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"PPP", "Remued" and "Pamela" were trade names or marks used by Premier Pottery, established in Preston, a suburb of Melbourne by two Potters, David Dee and Reg Hawkins in 1929.

The company was set up to produce art pottery, unlike other [potteries of the time whose main business was in producing building materials such as bricks and roof tiles, and who produced decorative items as a sideline.

At first the pottery was marketed with the "PPP" marking and the trade name "Remued" was introduced around 1933, and used alongside the "PPP" brand.

The mark "Pamela" was introduced about the same time in an effort to convince customers that the wares marked with the "Pamela" name were created by a studio potter rather than in a factory, but this mark was in use for less than year.

Some 'Remued" and "Pamela" pieces are also marked "Hand Made".

From around 1934 the company was using the "Remued" name exclusively, and this coincided with the death of one of the founders, David Dee, and an introduction of additional capital by the future wife of Reg Hawkins, Noni Deumer, whose surname spelt backwards is "Remued". more...
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Australian pottery Remued basket with applied gum leaves

Remued Pottery rare green glazed fruit basket with branch handle and tendril decoration, 19 cm across

Remued Pottery, rare blue glazed fruit basket with branch handle and tendril decoration, 19 cm across

Four Remued Pottery basket vases with twist handles, circa 1930s. Two early 194X series baskets with a gloss green drip glaze with creamy amber accents and handles; a 1-8 series basket in a satin amber glaze with pale green and mauve striations and a large

Remued basket, marked Remued 1-8. Height 16.5 cm (tiny restoration)

Remued brown and green glazed basket with twisted handle. Height 27 cm