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A framed Japanese scroll painting, ink on silk Hokusai school, Edo / Meiji period, Bold and impressive work by the school of Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) of a tiger emerging from the bamboo featuring superb brushwork in the fur and markings. Almost nobod

A collection of framed Asian illustrations, paintings, and prints, including a Japanese handpainted fan (9);

A Japanese Zenga Kakejiku / Zen scroll painting, signed, 18th/19th century, classic vertical scroll format of an abstracted scholar's staff, 124 x 27 cm. Provenance: the collection of a Curator & Collector, New South Wales

A framed Japanese painting, attributed to Kano Tanshin (1653-1718), depicting two scholars riding horses under a peach tree, ink on silk, signed, one seal of the artist, 38 x 66.3 cm. Provenance: An old private Sydney collection, (1653-1718)

A framed Japanese painting, late 19th-early 20th century, depicting an official and two ladies, ink and paper on silk, 38.4 x 106.8 cm, two seals of the artist. Provenance: An old private Sydney collection

NAONDO NAKAMURA (JAPANESE, 1905-1981), (Portrait of a Lady with a Cat), gouache and watercolour on paper, signed lower right: NAONDO, 59 x 44 cm

A pair of vintage Japanese paintings in Lacquerware frames, mid 20th century, the traditional landscape paintings depicting lake and pavilion settings, one of Mt Fuji, in a predominantly black on cream palette with faint suffused colours and gilt accents i

A Japanese painting on cotton with red crested cranes roosting on a rocky outcrop, a fruiting peach branch, with a frond of bamboo, all symbols of longevity, 84 x 58 cm

Hiroshi Yoshida (Japanese 1856-1950), Garden, watercolour, signed lower right H Yoshida, 33 x 49 cm, and, Artist unknown, Country Stream, watercolour, indistinctly signed lower left, 29 x 46 cm

A set of six Japanese framed panels of birds and flowers, probably Momoyama period, 16th-early 17th century, ink and colour on paper, 98 x 56 cm (each painting), framed by Lloyd Reeves, Art Trade Frames, similar example please see William Watson (ed), 'The

A Japanese framed two panel screen of Tsuru (crane), Edo period (1603-1868), ink and colour on gold leaf, 138 x 157 cm (each painting), Framed by Lloyd Reeves, Art Trade Frames. Provenance: Acquired from Kazari, 1994

A pair of two Japanese hanging scroll paintings, [2], two painted raccoons, signed by artist, early 20th century. Provenance: Todd Barlin collection. 56 x 169 cm

Two Japanese hanging scroll paintings, [2], two crows, late 19th century, signed Bunrin, Buddhist deities, late 19th century. Provenance: Todd Barlin collection. 191 x 51 cm, 144 x 44 cm

Two Japanese hanging scroll paintings, [2], Daruma by Toshu, late 19th century, peonie flowers & a dove, signed Suiko. Provenance: Todd Barlin collection. 195 x 70 cm, 61 x 217 cm

Two finely painted Japanese hanging scroll paintings, [2], two birds on pine trees, unsigned, c. 1900 - 1940, two hawks, signed by Seigai, dated 1860. Provenance: Todd Barlin collection. 59 x 176 cm, 185 x 65 cm

Unknown artist, young beauties strolling with bouquets and parasols, Japanese, early 20th century, watercolour, approx 31 x 44 cm

Japanese scroll painting. Paper mounted on board, with black and red ink calligraphic decoration. Height 131.5 cm. Width 59.5 cm

A Japanese scroll painting of a tiger, ink and colour on paper, Meiji period, early 20th century. 129 x 41 cm

Japanese paintings and woodblock prints, including:Fish in water, ' Frogs' ; ' Flowers' ; 2 framed woodblocks, Kiho Kuniya Shiro (1938); 3 framed Toshi Yoshida woodblocks and 1 Toyokuni III, 1786-1864, Woodblock of beauties in a landscape (10)

John Miles (circa World War II N.S.W.) H.M.A.S. Koorine watercolour signed and dated 44 lower right 20.5 x 29 cm. Note: Inscription verso 'HMAS Koorine, One of Several Previous Motor Yachts Was Used on Patrol Outside Sydney with Depth Charges Ready For Jap

Japanese wood block painting depicting a maiden in kimono, framed

Antique Japanese watercolour silk scroll painted with Daruma with red Negoro lacquer handles measures 26 x 45 cm in wooden box

Fine antique Japanese Shunga watercolour scroll, the long hand scroll with eleven paintings of couples in erotic positions, finely painted on silvered paper with red lacquer scroll handles brocade borders and gold leaf top section artists seals and calligr

Fine Japanese watercolour silk scroll landscape signed with silk brocade borders in signed timber scroll box measures 88 x 54 cm

Antique gold brocade Japanese Shunga watercolour silk album, with twelve various pages of amorous couples finely painted on silk, with various silk brocade borders each leaf measures 30 x 36 cm

A collection of Japanese watercolours on rice paper. (50) various scenes, (water damage to some), each approx. 21 x, 31 cm

Japanese watercolour on silk swallows & plum blossoms, approx 110 cm x 50 cm

Japanese school (6) Surimono etc. Meji reprint woodblocks including Hokusai, Olga Pouring Sake; Hokkei, Fuji, Poet Lin Hejing with crane & boy; Gakutei, carp (2); and early painting of Merchant & Attendant etc. Woodblock (6) various

Hiroshi Yoshida (1876-1950): Japanese rural scene watercolour, signed & titled lower right 'Fuchi. H.Yoshida'. 93 x 66 cm

Fine Japanese watercolour & body on paper, figure of the Empress behind a screen, with flower lower right, signed and sealed upper left, 38 x 41 cm

An antique Japanese gilt and ink painting depicting a dragon mid Edo period, circa 1780, signed with seals and calligraphy, 131 x 68 cm

Japanese painting, approx 45 cm high. 35 cm wide

A Japanese painting. Pheasant and blossom on water edge. Meiji period (1868-1911). 95 x 51 cm.

Japanese painting on silk spring plum blossom and sparrow. Signed lower left. Meiji period (1868-1911). 122 x 42 cm

A Japanese scroll painting of Daruma, ink and colour on paper, signed and sealed, framed and glazed, image size: 94.5 x 62.5 cm. Provenance: The Collection of the late William Bowmore OBE, Mossgreen MA101 lot 900, 24/11/08

A Japanese painting, Meiji/Taisho period, early 20th century, ink and colour on silk, depicting a sparrow under a peony, signed and sealed, framed and glazed, 130 x 50 cm

Sheng Liangxian (1919 - 2008), Korean dance, ink and colour on paper, inscribed and signed Sheng Liangxian, with one seal of the artist, dated 1995, 48 cm x 72 cm. Provenance: private Collection NSW, descended from the artist. Sheng Liangxian, member of th