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William Moorcroft was employed by Staffordshire pottery manufacturers James Macintyre & Co. Ltd. as a designer in 1897, and after a year he was responsible for the company's art pottery studio.

William Moorcroft created designs for the Macintyre's Aurelian Ware range of high-Victorian pottery, which had transfer-printed and enamelled decoration in bold red, blue and gold colours. He also developed the art nouveau-influenced Florian Ware which was decorated entirely by hand, with the design outlined in trailed slip using a technique known as tubelining. William Moorcroft's designs won him a gold medal at the St. Louis International Exhibition in 1904.

Each piece of pottery produced was personalised with Moorcroft's own signature or initials.

William Moorcroft and James Macintyre & Co. Ltd. split up in 1913 and Moorcroft founded his own factory nearby. Some finance came from the famous London store Liberty, and Liberty continued to exercise control over Moorcroft until 1962.

Moorcroft's reputation was further enhanced with the appointment of the Moorcroft company as Potter to HM The Queen in 1928. more...
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Tall Moorcroft vase. In the style of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Designed by Zachel Bishop c1995, height 37 cm

Lise B Moorcroft Chelsea works lustre vase, marks to base 8 cm high approx

A contemporary Moorcroft vase, inverse baluster shape decorated with stylised flowers, white and green on a black ground. Height 21 cm

A Moorcroft Waving Corn pattern vase, circa 1935, tapering in form, decorated with a repeating waving corn design on a mustard ground, impressed factory marks & initialled in a blue green to base, 17 cm high

A William Moorcroft fish pattern vase, circa 1935, baluster in form raised on a circular foot, decorated with a fish, seaweed and jellyfish design on a pale blue ground in a matt glaze, impressed factory marks & signed Wm in dark blue to base,17 cm hig

Moorcroft ruby lustre 'Prunus' vase decorated with alternating stamped flower patterns. Unsigned, height 16.5 cm

Moorcroft Iris pattern vase, iris pattern on dark blue ground. Height 21 cm

William Moorcroft Macintyre vase, signed by William Moorcroft to base, with printed Macintyre Burslem stamp and # M2603. Dual handled, floral decorated. Circa 1910. Height 17 cm

William Moorcroft vase, signed to base, 10 cm high

Moorcroft ruby lustre 'Prunus' vase decorated with alternating stamped flower patterns. Unsigned, with original reciept. Height 16.5 cm

A modern Moorcroft vase, in the Kiribati pattern, tube-line decoration of palm trees on the beach, signed, dated and impressed marks to base. Height 21 cm

Moorcroft flared cylindrical long stem vase with loop rim handles, Spanish pattern, 27 cm high

Large Moorcroft McIntyre ovoid specimen vase Chrysanthemum pattern, 32 cm high

Rare Moorcroft waisted vase landscape pattern in sombre salt glaze, 21 cm high

Moorcroft Flamminain vase & pot baluster vase, 13 cm high, ovoid pot (lacking lid) 8.5 cm high, made for Liberty & Co

Moorcroft ovoid vase grape pattern made for Liberty, 10 cm high

Moorcroft McIntyre tapering vase Chrysanthemum pattern, 10 cm high

Moorcroft McIntyre baluster vase Hazeldine landscape pattern, 10 cm high

Moorcroft squat baluster vase Clairmont Toadstool pattern, 7 cm high

Moorcroft McIntyre tapering vase Hazeldine landscape pattern, 14.5 cm high

Moorcroft two handled vase Hazeldine pattern, 20 cm high

Large & impressive Moorcroft baluster vase Hazeldine pattern, 32 cm high

Moorcroft vase (showing restoration), approx 28 cm high

Moorcroft squat vase having a red & green flecked glaze, with impressed stamps to the base. Height 12.8 cm

Moorcroft squat vase having a red & green flecked glaze, with impressed stamps to the base. Height 10 cm

Moorcroft lustre glaze landscape squat vase having incised detail of a rural scene framed by two bands of repeating motifs. Impressed stamps to the base. Height 10 cm

Moorcroft Liberty & Co. 'Flamminian Ware' vase decorated with foliate roundels against a green ground, incised signature, printed Rd no. 452777. Height 22 cm

Moorcroft Burslem vase having a blue drip glaze with a green underglaze. Stamped with impressed marks to the base. Height 13.6 cm

Moorcroft vase, of waisted form, decorated with trailed flowers and leaves, in the Art Nouveau manner, in tones of blue, green, red and yellow, by Phillip Gibson, height 25.5 cm

A modern Moorcroft vase of tall waisted form, tubeline decoration of toadstools, acorns and leaves within a tree-trunk landscape, dominant tones of red, green, blue and tan, impressed and painted marks. Height 30.7 cm

A rare MacIntyre 'Revived Cornflower' tall double gourd form vase, the red dominant floral design on a mottled green and dark blue ground, elegant double gourd form, impressed shape no.166 to base, full signature in green for William Moorcroft, pri

William Moorcroft, golden green lustre vase, C.1916, impressed marks 'Moorcroft, Burslem, M37', height 23.5 cm, diameter 14.5 cm, weight 1.076g

William Moorcroft, large Freesia bulbous vase, C.1930, signed in monogram, impressed signature 'Made in England, Potter to HM the Queen, height 32 cm, diameter 20 cm, weight 2.814kg

William Moorcroft, small Hazeldene vase, C.1903, signed, stamped 'Made for Liberty & Co. Rd no. 397964', height 10 cm, diameter 8 cm, weight 200g

William Moorcroft, miniature Hazeldene landscape vase, C.1903, signed, printed mark 'Rd no. 397964, height 8 cm, 5 cm, weight 106g

William Moorcroft, cornflower baluster vase, C. 1930, signed in monogram, impressed marks 'Moorcroft, Made in England, 74', height 17 cm, diameter 13 cm, weight 686g