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A set of six Royal Worcester Australian Wildflower series plates, painted by A. Shuck, two plates marked 9762 (T) and 9762 4F, two marked Ellis Rowan series, initialled as (Gg) and (Pp) each titled, illegible, one signed R. Austin Rd no 564935, one signed

Four Royal Worcester Australian flora cabinet plates, crica 1900, by R. Austin, B.M. Bradshaw, A. Shuck, and Ellis Rowan (attributed), stamped and titled on base, 23cm diameter

A Royal Worcester Sabrina ware 'Crane' decorated vase, circa 1910, by Albert Shuck, stamped Royal Worcester England, Sabrina ware, shape 2208, together with a Royal Worcester Sabrian ware crystalline glaze vase, the crane vase 10cm high, 17cm diame

A Royal Worcester pin dish signed by A. Shuck and dated 1912

Royal Worcester handpainted plate signed A Shuck, 22.5cm diameter approx

Royal Worcester pot pouri vase, with handpainted fruit decoration, signed 'A Shuck', height 16 cm approx.

Two Royal Worcester Australian Wildflower series porcelain plates waratah, signed A. Shuck, Myrtle Wattle, signed R. Austin, each on a Quaker grey border with gilt highlights with retail marks for Flavelle Brothers, puce factory marks, 23 cm diameter

A Royal Worcester hand painted plate signed A. Shuck, the centre panel Australian waratah, date code for 1912

A small Royal Worcester stemmed bowl with gilt turquoise jewelled decoration. The interior of the bowl with fruit painting by Albert Shuck. Height 8.5 cm

A Royal Worcester jardiniere painted by Albert Shuck, painted with roses with moulded gilt base and moulded gilt handles, puce mark shape 2079. 24 cm high, 37 cm.

A group of two Royal Worcester Australian Wildflower series porcelain plates, signed A. Shuck, one titled waratah, the other untitled, retail mark for Flavelle Brothers, circa 1915 and 1917, each of rounded rectangular form, depicting respectively sprays o

A Royal Worcester Australian wildflowers series plate, circa 1930, signed, a (Albert) Shuck circular, displaying a sprig of Australian wildflowers to the well, signed to front and stamped Flavelle Roberts and Sankey Ltd, Brisbane, and with further puce fac

A Royal Worcester porcelain vase, signed, a (Albert) Shuck, circa 1907, of compressed lantern form, set high upon a stepped foot, decorated with vignettes of pheasants and pine cone branches, flanked to each side with decorative scrolled handles and termin

A Royal Worcester 'Sabrina Ware' vase, circa 1920, the waisted body decorated with white thistles on a blue ground, signed A. Shuck and numbered 2265. Height 25 cm

A set of 6 Royal Worcester porcelain plates with raised gilding, a pink ground and central panels of fruit painted by Albert Shuck, dated circa 1921. Diameter 23.7 cm

Royal Worcester fruit painted lobed squat covered vase, signed A. Shuck shape # 155H, with small gilt handles, the surface painted with two plums and a bunch of green grapes on a mossy ground, the rear vignette painted with a purple berry sprig. Puce mark.

Royal Worcester scalloped plate on a blue mottled ground with gilded floral decoration centre medallion of apples and cherries by A. Shuck

Royal Worcester square serving plate, the kookaburra painting signed, A. Shuck, date code for 1915. Retailed by Flavelle

A Royal Worcester porcelain plate signed A. Shuck, circa 1925 circular painted with peaches and grapes reserved on an apricot border with raised gilt highlights puce factory mark 23 cm diameter.

Royal Worcester ' Australian Flannel Flower' hand painted cup and saucer, the cup signed 'A. Shuck'