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An antique Chinese double portrait ancestor painting, Qing Dynasty, 19th century, Grandmother and grandfather figures, she in blue and he in brown and teal robes, seated upon red embroidered silk chairs with carved bases, small attendants to the side, a ta

A large framed Chinese ancestor portrait, late Qing Dynasty, 144 x 94 cm

Chinese ancestor painting 19th century, framed under glass, 156 x 113 cm

A large Chinese ancestor group portrait, late 19th century/ early 20th century Chinese ink and colour on paper 143 x 91 cm depicting a main patriarchal figure, possibly the father's elder brother, seated proudly at the head of the family group. He wears hi

Chinese ancestor portrait painting, 20th century. 48 x 78 cm

Pair of Chinese ancestor portrait paintings. Frame size 78 x 121 cm each

Pair of Chinese ancestor portrait paintings on silk, each 99 x 140 cm.

Chinese ancestor portrait of a lady, ink and colour on paper, 108 x 68 cm

A well-painted Chinese ancestor painting of a lady, Qing dynasty, 116 x 60 cm approx.

Early Chinese reverse painting on glass. Interior scene with ancestor and two women. Original frame. 51 x 33 cm (not including frame)

A large Chinese ancestor painting, mid-late Qing Dynasty, of an important official's wife dressed in magnificent robes and seated in elaborate surroundings, all within a perspex case, 195 x 105 cm

A Chinese framed ancestor portrait of a couple. On paper with some watermarks. Height 146 cm. Width 102 cm

Chinese school, ancestor portrait, gouache, 166 x 93 cm

A Chinese ancestor tile and a Japanese painting on stone, ink on stone, wooden stands, 30 x 25 cm, 40 x 30 cm (2)

A Chinese ancestor painting of an elderly gentleman 120 x 160 cm

A Chinese ancestor painting of a noble man and attendant circa 1900 155 x 88 cm