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An early etched glass trinket bowl with Pique tortoise shell lid, shell inlaid with silver Bow bunting detail & Hallmarked sterling neck, some chipping to rim of glass, Birmingham 1915, 8 x 10 cm

A Bow female figure Emblematic of 'Matrimony', circa 1755-60, the figure before a bocage, with a pert hat, tight ribboned bodice with a blue and mauve striped floral skirt and lemon overskirt, holding her attribute of a birdcage and raised on a foo

A pair of Bow figures Emblematic of 'Spring' and 'Autumn', circa 1765, 'Spring' in a brimmed hat, lemon bodice, floral and striped skirts, seated upon rockwork with a woven garden cloche beside her and baskets spilling flowers; '

A Bow octagonal polychrome bamboo and rock plate, circa 1755-60, in the oriental manner and decorated in a puce, emerald, apple green and mauve palette with a garden scene to the well and three informal sprays to the rim, length 22 cm, width 22 cm

A Bow cherub candlestick, circa 1760-70, a flower adorned cherub carrying a basket of flowers before an elaborate, vivid green bocage, with a floriform nozzle and dish surmount and raised on a pierced rococo base picked out in gilt; see G. Godden, '...

Antique continental porcelain lidded box, with handpainted floral decoration, with applied gilded Bow to lid. diameter 19 cm.

A pair of Bow white porcelain 'birds in branches' figure groups, circa 1780, 34 cm high

French 18th century shoe buckles. Silver mounted on steel with applied faceted steel Bow decoration makers mark only GG approx 7 cm wide

A late 19th century Austrian amphora figure group, depicting a woman standing at the back of a skiff boat (oar missing) while a young girl crouches at the Bow (faults). Impressed and painted marks. Length 38 cm.

Bow octagonal plate, probably 1750s, painted with Indian flowers to the centre & prunus relief to the rim. Condition: good to fair, typical crazing, few tiny chips to rim, width, 22 cm

A pair of porcelain plaques, 20th century, (2), each of rectangular form, one painted in coloured enamels with a couple on horseback riding through a landscape, the other depicting three men hunting in a rocky landscape, one aiming his Bow and arrow at an

A Bow Soft paste figure, ‘flora', circa 1762, with restrained pale decoration in mauve pink and light blue upon white, the serpentine figure in flowing floral drapery, one hand around her signature urn of flowers and raised upon a moulded rococo

A pair of Chelsea style figural candlesticks, gold anchor marks, 19th century, probably Bow

A fine Bow figure Emblematic of 'Winter', circa 1755-60, the finely moulded and vibrantly decorated figure of a typically attired young man wearing a tricorn hat and a muff, in puce, pale blue and lemon colours, warming himself by a brazier, against a flor

A fine Bow figure emblematic of 'Summer', circa 1755-60, the finely moulded figure of a woman in a summer hat and a floral dress decorated in shades of pink and purple, seated upon a stook of wheat and holding a sheaf in her left hand, raised upon a footed

A female allegorical figure by Bow, circa 1760, the soft paste figure of a woman in flowing attire beside a floral encrusted urn and raised upon a moulded rococo style base, in soft pastel tones; with a square aperture to the reverse for a candlestick atta

A fine Bow plate, circa 1755-60, the moulded plate with raised 'Blanc de chine' cherry blossom sprigs to the border and decorated with finely painted flowers in Chinese famille rose colours; a similar plate with identical moulding illustrated in Godden's '

A Bow figure of a harlequin Bagpiper, circa 1750s, after the Meissen model by Kaendler, the seated figure with a coolie style hat wearing unusual attire of various joined patterns, scales, flowers and patterns, and a frilled collar about his neck, seated u

A Bow bocage figure of a young boy from the New Dancers, circa 1765, blue dagger mark. 21 cm high

A pair of Bow figures of a male and a female musician, circa 1765, anchor and dagger marks. 23 cm high (2)

A pair of Bow goldfinch chambersticks, circa 1765. 26 cm high (2)

A Bow figure of Ceres, the goddess of agriculture, emblematic of Earth from the set of the Four Elements, circa 1770. 29 cm high

A Bow figure group: The Fountain Group, circa 1765, red anchor and dagger marks. 20 cm high

A pair of Bow bocage figures of a young boy and girl: The New Dancers, circa 1765, red anchor and dagger marks. 26 cm high (2)

A Bow figure of Neptune, the god of the sea, emblematic of Water from the set of the Four Elements, circa 1770. 25 cm high

A pair of Bow blue ground gilt plates painted with exotic birds, circa 1765 red anchor and dagger marks. 20 cm diameter (2)

A pair of Bow frilled pot pourri vases and covers, circa 1765. 23 cm high (2)

A Bow figure of a seated monk, circa 1765, anchor and dagger marks. 11 cm high

A rare mid-18th century Bow plate, blue and white design with a rock and floral highlighted fenced garden design, three floral sprays to the border, old label to reverse including 'David C.D. Cooke Antiques....'. Note: the demand and limited availability f

A Bow porcelain shepherdess figure, circa 1760, modelled holding her skirt filled with flowers and a figure of a lamb at foot supported by tree stump and floral bocage on a pierced rococo rocaille base, dagger and red anchor mark in red, 29.5 cm high.

A Bow octagonal platter, English, 18th century, decorated in the oriental style, 37 cm long

English porcelain figure of mercury, c. 1780, manufactured by Bow porcelain, retains paper decal labels 'BOW 281', 'The British antique Dealers Association', together with floral vase, with raised flowers, buds and cherubs faces, painted with leaves and in

A Bow 'Two Quail' pattern Kakiemon-manner octagonal bowl, circa 1760, the design to the interior in coloured enamels and gold within a red and gilt stylized foliate border at the rim. Height 5 cm. Width 21 cm. Provenance: McIlwraith collection (label under

A Bow porcelain bowl. Oval form, scalloped outline, decorated in enamels with flower sprays and scattered flowers within a scalloped border and brown outline. 22 cm long. 15 cm wide

A Bow baluster mug circa 1752. Imari palette with under blue flowering shrubs and pierced rockwork enriched with iron red and gilt, the base with under glaze I. 12 cm high

A Bow coffee cup and saucer circa 1750, with applied prunus blossom and sprays. 7 cm high

Attributed to Bow, porcelain boy attendant figure, with basket of flowers and wreath. Floral losses - as inspected. Height 14 cm

A Bow tankard, 18th century, decorated with Oriental style floral motifs in puce, turquoise and blue on a cream ground 14 cm high

A Bow coffee can and saucer and tea bowl, 18th century, decorated with raised prunus pattern (3). Tallest 6.5 cm

A set of four 18th century Bow figures of the four seasons, each modelled of scantily clad cherubs, one of Autumn carrying a sheaf of wheat, Winter warming over the fire, Spring carrying a basket of flowers and Summer with a basket of grapes. Height 15.5 c