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The Belleek porcelain factory was founded in County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland about 1849, after landowner John Caldwell Bloomfield inherited his father's estate, and undertaking a geological survey, discovered the area was rich in minerals.

Bloomfield went into partnership with a London architect and a Dublin merchant and set up a pottery business to provide work for the tenant farmers whose lives had been decimated by the Irish potato famine.

The construction of the pottery commenced in 1858, and it included a railway line to the works, so coal could be delivered for the kilns.

The company commenced producing domestic wares, but it wasn't until 1863 that small quantities of the translucent ivory-looking porcelain for which Belleek is famous, were produced.

Belleek was popular with Queen Victoria and was displayed at the great 19th century exhibitions, and enjoyed a large export market.

Typical Belleek items include figures, vases, dishes, eggshell-thin tea services, and baskets, often with delicate open lattice-work. Marine motifs were commonly used including Neptune, shells, seaweed, mermaids, dolphins and coral and wares. more...
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Four Belleek tea wares, mid 1950s, one item with fourth green mark, three items with fifth green mark, in 'Limpet' pattern and comprising a cup and associated saucer and two side plates of graduating size; backstamps underside and registration numb

An Irish Belleek basket dish, traditional ornate design with profuse moulded floral detail and a four-strand basket weave base. Impressed marks. Length 27.5 cm

Belleek painted lattice basket of basket form, with applied berries & flowers, painted with pastel highlights, having Thirteenth mark, January 20082010 'Belleek Ireland' lozenge to the base. Condition: good, minor wear to the base, length 22.5

Bread basket. Belleek porcelain, fine basket weave, twin handle with applied roses, (a/f: some cracks & losses), length 31 cm

Belleek shamrock cake plate, green factory mark, 24.5 cm diameter approx.

A pair Belleek Seahorses and flower holds, first black mark (1863-1890) and Impressed mark. 8.5 cm high, 13 cm wide.

A boxed Belleek Degenhardt basket, late 20th century, pattern number 135-95, signed underneath,

A Belleek bowl, of fine porcelain openwork, the rim decorated with high rlief porcelain flowers. Diameter 22.5 cm

A Belleek porcelain basket, fine openwork, the rim ornemented by high relief porcelain flowers. Length 21 cm

Belleek trumpet centrepiece having pink highlights to the frilled mouth, applied English rose, Irish shamrocks & Welsh daffodils to the body, six various rosettes to the lattice form base & stamped with a 2nd mark black stamp. Condition fair, chip to the m

Belleek painted lattice basket with basket form detail, applied flowers & two organic type handles, painted with pastel highlights, stamped 'Belleek Ireland' to the base, in a lined presentation case. Condition good to fair, minor losses to the petals. Len

Belleek 'Nautilus on Coral' centrepiece with glazed white mother of pearl lustre hints to the nautilus shell with green highlights, standing on a coral form plinth & a round pedestal base. Black stamp to base. Condition fair, losses to one green coral arm.

Belleek 'Meditation' & 'Affection' pair of figures draped in glazed classical attire with bisque bodies, standing on round pedestal bases. Condition good to fair, restoration to the 'Meditation' base. Height 37 cm

Belleek round basket having a four-strand woven base, featuring delicate twig handles & radiating latticework, adorned with a bouquet of intricate flowers, with an impressed stamp 'Belleek Co. Fermanagh'. Condition good, expected minor losses. Diameter 23.

Belleek first period four strand basket weave plate & two dishes, the plate of hexagonal form with a looped border, the two bowls with three applied flowers & three clovers, impressed 'Belleek, Co Fermanagh, Ireland', some restorations. Diameter of plate 2

8 various Belleek items, including pair Coffee cups & saucers; & four matching shell form dishes. All 2nd green mark. Length 15 cm (each) (dishes)

Belleek first black mark shell form comport. Dolphin form central column, monogram to upper surface. C.1870s. Small hairline to base. Height 9 cm. Depth 24 cm

Belleek pierced basket. Applied floral decoration to circumference. Marked strip to base. Depth 25 cm

Belleek pierced basket. Applied coloured blossoms to circumference. Marked strip to base. Depth 30 cm