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Pewter is an alloy of tin hardened with small amounts of other metals such as copper, lead, zinc, antimony and sometimes silver. The craft of pewtering started in antiquity - the earliest known item, a flask dating from c1450 BC, was found in Egypt.

Pewter is believed to have been introduced to Britain by the Romans, who exploited the main source of tin in Europe at the time, which was in Cornwall. The craft fell into decline after the Romans withdrew from Britain but it is thought that the Cistercian monks reintroduced it after the Norman Conquest in AD 1066.

Known as "the poor man's silver", production spread throughout the country with a wide range of mainly domestic goods being made.

In the year 1348 Articles were granted to the Worshipful Company of Pewterers in London, which enabled them to control the quality of pewter. Two grades of pewter were specified, and then later a further grade was added, and these three grades were adhered to until the 20th century. more...
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Chinese carved coconut inlaid pewter teapot and bowl. Width 16.5 cm max

Set of six antique French graduating pewter lidded canisters, pewter baluster jug & large fish serving platter (8)

Art Nouveau pewter bowl depicting a lady with a harp, indistinctly marked & numbered 9422. Height 15.5 cm

Woodbridge Art Ware baluster vase, along with a German stein, pewter plate, two brass frames, Moroccan water cup.

Small pewter food bowl engraved hallmarked 'Sterling Hero' with broad arrow

Small pewter food bowl engraved hallmarked 'Sterling Rodney' with broad arrow

Cup, saucer and plates and a pewter mug

A set of six Georgian pewter side plates of plain design. London touch marks. Diameter 17 cm

An Art Nouveau style pewter Hors D'Oeuvres dish; Achille Gamba

Large late 18th century pewter charger with London touchmarks

Edwardian 'Tudric' Ware hammered pewter bowl with handle (Arts and Crafts)

A collection of five pewter serving platters, each ovoid, some inscribed 'Trotter', the largest 50 cm wide.

Arts & Crafts movement English hammered pewter teapot & sugar bowl

Antique Dutch pewter charger impressed stamp verso, 35 cm diameter

A set of twelve Dutch pewter round bowl spoons with oak wall rack, 18th century with various other 17 and 18th century pewter

Pewter plate triple reeded rim, 9 and 1/2 diameter rose and Crown marks on reverse together with makers mark (illegible) date 1660-1700

Tudric pewter dish and a matched Art Nouveau pewter lid. Height 14 cm

Pewter plate 15 inches diameter single reeded rim, makers touch mark on reverse 'John L. Darlington' c1770 Colt Op No. 2946

Pair pewter plates 9 inches diameter, plainish with 'Fleur de Lys' engraved on rim, maker Carpenter & Hamberger, London c1798. Colt Op No. 812, makers touch on reverse

Pewter plate 14 inches diameter multi reeded rim, bearing makers 'Touchmarks'. Also makers touch on reverse 'Nehemiar Clondesley' c1675-1710 Colt Op No. 991 (damaged)

Late 18th century set of six pewter hot water plates 9 and 1/2 inches diam, makers touch on reverse 'Pitt & Dadley, London' Colt Op. No.3694

Pair of pewter plates 9 inches diameter triple reeded rim, makers mark on reverse, Wolf & fox with Goose & initials E.L, in circle, not recorded. Period date 1690, makers 'Hall' marks on front rim (believed to be replicas)