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Football Records & Programmes, group with 'Football Record's including Grand Finals (1967, 1968,1969, 1971 && 1976), 1973 Semi Final, A.N.F.C. Football Championship Adelaide 1969 programme, SA vs VIC 75th Anniversary souvenir programme.

1966 'Football Record' for Grand Final - St.Kilda v Collingwood. G/VG condition. [St.Kilda's 1st & only Premiership]

1966 'Football Record's including Grand Final (St.Kilda v Collingwood). Fair/Good condition. [St.Kilda's 1st & only Premiership]

1964 'Football Record's including 1st Semi Final, 2nd Semi Final, Prelim Final & Grand Final (Melbourne v Collingwood). Fair/Good condition

1964 (April 25) 'Football Record' Geelong v Collingwood, with special printed cover 'Victorian football League. Unfurling of the 1963 Premiership Pennant. April 25, 1964. (Geelong logo). Geelong Football Club'. G/VG. Very attractive and scarce

1963 'Football Record's including 2nd Semi Final, Prelim Final & Grand Final (Geelong v Hawthorn). Fair/Good condition

1962 'Football Record's including 1st Semi Final, 2nd Semi Final, Final, Final Replay & Grand Final (Essendon v Carlton). Fair/Good condition

1961 'Football Record's including 1st Semi Final, 2nd Semi Final, Prelim Final & Grand Final (Hawthorn v Footscray). Fair/Good condition. [Hawthorn's 1st Premiership]

1958 'Football Record' for Grand Final Collingwood v Melbourne. Fair/Good condition

1958 'Football Record's including Grand Final (Collingwood v Melbourne). Fair/Good condition

1956-57 'Football Record's including 1956 Grand Final (Melbourne v Collingwood). Fair/Good condition

1955 'Football Record's including Grand Final (Melbourne v Collingwood) & Preliminary Final (Collingwood v Geelong). Good condition

1951 Football Record 'Jubilee-Centenary Lightning Premiership' featuring all 12 teams (won by Melbourne), plus other books including 'Sporting Globe Football Book' for 1946 & 1948. Fair/Good condition

c1961-2013 'Football Records', noted Grand Finals (54) including 1966 St.Kilda v Collingwood, also few SANFL (2), WAFL (2) && Vfa (15);also noted 1948 Queensland v New South Wales, 1946 Camberwell v Williamstown at Launceston (players include Albert Collie

1977-2000 'Football Record's (83) with Grand Finals (17) & 1996 Centenary Souvenir Edition (48), 1999 Last Game at Waverley tickets (126), c1977 autograph book, books/magazines (17), plus few Richmond posters

1965 'Football Record's, 2nd Semi Final, St.Kilda v Collingwood; Preliminary Final, Collingwood v Essendon; Grand Final, Essendon v St.Kilda. Fair/VG condition. (Essendon's 12th Premiership)

1963 'Football Record's, 1st Semi Final, Melbourne v St.Kilda; 2nd Semi Final, Hawthorn v Geelong; Preliminary Final, Melbourne v Hawthorn; Grand Final, Geelong v Hawthorn. Good/VG condition. (Geelong's last Premiership until 2007)

1964-96 'Football Record's (25) including 1964 Preliminary Final & 1964 Grand Final - Melbourne v Collingwood; Vfa 'Football Recorder' (12)

Football Magazines, noted 'Footy Fan' (35 issues, 1963-64); 'Footy Week' (issues 1-5, 1965); 'Football Life' (5 issues, 1974-75); football books (3); 'Football Record' for 1985 Grand Final

c1952-2013 Extensive collection of 'Football Record's in 7 large boxes, with home & away, Finals & Grand Finals including 1952 Geel v Coll, 1959 Melb v Ess, 1960 Melb v Coll & 1966 StK v Coll. Also includes some interstate matches; Aust v Ireland; non VFL/

1931-2013 range, noted 'Football Records' (36) with 1931 Charity Match - Old Veteran's Teams; 1949 Challenge Match - 1933-34 Teams Richmond v South Melbourne; 1945 South Melb. v Melbourne; 1964 Grand Final - Melbourne v Collingwood; also 1963 St.Kilda F.C.

Footscray: Collection with rare 1966 Practice Match 'Football Record'; 'Sherrin - E.J.Whitten' football; signed 'Team of the Century' covers (19) including Ted Whitten, Charlie Sutton & Doug Hawkins; 'Team of the Century' jumper; 'Team of the Century' prog

Collection, noted 1960s 'Footy Fan' magazines (20); 1960s folk art Essendon foil display; footballs signed by c1995-96 Melbourne teams (2); 'Football Record's including Grand Finals (6); Footscray 'adidas' bag; soft toy mascots, photos, signed items, annua

Football Autographs, noted Carji Greeves, Muhammad Ali (inside 1998 Grand Final 'Football Record'), Ted Whitten (2), Brownlow Medal Winners (44), John Coleman, Jack Dyer, Gary Ablett Sr. Fair/VG condition. (84 items)

Football Magazines, Records & Books, noted 1967-2001 'Football Record's (22) including 11 Grand Finals; 1966 Collingwood pennant; 'Football Life' (18); 'Footy Fan' (13); books (15) & fixtures (2).

1994-2009 'Football Record's in 21 Binders, Noted Home & Away (374); Finals (60); Grand Finals (12); Also 2001 VFL (26).

1976-88 'Football Record's in 9 Binders, Comprising Home & Away (244); Plus 1988 Carlton V Hawthorn in London.

1965 'Football Record', Grand Final - Essendon v St.Kilda; plus 1965 'Sporting Globe' with headline 'Bombers' 12th flag'; 1964 'The Sun' Grand Final souvenir celebrating Melbourne's premiership win. Fair/good condition.

1958 'Football Record', 1st semi Final - north Melbourne v Fitzroy.

1950 'Football Record', Grand Final - Essendon v north Melbourne. Fair/good condition.

1950 'Football Record', Preliminary Final - north Melbourne v Geelong. Fair/good condition. (north's win led them to the Grand Final for the first time since joining the VFL in 1925).

1950 'Football Record's, Comprising Home & Away Matches (4) & Grand Final - Essendon V North Melbourne. Fair/Good Condition.

1949 'Football Record's, 2nd Semi Final - Carlton V North Melbourne & Preliminary Final - Essendon V North Melbourne. Fair/Good Condition.

1945-49 'Football Record's, Comprising 1945 Nm V Geelong; 1948 Nm V Fitzroy; 1949 Richmond V Nm, 1949 Nm V Melbourne, 1949 Geelong V Nm & 1949 Nm V Carlton. Fair/G Condition.

Collectables: 'Sherrin - Coaches & Captains Commemorative Football 2001' with 33 signatures; 2000 Premiership Players sheetlet; wine (2 bottles); menu 1948 drawn Grand Final Reunion - Melbourne v Essendon; 'Football Record's (3). From the Collection of Stu

Ephemera, mainly Carlton, noted 1969 Twisties/Sun Valley 'Captain Posters - John Nicholls' (2); Grand Final souvenirs from 1970 & 1972; 'Football Record's (3).

Magazines & football Records: c1963-2012 range with 'Footy Fan' (6 issues); 'Inside Football' (89 issues); other football magazines (9); 'Football Record's with Home & Away (16), Finals (6), Grand Finals (2) & Others (2). Also 1977 Centenary Test Programme

1946 'Football Record', Oct.5, Grand Final - Essendon v Melbourne. Fair/Good condition Essendon's 8th Premiership

c1993-2011 'Football Record's, duplicated range, mainly Brisbane including scarce finals at the Gabba, noted home & away (437); finals (81); Grand Finals (26); Pre-Season/Practice Matches (41); State of Origin (2) & various (21); also noted 1994 Carlton v

Football Group: c1981-2002 'Football Record's, noted home & away (103); finals (16); Grand Finals (2) & others (6); set of VFL belts (12); signed Essendon caps (2); Melbourne scarves (5) & magazines (6); fixtures (21); calendars (6). Fair/G

Football Group, noted 'Football Record's with Grand Finals (6) & Farewell Fitzroy; badges (17) including 'Jack Dyer Day' (10) & Ron Barassi (5); Jack Dyer funeral programmes (2); tickets (11) including 2005 Grand Final (3); 1966 Fixture; covers (5); book;