessa-35 No. B62280 with Zeiss-Opton Tessar f/2.8 45mm lens in Compur Synchro shutter, condition: 3

Zeiss Super Ikonta model D 530/15 with Tessar f/4.5 120mm lens, condition: 4

ContaXII No. D57973 with Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar f/1.5 5 cm lens No. 2552460, shutter sticky, condition: 3

Contax Cameras comprising model IIIa No. D80594, second model with Zeiss-Opton f/1.5 5 cm Sonnar lens, meter not working. Condition: 4. Model III No. K58226 with Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar f/2 5 cm lens No. 1986232, jammed shutter, meter not operating, conditi

ContaXI (d) No. X31153 with Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar f/1.5 5 cm lens No. 1447778, lens hazy, shutter sticky, condition: 5

ContaXII (a) No. A51455 second model with Zeiss Opton Sonnar f/1.5 5 cm lens No. 1046598, condition: 3

Exakta VareXIIa No. 998343 with Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar f/2 58mm No. 4799145; Finder hood with Art Deco enameled stripes, condition: 4

Exakta B No. 489517 type 5.1 with Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar f/3.5 75mm lens No. 2057454, shutter needs replacement, condition: 7

Exakta VareXVx with Zeiss Telephoto lens on stand with Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar f/2.8 180mm T lens No. 4018617, mounted to wooden base, condition: 4

Rolleiflex 2.8D No. 1606928 with Zeiss Planar f/2.8 75mm lens in Synchro-Compur shutter, condition: 3

Rolleiflex 3.5E No. 1767296 with Zeiss Planar f/3.5 75mm lens No. 1780956 and case, meter not operating and meter window obscured, otherwise, condition: 4

Newman and Guardia Sibyl special UK, circa 1920, scissor strut folder for 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 plates, Zeiss Tessar f4.5 18.5 cm lens in NandG special shutter, ground glass back, in case with plate holders and film pack back, with typewritten instructions for cam

Ica Ideal 225 9 x 12 plate camera circa 1924, double extension folding bed plate camera with Zeiss Tessar f/4.5 15 cm lens in Compur shutter, case contains dark slide and film pack, condition: 4 (2)

Jeanneret and Cie Monobloc Stereo camera circa 1922-30s for 6 x 13 cm plates, built-in magazine with Zeiss Tessar f/4.5 8.5 cm lenses in pneumatic shutter with lens shift, case contains ground glass screen and plate magazine, condition: 4 (2)

Rollei-Werke: Rolleiflex Slx 6 x 6 Slr camera; Rolleicord 1 TLR camera; Rolleicord II TLR camera; Seagull TLR camera; Zeiss Ikoflex TLR camera; Yashica-44 (grey) small TLR camera. Condition varies. (6 items)

The Tessar with Distars and Proxars as a convertible set of lenses Carl Zeiss, Jena; a nine-page, large format album, with tipped in photographs and printed pages, decorative and gilt-stamped cover, c1920s, the album illustrates examples of the photographs

Tele-Tessar K f/6.3 18 cm. No. 1505435 Carl Zeiss, Jena; Contax-fit, chrome, with front and back caps /4(iii)

Contax/Zeiss Ikon lenses and accessories including a Carl Zeiss, Jena Sonnar f/2 8.5 cm. Lens No. 1512905; Sonnar f/4 13.5 cm. Lens No. 2253503, Sonnar f/4 135mm. Lens No. 1601451; Triotar f/4 8.5 cm. Lens No. 2019892; Planar f/3.5 35mm. Lens No. 1346456;

Contax IIIa No. R.35068 Zeiss Ikon, Germany; 35mm, with a Carl Zeiss Sonnar f/1.5 50mm. Lens No. 1607994 in maker's ever ready case B(ii)

Contax IIIa No. O.89422 Zeiss Ikon, Germany; 35mm., with a Carl Zeiss Sonnar f/2 50mm. Lens No. 1450539, in maker's ever ready case C(ii)

Contax (postwar) cameras Zeiss Ikon, Germany; 35mm., comprising a ContaXIIa No. S23375 with a Zeiss-Opton Sonnar T f/1.5 50mm. Lens No. 48253; and a ContaXIIIa No. F25266 with a Carl Zeiss Tessar f/3.5 50mm. Lens No. 1524606, both in maker's ever ready cas

Contax (prewar) cameras Zeiss Ikon, Germany; 35mm., comprising a ContaXII No. G.20805 with a Carl Zeiss, Jena Sonnar f/2 5 cm. Lens No. 2395580; and a ContaXIII No. E.38845 with a Carl Zeiss, Jena Sonnar f/1.5 5 cm. Lens No. 2036799, both in ever ready cas

Super Nettel No. Y61168 Zeiss Ikon, Germany; 35mm., black, with a Carl Zeiss, Jena Triotar f/3.5 5 cm. Lens No. 1647431, in maker's ever ready case B (ii)