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A cruet also known as a caster, is a small container to hold condiments such as oil, vinegar, mustard, pepper. Its shape and adornments will depend on the specific condiment for which it is designed. For example a cruet for liquids may have a jug-like shape, while a cruet for a spice may be cylindrical with a lid and perhaps a small spoon for serving.

Cruets were made in silver, silver plate, ceramic and glass, and sometimes a combination of two materials, usually as a glass body with a silver or silver plated top.

The earliest cruets, from the beginning of the 18th century were known as "Warwick cruets" after a cruet set made by Anthony Nelme in 1715 for the Duke of Warwick, and include three elaborately decorated and shaped matching silver casters, usually with one unpierced, which held powdered mustard, and the other two for oil and vinegar, combined in a stand with a handle enabling it to be passed between dinner guests. more...
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A Royal Winton "Rosebud"; coffee set for six, comprising 6 cups & saucers, pot, sugar & creamer, toastrack, in excellent condition, height 20 cm [pot]

Royal Winton tea for one set, 'Levin' pattern, comprising a teapot, teacup, milk jug, sugar bowl and toast rack on tray

Royal Winton ' Summertime' sugar and creamer, together with 2 all over floral cake plates

Royal Winton 'Anemone' teaset comprising of 6 trios, a cake plate, milk jug and sugar bowl

A Royal Winton 'Sweet Pea' tea set for six, comprising six each cups, saucers and plates, sugar and creamer, and two cake plates

19 piece part Royal Winton dinner set. Marguerite pattern, including teapot & sugar bowl, comport, three various milk jugs, four dessert bowls etc.

Royal Winton Royalty Dejeuner set. 6 pces, including teapot, milk jug & sugar, toast rack & underplate (jug handle restored)

Art Deco Royal Winton coffee set, comprising of coffee pot, milk jug, sugar bowl and 6 cups with saucers,

A Royal Winton 'Hazel' pattern breakfast set, comprising tea pot, tea cup, milk, sugar, toast rack, on integral tray. Width 24 cm. Together with another in the Petunia pattern. Width 26 cm. (2 sets)

Royal Winton tiger lily part tea service, comprising of six cups,saucers and plates, sugar, creamer and bon bon dish as inspected.

Royal Winton all over chintz part teaset, consisting of four cup and saucers, extra cup, square sugar (as inspected) and creamer, teapot as inspected, 6 side plates and a cake plate

Four various vintage jugs including Royal Winton jug with matching sugar bowl

Royal Winton tea service teapot, coffee, creamer and sugar. Largest measures 19 cm tall.

Royal Winton part tea set comprising three trios, cake plate, sugar and milk

Royal Winton four piece condiment set, Petunia pattern

A group of Royal Winton green-ground 'Rosebud' pieces, third quarter 20th century, six pieces comprising a larger jug, sugar basin, toast rack, dishes, and a stand, printed and painted marks underside each. Height 14.5 cm. (largest)