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The Carlton Ware works were set up about 1890 by James Frederick Wiltshaw, James Alcock Robinson & William Herbert Robinson in Stoke-on-Trent, and Carlton Ware was adopted as a trade name in 1894.

About 1890 the company introduced its "Blush Ware" range, with floral designs on delicate pastel coloured backgrounds, sometimes with gilded additions.

In 1911 the partnership was dissolved and James Frederick Wiltshaw became the sole proprietor.

During the 1920s, the company became known for its Art Deco lustre wares, which command high prices today.

Many of the patterns were of imaginative geometric and stylised floral designs, some using Egyptian and oriental influences, such as the highly collectable ‘Tutenkahmen’ and ‘Mikado’ ranges.

The "Handcraft" range introduced in 1928 offered modern freehand painted designs with matt glazes which distinguished them from other manufacturers of the time using similar designs. more...
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A graduated pair of Carlton Ware Rouge Royale Chinese pagoda decorated jugs, ornate gilt enrichments. Heights 18 cm and 15 cm

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Two Carlton Ware Rouge Royale items, the jug with dragonfly, water lilies and wreaths enamelled in colours and gilded, the Art Deco flared vase with conforming florals and spider web. Heights 15 cm and 13 cm

Carltoware Rouge Royale tea set, comprising teapot, sugar bowl, creamer, seven demi tasse and saucers, in deep red and accented in gilt

A Carlton Ware Chinoiserie milk jug, deep red with birds in flight, 13 x 12 cm

A striking Carlton Ware 'River fish' jug, circa 1935, also known as 'Shabunkin' pattern 3971, the barrel form jug with a gilded bracket handle and a waisted base, decorated with a vibrantly enamelled fish and one other in shadow behind, further embellished

Carlton Ware 'Vert Royale' coffee set for six persons comprising a lidded sugar bowl, creamer, with six cups & saucers. Condition, good, minor crazing to the bases, height of sugar bowl, 10.5 cm

A Carlton Ware ' vert Royale' jug, the body depicting cranes and trees. Height 18 cm. Good condition

A Carlton Ware 'Fighting Cocks' jug, 1937-1941 period, pattern 4186, the baluster jug with a bracket gilt handle decorated with fowl in combat between red and blue flowers with emerald and apple green colours embellished with gilded tracery and scrolling p

A Carlton Ware 'Rabbits At Dusk' lustre jug, circa 1938, described on jug as pattern 4247 (pink) but is actually 4249 (mottled orange version) with pattern attributed to Irene Pemberton, the barrel form jug with a bracket handle, decorated in bright green

A Carlton Ware 'Tiger tree' jug, 1938-1941, pattern 4241, the barrel form jug with a gilded bracket handle and a waisted base, beautifully decorated with a green gnarled black tree trunk with pendant foliage, gilt tracery and enamelled blooms in emerald an

Carlton Ware 'Spider's Web' coffee service comprising a coffee pot, lidded sugar bowl, creamer & six coffee cups & saucers decorated with spiders web cobwebs with fruiting berries, harebells & dragonflies to a pale green lustre ground. Condition fair, subs

Four Carlton Ware serving dishes & a jug with under plate, 24 cm wide (widest) approx

A striking Carlton Ware 'River Fish' jug, circa 1935, also known as 'Shabunkin' pattern 3971, the barrel form jug with a gilded bracket handle and a waisted base, decorated with an underglazed modulating green ground, a vibrantly top enamelled fish with gi

Carlton Ware green leaf jug together with 2 green leaf dishes

Carlton Ware hand enamelled jug. C.1930s English wild flowers & sky. Crazing, wear to handle & enamel loss to flower. Height 17.5 cm

Carlton Ware pitcher, Measuring 17 cm tall. Retains old foil label, restored.

A Carlton Ware Rouge Royale part coffee set - comprising pot (no lid), sugar and creamer, four cups and six saucers

Carlton Ware new Storks yellow ground coffee service comprising coffee pot, milk jug, lidded sugar basin and five cups with saucers plus two spare cups

Six various Carlton Ware pieces, including jug and small jug with undersaucer; and three various bowls (small rim chips). Height 10 cm (taller)

Collection of Carlton Ware rouge Royal 27 pieces, mid 20th century, English porcelain, comprising of: coffee pot (slight AF), cream jug, sugar bowl with lid, 8 coffee cups, 7 saucers, water jug, 2 leaf dishes, double leaf style vase, leaf vase, cigarette b

A group of six Carlton Ware Rouge Royale pieces, circa 1930-40s, including a lozenge shaped dish in 'Vine and Grape' pattern 4385, and another in 'Spider's Web', pattern 4254; an Aztec dish in 'Lace Cap Hydrangea' pattern 3967, a leaf dish, a lustre jug in

Eight Carlton Ware jugs, pots and vases, circa 1920-1940, including a gilt and blue lustre jug and a matching lidded pot in 'New Mikado' pattern 2728/9; a blue baluster vase in 'Mikado' pattern 2355; a cylindrical flared vase in 'Temple' pattern 4481; a 'B

A collection of 'New Daisy' embossed Carlton Ware, 1948/49, seven items comprising a group of five on an apple green ground including an oval dish, a fluted raised dish, a jug, a sugar bowl and a lidded preserve pot with a daisy finial; also a jug and a sm

An assortment of Carlton Ware, nineteen pieces including five horsemen dishes, a floral basket, a bowl, cup, a small figurine, one mustard pot, a pair of novelty jugs, a highland terrier, four miniature cups and vase, a cup and matching saucer, various siz

Carlton Ware Rouge Royale coffee set, comprising of coffee pot, milk jug and 6 cup/saucers

Carlton Ware coffee set, comprising of coffee pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, 6 cup/saucers and 2 dishes, light green glaze with gilt

One shelf of items, including Carnival glass jug (A/F) Carlton Ware china, Art Glass vase etc.

A Carlton Ware blue lustre coffee service, decorated with Kingfishers in flight, comprising coffee pot, cream jug, sugar bowl and six gilt cups and five saucers, registration number 721740

Carlton Ware Rouge Royale jug. Oriental temple. Height 17 cm

Large Carltonware hollyhocks water jug makers mark to base.

A Carlton Ware 'Paradise Bird and Tree' coffee service, circa 1930, registration number 721740, comprising a coffee pot, a sugar basin, a cream jug, and six cups and saucers, the exteriors with the design on a terra cotta ground with black borders, the int

A Carlton Ware polka dot 'Countess' coffee service, mid-20th century, body shapes 1582Comprising a coffee pot, a covered and handled sugar basin, a cream jug, and six cups and saucers, the exteriors with enamelled mauve polka dots on the 'Vert Royale' grou