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A Rolleiflex SLX medium format camera, circa 1976/1979 case and accessories including, Carl Zeiss Distagon 1:4 f=40mm lens, Carl Zeis Sonar 1:4 f=150mm lens, spare film back insert, charger, filters, Pentax MV 35mm camera body, Nikon SB-E flash unit and St

A vintage Pentax camera (MR1) with a pair of Printz binoculars and a pair of Lumiere 121 binoculars

Four various 35mm Cameras. Praktica LTL3; Minolta SR101; Olympus OM10; and Pentax SP500. All untested.

P: A diverse group including a Pentax Auto 100 Super, a Photo-Master in orange-marbled finish and another aluminium Photo Master Super 16 Twin 620, a Pickwik reflex-style bakelite camera by Monarch, a Polaroid I-Zone, a Police Watch Camera by Ulead in orig

Pentax and Weston master Meters Pentax Spotmeter 5 with fitted case and instructions; Weston master II with Invercone in maker's boxes; Westom master leather case, condition: 2 (4)

Pentax Spotmatic and two Lenses comprising Pentax Spii No. 5273264 with Smc Takumar f/1.4 50mm No. 5582693 with case, meter not tested; and Super-Takumar f/3.5 24mm lens No. 3281067 with case, condition: 3-5 (2)

Asahi AsahifleXIib No. 66549 from Asahi Optical Company (later Pentax) with Takamur f/3.5 50mm lens No. 70537, condition: 4 other notes, the Asahiflex was the first Japanese Slr while the IIb model featured an instant-return mirror.

Pentax collection Asahi Optical Co, Japan; 35mm, comprising a black Spotmatic Sp No. 3705155 with a Super-Takumar f/1.8 55mm. Lens No. 4267349; a chrome Spotmatic Sp II No. 5410934 with a Takumar f/1.8 55mm. Lens No. 6200845; a black Esii No. 6614323 with