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Among the most popular of the English porcelain factories among collectors is Royal Worcester. The Worcester porcelain company was founded in 1751.

The First Period of Worcester (1751-76) is sometimes called the Dr. Wall period after John Wall, one of the founders and major shareholders. During this period, Worcester was using the formula for soft paste porcelain which was obtained when they took over Lund's Bristol Porcelain works in 1752.

Worcester also introduced the use of transfer printing on porcelain in 1757, which reduced the need for hand painting which was time consuming and expensive.

In 1783 Thomas Flight purchased the factory for his sons Joseph & John. This period led to a change in the porcelain paste used, achieving a much better, whiter body. The style of decoration during this period became much more neoclassical in style.

In 1793 Martin Barr became a partner in the firm. As the partnership changed so did the names, Barr, Flight, Barr (1807-13), Flight Barr, Barr (1813-40).

In 1840 Worcester amalgamated with the Chamberlains' factory, also located at Worcester, but still producing from both works. more...
These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

Royal Worcester potpourri by Price of melon shape, painted with fruit & gilt highlights, with a pierced lid. Numbered 'H 175', signed 'R Price'. Height 11.3 cm

Royal Worcester peach vase by Horace Price painted with peaches & grapes, & berries to verso, with gilded edging, shape number 2471, signed 'H.H. Price'. Height 14.5 cm

Royal Worcester cabinet plate hand painted with fruit, with gadrooned edge, signed R. Price, diameter 24 cm approx

Royal Worcester handpainted fruit display plate, signed Price, width 28 cm approx

A Royal Worcester hand painted plaque fruit signed H. Price. 27 cm diameter.

Royal Worcester footed dish painted with fruit by Horace Price of oval form painted with peaches & grapes with gilded edging, on a footed pedestal base painted with peaches & berries with gilt beaded edging, stamped to the base, dated 1921. Conditi

A set of three handpainted Royal Worcester cups and saucers, signed G. Mosely, H. Bee and N.H. Price, c.1929 saucers are signed R. Austin and E. Townsend

A Royal Worcester vase, signed H. Price. 15 cm high.

A Royal Worcester boxed 'Fruit' painted coffee set, signed Austin, Price, Harper and Flextman, each cup with gilded exterior and fruit painted well, the saucers with concentric gilding and painting, various artists' signatures, puce mark, six in the set an

A Royal Worcester vase painted Horace Price, trumpet shape, painted with peaches, grapes and foliage, signed, H Price, G923. Blue mark. 19 cm high

A Royal Worcester tea cup and saucer painted by Horace Price, with a gilt interior, the exterior painted with fruit on a mossy ground. Date letter is 1941

A Royal Worcester coffee can and saucer. The coffee can is painted by Hilda Everett, puce mark, 1928. The saucer is painted by Horace Price. 1928

A Royal Worcester cabinet plate, hand painted with fruit and berries, gilded and scalloped border, signed H.H. Price, date mark for 1949, diameter 22 cm

Royal Worcester cabinet plate, decorated with hand painted fruit and signed H.Price

A Royal Worcester bottle vase with painted fruit scene and gilt edging. signed by R. Price, circa 1960. Height 15 cm

A fine decorative Royal Worcester porcelain cabinet plate with shaped gilt edge and painted fruit scene by H. Price. Width 22 cm

A good Royal Worcester potpourri vase, of squat baluster shape painted with fruit, signed R. Price, the borders richly gilded. Date marks 1960s. Height 16 cm

A miniature Royal Worcester cup and saucer with gilt decoration and painted fruit scenes by Price and Townsend. Width 9.6 cm

H.H. Price, vase, twin handled, the bulbous body with painted peaches, grapes and gooseberries, artist's signature 'H.H. Price', printed mark to base, manufactured by Royal Worcester (A/F). Height 29 cm. Provenance: The Estate of the Late Lady Walton

Royal Worcester, small plate decorated with fruit by Horace Price.

A Royal Worcester hand painted cup, saucer and plate, painted with peaches, pears, grapes and other fruit on mossy background by H.H. Price, each piece with moulded and gilded rims. Black mark c.1950

Royal Worcester plate, signed R Price decorated with fruits. Diameter 27 cm

Royal Worcester hand painted fruit still life display plate signed H. H. Price, gilt framed under glass. 48 cm diameter

Vase Royal Worcester hand painted roses by Horace Price (signed Hh Price) Sharpe 1969. Height 31 cm

A Royal Worcester small jug painted by George Mosley with apples and blackberries with a gilt interior, puce mark dated 1928. Height 8.5 cm together with a Royal Worcester tea cup painted Edward Townsend with peaches and grapes and a saucer painted Horace

Pair of Royal Worcester plates with scalloped, gadrooned and gilded edges, one decorated with plums and raspberries, the other with peaches, grapes and blackberries, and both signed 'H. H. Price'

Royal Worcester bowl, the fruit decoration signed M.H. Price, date code for 1928

Royal Worcester pot pourri, the fruit decoration signed M. H. Price, date code for 1949

A Royal Worcester cabinet plate, fruit, signed H. Price, date code 1929 diameter 22.5 cm

Fine Royal Worcester square painted dish, signed M.H Price

Royal Worcester covered vase with a hand painted rose decoration, signed 'H. H. Price'