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Among the most popular of the English porcelain factories among collectors is Royal Worcester. The Worcester porcelain company was founded in 1751.

The First Period of Worcester (1751-76) is sometimes called the Dr. Wall period after John Wall, one of the founders and major shareholders. During this period, Worcester was using the formula for soft paste porcelain which was obtained when they took over Lund's Bristol Porcelain works in 1752.

Worcester also introduced the use of transfer printing on porcelain in 1757, which reduced the need for hand painting which was time consuming and expensive.

In 1783 Thomas Flight purchased the factory for his sons Joseph & John. This period led to a change in the porcelain paste used, achieving a much better, whiter body. The style of decoration during this period became much more neoclassical in style.

In 1793 Martin Barr became a partner in the firm. As the partnership changed so did the names, Barr, Flight, Barr (1807-13), Flight Barr, Barr (1813-40).

In 1840 Worcester amalgamated with the Chamberlains' factory, also located at Worcester, but still producing from both works. more...

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A pair of Royal Worcester squat shaped vases, painted with fruit on white ground, signed Frank Roberts, date code 1961, shape number 2491. Height 7.5 cm.

A fine pair of Aesthetic movement Royal Worcester vases, 1882, decorator's initials Fr (Frank Roberts?), incised pattern number possibly 652, ovoid vases with a trio of curled and trailing snake handles, finely decorated with glazed waterlilies and bol

A Royal Worcester potpourri vase and cover painted by Roberts, shape H162, similar to above. Height 12 cm

A Royal Worcester potpourri vase and cover painted by Roberts, shape H162, painted with peaches and grapes on a mossy ground, signed. Height 12 cm

A pair of Royal Worcester squat vases, signed Roberts. 7 cm high.

A Royal Worcester vase, painted peaches and cherries. Signed Roberts. 10 cm high.

A Royal Worcester two-handled vase painted with carnations by Roberts, ovoid shape with Grecian style handles, mouth and spreading foot painted in bright green enamels, highlighted with gilt, the entire body decorated with vibrantly coloured carnations to

Royal Worcester handpainted vase fruit scene signed by Roberts, 8 cm high approx.

Royal Worcester handpainted vase Fruit scene signed by Roberts, 13 cm high approx.

A Royal Worcester vase Frank Roberts tapering body with scroll handles and rounded platform base, hand painted nasturtium plants to front and back, circa 1901 39.5 cm high

A Royal Worcester vase. Tapered shape, with applied scroll handles with acanthus decoration. The dome cover with pineapple finial, the vase painted with mixed flowers and signed Frank Roberts. Shape 2225. Green mark. Date Cipher 1903. 39 cm high

A Royal Worcester covered urn, English, circa 1903, signed F. Roberts, 50 cm high

A Royal Worcester fruit painted potpourri by Roberts, small squat baluster form with pierced lid, scroll feet, gilt enrichments, signed, shape 261, c1970. Height 10.7 cm

Two various signed Royal Worcester posy vases. Both with fruit decoration, signed Roberts. Height 11 & 14 cm

Royal Worcester handpainted pot pouri jar handed painted with fruit and berries, signed Roberts, 16 cm high approx

Royal Worcester covered urn elongated ovoid body painted with bluebells front & reverse, signed 'Roberts', 57 cm height (cover restored)

A Royal Worcester covered vase, after 1901, marks rubbed, pattern 1958, signed F.R for Frank Roberts, of globular form with leaf bracket handles, and a petite lid with finial, having a knopped stem and raised on a socle and a stepped and shaped square base

A pair of Royal Worcester miniature cabinet cups and saucers, entirely hand painted with fruit by Roberts & Freeman, signed, maker's marks and date codes for 1950/54

A Royal Worcester porcelain potpourri and cover, hand painted with peaches and cherries to the ovoid body, signed Roberts, gilded to the shoulder and pierced cover, shape H175, black mark, date code for 1955. Height 11.5 cm

A Royal Worcester potpourri and cover, painted by Roberts with peaches and green grapes on a mossy ground, fluted baluster shape, the cover with piercing and cupola finial, shape H291, black mark, c.1965. Height 16.5 cm

A Royal Worcester two handled vase, painted by Frank Roberts, 1905, with pink roses in a gilt cartouche, white ground with angled rising handles, model no 2411, green marks, 25 cm high

Two small Royal Worcester dishes, both painted with fruit, one c.1949, octagonal, signed Ayrton, width 140. The other c.1960, circular, signed Roberts, diameter 11 cm

Two small Royal Worcester porcelain cups and saucers and an extra saucer. Hand painted fruit scene by Freeman & Roberts

Royal Worcester hand painted dish with fruit, signed Roberts

Royal Worcester vase, the fruit painting signed Roberts

Royal Worcester lidded twin handled vase, the fruit painting signed Roberts

A large impressive two handled Royal Worcester exhibition vase, beautifully painted with peony roses by F. Roberts. Heavily gilded with miniature portrait. Highlights to handles, this outstanding vase painted both front and back is a most outstanding work

A Royal Worcester potpourri painted by Roberts with panels of peaches and cherries on a mossy ground, the Hadley design potpourri divided into panels by gilded moulding, the domed cover with piercing and wrythen knop finial. Black mark, shape H162, c.1961.

A Royal Worcester fruit plate, signed W. Roberts 1933. Puce mark. Diameter 27 cm

A Royal Worcester bottle fruit vase, signed W. Roberts 1940's. Black mark 2491. Height 14 cm

A Royal Worcester Australian wildflowers series plate, circa 1930, signed, a (Albert) Shuck circular, displaying a sprig of Australian wildflowers to the well, signed to front and stamped Flavelle Roberts and Sankey Ltd, Brisbane, and with further puce fac

An assembled Royal Worcester porcelain dessert service bearing multiple signatures; R. (Richard) Sebright circa 1917, F. (Frank) Roberts circa 1912, G.H.Cole circa 1912., the twelve piece set comprising ten scallop edged plates and two scallop edged oval d

Royal Worcester pot pourri hand painted with fruit, signed possibly signed Roberts. Height 13.5 cm

A pair of quality Royal Worcester urn shaped vases, decorated with roses, the panels surrounded by raised gilt borders each with lions mask handles, all on a blue d'roi ground, signed Roberts. Height 15 cm

A Royal Worcester pot pourri painted apples and grapes signed Roberts. Height 16.5 cm

A Royal Worcester pot pourri lidded baluster vase painted with fruit, signed Roberts and richly gilded. Height 13.5 cm date marks 1950's

Four mid 20th century Royal Worcester miniatures, a lidded bowl, a jug, a cup and a plate. All gilt decorated and painted with fruit, signed by artists Badham, Fuller and Roberts.

A mid 20th century Royal Worcester small cream jug, fruit painted and gilt lidded, signed S Roberts. Height 12 cm

A Royal Worcester vase and cover by Frank Roberts, of baluster form, decorated with a tranquil river scene; signed, factory mark, number 2158;. Height 28 cm

Pair of Royal Worcester cup sets painted with fruit & signed F Roberts

Royal Worcester hand painted potpourri, signed Roberts. Apple and cherry decoration. Height 17 cm