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Riken Optical (Japan): Golden Ricoh 16, c1957, sub-miniature camera for 10x14mm exposures on 16mm film; with Ricoh f3.5 25mm lens (with cap) in maker's leather Erc.

Riken (Japan): Ricolet, 1954, the first Riken 35mm camera, with Ricoh f3.5 45mm lens in maker's Erc. Also, a Ricoh Super B Self Timer.

Subminiature Cameras comprising Riken golden Ricoh 16, gold finish worn; Meopta Mikroma, black, 16mm (from Czechoslovakia), condition: 4-5 (2)

Golden Ricoh 16 No. 13036, Riken, Japan; 16mm., gilt-body, with a Riken Ricoh f/3. 5 2. 5 cm. Lens