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Among the most popular of the English porcelain factories among collectors is Royal Worcester. The Worcester porcelain company was founded in 1751.

The First Period of Worcester (1751-76) is sometimes called the Dr. Wall period after John Wall, one of the founders and major shareholders. During this period, Worcester was using the formula for soft paste porcelain which was obtained when they took over Lund's Bristol Porcelain works in 1752.

Worcester also introduced the use of transfer printing on porcelain in 1757, which reduced the need for hand painting which was time consuming and expensive.

In 1783 Thomas Flight purchased the factory for his sons Joseph & John. This period led to a change in the porcelain paste used, achieving a much better, whiter body. The style of decoration during this period became much more neoclassical in style.

In 1793 Martin Barr became a partner in the firm. As the partnership changed so did the names, Barr, Flight, Barr (1807-13), Flight Barr, Barr (1813-40).

In 1840 Worcester amalgamated with the Chamberlains' factory, also located at Worcester, but still producing from both works. more...
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A Royal Worcester cabinet plate by R. Rushton c.1940's Sulgrave Manor hand painted porcelain, signed lower left titled with printed factory marks verso diameter 27 cm

A Royal Worcester cabinet plate by R. Rushton c.1940 Wick cottage hand painted porcelain, signed lower right titled with printed factory marks verso diameter 27.2 cm

A Royal Worcester cabinet plate by R. Rushton c.1938 spring Foliage near Elmley hand painted porcelain, signed lower right titled with printed factory marks verso diameter 26.8 cm

A Royal Worcester hand painted plaque of Lichfield Cathedral, signed Rushton. 28 cm diameter.

Two Royal Worcester cabinet plates, one decorated with Raglan Castle, signed by H. Ayrton, the other 'Lake Derwent Water' signed by R. Rushton. Diameter 27 cm

Royal Worcester topographical mug by Raymond Rushton having two handles, on a blue ground with gilt highlights, dated 1919. Condition: good to fair, hairline crack to the base. Height 15 cm

A signed Royal Worcester coffee can, and a Royal Worcester saucer, 1925 with decoration by Frank Rushton (can) and 1938 with decoration by Harry (Tim) Ayrton (saucer). Complementary wares both decorated with peaches and vine and cane fruits in naturalistic

Royal Worcester Australian butterflies large plate. Butterflies (Ogyris Hewitsoni) signed (Frank R) Rushton (1916). 22 x 22 cm

A Royal Worcester cabinet plate, signed R. Rushton. 28 cm diameter.

Signed Royal Worcester cabinet plate 'Blue Bells Buckinghamshire' signed Rushton

A Royal Worcester, painted roses, two handled vase by R. Rushton painted rose bushes front and verso. Signed upper right printed C51 mark, with date code 1912. Height 21 cm

Royal Worcester country Lane hand painted & signed 'Rushton' cabinet plate

Two Royal Worcester display plates signed R.Rushton 'Anne Hathaway's cottage' and 'Bluebells Kew garden' 27 cm

A large Royal Worcester cabinet plate, painted with a scene of Worcester Cathedral, signed Rushton. Date marks c.1951. Diameter 27 cm.

Two Royal Worcester cabinet plates by Raymond Rushton, dated 1935 and 1941, each finely painted with a landscape scene, one with a thatched cottage, within gilt borders, inscribed verso Bluebells, Kew Gardens and Anne Hathaways Cottage, 27.5 cm diameter, b

Two Royal Worcester plates painted Reginald Rushton landscapes together with raised gilt Royal Worcester plate, 28 cm wide.

Royal Worcester Windsor Castle cabinet plate hand painted and signed by Rushton. C:1940

A Royal Worcester Rothwell Castle plate, signed R. Rushton. Width 27 cm

Royal Worcester display plates signed R Rushton consisting of two plates; Durham Cathedral and Raglan Castle, both signed R. Rushton to lower right of the plate. Diameter 27.5 cm

Royal Worcester 'Alnwich Castle' plate by R Rushton with gilt border, signed lower left. Diameter 27 cm.

Royal Worcester 'Elmley' cabinet plate signed Rush? (possibly Rushton) (D 22 cm

A Royal Worcester circular plate painted with 'Ripley Woods', the wide cobalt blue border lavishly gilded. Diameter 27 cm signed Rushton, date marks c.1950

A Royal Worcester plate of Burnham Beeches painted by Raymond Rushton (1886-1956). Diameter 27 cm

Royal Worcester cabinet plate featuring Windsor Castle in the centre, signed 'Rushton'