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The Carlton Ware works were set up about 1890 by James Frederick Wiltshaw, James Alcock Robinson & William Herbert Robinson in Stoke-on-Trent, and Carlton Ware was adopted as a trade name in 1894.

About 1890 the company introduced its "Blush Ware" range, with floral designs on delicate pastel coloured backgrounds, sometimes with gilded additions.

In 1911 the partnership was dissolved and James Frederick Wiltshaw became the sole proprietor.

During the 1920s, the company became known for its Art Deco lustre wares, which command high prices today.

Many of the patterns were of imaginative geometric and stylised floral designs, some using Egyptian and oriental influences, such as the highly collectable ‘Tutenkahmen’ and ‘Mikado’ ranges.

The "Handcraft" range introduced in 1928 offered modern freehand painted designs with matt glazes which distinguished them from other manufacturers of the time using similar designs. more...
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A Carlton Ware 'Persian' vase, 1927-1938, introduced 1924, shape 443, pattern attributed to Enoch Boulton, with a figure seated within a temple accompanied by musicians and other attendants in an exotic garden setting, with flowers, birds, palms in

A Carlton Ware 'Mandarin's Chatting' baluster vase, circa 1932, pattern with design attributed to violet Elmer, shape 443 until 1938. Depicting two figures chatting beneath a twisted tendril embellished tree upon a gloss black ground between ro

A Carlton Ware 'Chinese figures' vase 1927-1939 period of production, pattern 3199, shape 406 until 1936. Richly decorated with figures in an oriental temple, garden and water setting with auspicious foliage, bridges and barges, in enamel colours w

A fine Carlton Ware 'Mephistopheles' or 'Red Devil' vase design issued 1933 and in production until 1934, pattern 3765, attributed to Violet Elmer, the vase shape number 457 in striking enamel colours with the devilish figure in an orange red coat surround

Carlton Ware porcelain advertising figurine 'My Goodness-My Guinness'. 9.5 cm

Carlton Ware figurine, butterfly girl, limited edition

Carlton Ware figurine, the Carlton girl, Sunflower, limited edition 25 cm high

Carlton Ware figurine, butterfly girl, limited edition

W & R Carlton Ware souvenir (Hobart) pearl Bubbles figurine, 11.5 cm high

Large Carlton Ware butterfly girl (trial colourway) approx 23 cm high

Carlton Ware figurine, the Carlton Girl, Bird Of Paradise

Carlton Ware figurine limited edition 330/1250, the Carlton Girl, Hollyhocks

Large Carlton Ware butterfly girl (Trial colourway), approx 23 cm high

Carlton Ware Sunflower girl no 367/600, Andy moss, repair to leg

A Carlton Ware 'Persian' vase, 1925 to late 1920s, marked as pattern 2882, but closer to 2884, of ovoid tapering form and decorated with figures in an exotic pavilion scene with palm trees, flowers and an assortment of animals and birds, upon a blue ground

A Carlton Ware 'Chinese figures' vase, 1925-early 1930s, pattern 3199, of high shouldered baluster form with a small neck and slightly spreading foot and depicting figures in an eastern pavilion and garden setting in gilt and enamels with patterns and Chin

A pair of Carlton Ware 'Mikado' covered vases, circa 1920, pattern 2364, of baluster shape with a low domed lid and gilt knop, decorated in gilt and enamels with figures in an exotic pavilion and landscape scene upon a mottled blue ground; backstamp, shape

A Carlton Ware 'New Mikado' trumpet vase, 1923-1927, pattern 2788, featuring figures in an exotic pavilion and oriental garden setting, depicted entirely in gilt, with decorative borders to the rim and foot upon a rouge lustre ground; with backstamp and pa

A large Carlton Ware Rouge Royale ginger jar, traditional ovoid form with polychrome enamel and elaborate gilt decoration of buildings, trees and figures on a striking red ground, printed mark to base. Lid absent. Height 21.6 cm

Carlton Ware Guiness advertising figure of a Toucan with a pint of Guinness 10 cm high

Two Carlton Ware biscuit brrels, circa 1906 - 1927, from the Wiltshaw & Robinson blush Ware series, including the 'Nouveau Cornflower' pattern on an apricot blush ground, and a continuous sprigged white design with classically inspired figures over a two t

A group of five assorted pieces of Carlton Ware, various dates from 1916-1936, a small blue ground 'Chinese Figures' vase on a wooden stand, pattern 3199, a pair of blue squared and tapered candlesticks 'Kang Hsi' pattern 2021, a small 'Persian' pattern re

A large Carlton Ware royal blue plate, circa 1923-1927, in 'Persian' pattern 2884 featuring figures in an exotic desert pavilion with a prayer mat to the fore and surrounded with flowering plants, date palms and fruit trees, herons and deer, with an impres

An assortment of Carlton Ware, nineteen pieces including five horsemen dishes, a floral basket, a bowl, cup, a small figurine, one mustard pot, a pair of novelty jugs, a highland terrier, four miniature cups and vase, a cup and matching saucer, various siz

An early W. & R. Carlton Ware 'Grecian figures' tea pot and stand, circa 1896, decoration pattern 604, registration number 289951'sprigged-Ware' in alternating bands of grey-green tones divided by gilt lines, the spreading cylindrical body applied with a c

A large Carlton Ware Persian pattern lustre bowl, circa 1924, the interior decorated with oriental figures with one in a temple, surrounded by palm trees and exotic stylized flowers on an electric blue lustre ground. Crown and swallow mark verso. Diameter

Carlton Ware ginger jar and cover ovoid form decorated with figures and pagoda in coloured enamels printed mark and original paper label 20 cm height

Carlton Ware Mandarin pattern vase ovoid form with figures in a landscape borders painted in enamels printed mark and painted numbers 3654/3196 14.5 cm height