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A Japanese woodblock print of a Sulphur crested cockatoo, 20th century, the cockatoo perched on a branch above a mottled teal ground, with horizontal bordered signature lower right, height 29.5 cm, width 22.5 cm, (image only)

Japanese woodblock print - Tales of Genji - Toyokimi III

Japanese woodblock print - Tales of Genji - Toyokimi III

Japanese woodblock print - Tales of Genji - Toyokimi III

Two Japanese woodblock prints, depicting scenes from the Sino-Japanese war, framed (2), 34 x 22.5 cm. Provenance: The Estate of Dame Joan Alston Sutherland

Collection of Japanese woodblock prints, depicting women in kimono, framed (6), approx. Height 35 cm width 24 cm

Kawarazaki Shodo (Japanese, 1889-1973), collection of woodblock prints, depicting flowers, margins with titles, signature, seals and dates (15), approx. Height 40 cm width 27 cm

Kawarazaki Shodo (Japanese, 1889-1973), collection of woodblock prints, depicting flowers, margins with titles, signature, seals and dates (15), approx. Height 40 cm width 27 cm

Kitagawa Utamaro (Japanese, 1753-1806), three Shunga erotic prints, woodblock on hand coloured paper (3), 24 x 35 cm. Provenance: The Estate of George Freedman, Sydney

Six Japanese woodblock prints, reproduced by the Museum of fine arts, Boston, by Kikukawa Eizan, Torii Kiyomine [6], Oban, 25.6 x 38.8 cm

Japanese print, signed in pencil Mikumo, numbered 57/300 dated 1967, lower left and red seal, a print maker and artist during the mid 20th century, 37 x 48 cm

Four Japanese woodblock prints, with war Heroes, three framed, 55 x 41 cm

A set of seven Japanese erotic woodblock prints, 19th century, ink on paper, each one with inscriptions, 35 x 33 cm

Two Japanese Albums of Woodblock Prints, Showa period. including. Insho Domoto (1891-1975), Eight Views of Kyoto, Kineya Art Shop, 1928. and an album of miniature woodblock prints from the Meiji period,, 41 cm x 29 cm x 5.5 cm (package) (2). Provenance. NS

A pair of antique Japanese woodblock prints, Edo period, early 19th century. two samurai figures, one on horseback, both signed and with publishers' seals or characters. Height 16.5 cm. Width 10.5 cm. (print only)

Seiti Shotei Watanabe, (1851-1918) Japanese, the Cockerel, woodblock print hand coloured, signed with seal lower left, 20.2 x 14.5 cm

Utagawa Hiroshige I, (1797 - 1858) Japanese after, Nihonbashi: morning scene, from the series fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido Road, woodblock print, late Impression, seal lower right, 22 x 35 cm

Joichi Hoshi (Japanese, 1911-1979), Dawn 1977, woodblock print, inscribed in characters, signed and dated below image, 18 x 24.5 cm

Torii Kiyomasu 1694-1716 'Konori-Taka' Japanese woodblock, 52 x 29.5 cm approx

A Japanese woodblock print, flower in vase, Summer, circa 1950s, Bakufu Ohno [1888-1976], known for his detailed colours & textures, mounted in black lacquer frame, Publisher: Kyoto Hanga-in, Oban tete-e

Mitsuhiro Unno 1939- 'in the shadow of Gajikomaru', limited edition 6/100 Japanese woodblock, 29 cm x 34.5 cm approx

Double vintage Japanese figural woodblock, 36 x 23 cm each woodblock

A 19th century Japanese woodblock, depicting a printer at work, 36 x 49 cm.

Three framed Japanese woodblock prints, 20th century, each oban size

Japanese woodblock, the Ruins of Fukuoka Castle, artist Kawase Hasin, circa 1940, an uncompleted 17th century castle & moat in Kyushu, framed and mounted in silk, 35 x 23.5 cm

Two Japanese woodblock prints village scene and mountains lake scene, 38 cm x 26xm each

Mid 20th century modern Japanese woodblock stylised seascape, limited edition 6/50, signed by the artist, dated '63, 35 cm x 59 cm

Japanese woodblock triptych depicting courtesan scenes amongst garden, 35 cm x 24 cm each

Japanese woodblock triptych depicting courtesan scenes over pond with carp and iris, 36 cm x 25 cm each

Japanese woodblock triptych samurai portraits, 34 cm x 23 cm each

Utagawa Yoshitora Battle scene Tryptich, Japanese woodblock, framed and glazed, 75 x 34 cm. Condition: good condition and colour. Unseen out of mount and frame.

Antique Japanese triptych coloured wood block print, approx 72 cm long, 55 cm wide

Unknown- Japanese modern school- woodblock print signed & sealed lower left, approx 37 x 52 cm

Toshi Yoshida, (1911-1995) Japanese, Irozaki - Moring 1961 + Irozaki - evening 1961, each woodblock print, Moring signed with chop lower right, each signed below matt. Provenance: Kaigado gallery Tokyo, Mossgreen: collection of Peter Elliott 30-31 August 2

Kenji. Abstract Kusaka (Japanese, born 1936). Abstract 1969. Woodblock 15/40. Signed Ken Kusaka. 79 x 54.5 cm.

A Japanese woodcut print depicting Mount Fuji by Hiroshige. 28.5 x 39 cm

A group of four Japanese woodblock prints, 19th century Four oban tate-e ; one by Hiroshige, titled 'Iwami Province: Mount Takazuno, Salt Beach' from the series 'Famous Places in the Sixty-odd Provinces', one by Utagawa Toyokuni II of a Kabuki Onnagata, on

Two Japanese woodblock prints, one by Kikugawa Eizan of two girls and plum flowers, one by Ippitsusai Buncho from the 'Picture Book of Kabuki Actors on Fans', the Kikugawa of oban size, the Ippitsusai of chuban size (2). Provenance: NSW Private Collection.