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The Carlton Ware works were set up about 1890 by James Frederick Wiltshaw, James Alcock Robinson & William Herbert Robinson in Stoke-on-Trent, and Carlton Ware was adopted as a trade name in 1894.

About 1890 the company introduced its "Blush Ware" range, with floral designs on delicate pastel coloured backgrounds, sometimes with gilded additions.

In 1911 the partnership was dissolved and James Frederick Wiltshaw became the sole proprietor.

During the 1920s, the company became known for its Art Deco lustre wares, which command high prices today.

Many of the patterns were of imaginative geometric and stylised floral designs, some using Egyptian and oriental influences, such as the highly collectable ‘Tutenkahmen’ and ‘Mikado’ ranges.

The "Handcraft" range introduced in 1928 offered modern freehand painted designs with matt glazes which distinguished them from other manufacturers of the time using similar designs. more...
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A Carlton Ware bowl with Red Devil Pattern (Mephistopheles). Original paper label to base, circa 1935, 23.5 cm diameter

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Carlton Ware Rouge Royale twin handled dish, of oval form, decorated with Chinoiserie scene in tones of orange, green and yellow on rouge ground accented in gilt, length 26 cm

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Carlton Ware Rouge Royale twin handled dish, of circular form, with Chinoiserie scene in tones of orange, yellow and green on rouge ground accented in gilt, length 26 cm

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Carltonware bleu royale ' new storks' lustre bowl, diameter 18 cm

Carltoware Rouge Royale tea set, comprising teapot, sugar bowl, creamer, seven demi tasse and saucers, in deep red and accented in gilt

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Carlton Ware bowl, of circular form, with deep sides, the interior decorated with a scene of bridge and garden in lustre tones of green, purple and red, with a rouge exterior, diameter 21.5 cm

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Six various Carlton Ware rouge bowls, including two footed bowls, and three matching shallow bowls, etc. All with gilt highlights, diameter 23 cm (shallow bowls, each).

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Four various Carlton Ware rouge sandwich dishes, all Pagoda pattern, with gilt highlights. Length 25 cm (largest).

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Three various Carlton Ware rouge royale bowls, all Pagoda pattern, including pair shallow bowls, and one footed bowl, diameter 19 cm (pair bowls).

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Two various Carlton Ware rouge serving bowls, including one with Pagoda pattern, the other plain, with gilt rim and foot, diameter 25 cm (larger).

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Six various Carlton Ware blue dishes, including three matching shallow dishes, two leaf shape, and one sandwich plate, diameter 23 cm (shallow dishes, each).

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Carlton Ware rouge serving bowl, Pagoda pattern, with gilt highlights, diameter 25.5 cm Height 12 cm

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An uncommon Carlton Ware 'Devils Copse' pattern 3767 'Cone' bonbon bowl, shape S797, matt mottled turquoise background, designed by Violet Elmer, c.1935. Diameter 23 cm

A pair of Australian design Carlton Ware pin dishes, in the form of clamshells, 2 x 13 x 10 cm

Carlton Ware rouge royale shallow bowl, decorated with hand painted ducks and flowering plants, 26 cm wide

An early Carlton Ware Stroke on Trent handpainted serving bowl and matching silver-plated serving fork and spoon

A Carlton Ware salad bowl and serving spoon, with a small Carlton Ware side plate (3), Dia. 23 cm bowl.

Carlton Ware 'Vert Royale' coffee set for six persons comprising a lidded sugar bowl, creamer, with six cups & saucers. Condition, good, minor crazing to the bases, height of sugar bowl, 10.5 cm

A Wilton Ware lustre vase and a Carlton Ware dish, 1920s-30s and after, the baluster vase with a short neck with transfer design vegetal borders and body design of cranes and foliage upon a mauve and aqua mottled lustre ground; and an Art Deco shaped Carlt

A Carlton Ware triangular form hand painted bowl with stylised flowers

Handpainted Carltonware Rouge Royale bowl, approx 30.5 by 18 cm

A Carlton Ware 'Garden' Revo bowl, 1930-31, production period, pattern number 3477, with tall and bending spires of flowers in shades of blue, green, maroon and lilac with contrasting centres and bold upright foliage against a sponged yellow ground, the ri

A Carlton Ware 'Chinese Bird and Cloud' pedestal bowl, 1929, production period, pattern 3327, with two cartouches each richly decorated with a phoenix style bird in flight amidst a lemon cloud embroidered with fine gilt overlay, with a gilt brocade border

Carlton Ware 'Rouge Royale' new Stork pattern bowl of oval form with a single pedestal collet foot, stamped to the base. Condition good, minor wear to the base. Length 31 cm

A Carlton Ware 'Bleu Royale' dish with butterfly decoration

A W&R Carlton Ware 'Tutankhamen' footed fruit bowl, circa 1923/4, pattern 2711, with design attributed to Enoch Boulton, in response to the discovery in 1922 of Tutankhamen's tomb by Howard Carter. Gilt and enamelled Egyptian imagery and hieroglyphs centre

A W&R Carlton Ware 'Hibiscus in cornucopia' dish, early 20th century, the apricot blushware square dish with an undulating rim decorated to the body with floral sprays below moulded pale green and tan borders and a curvaceous ribbon of gilded dots and scro

An early Carlton Ware 'Persian' Lustre Ware twin-handled footed dish 7 cm high, 30 cm wide x 18 cm deep cm

Five Carlton Ware bowls & dishes 24 cm wide (largest) approx

Four Carltonware pieces including gravy boat, dishes & basket

Three Carlton Ware foxglove bowls 27 cm wide (largest) approx

Five Carlton Ware apple blossom bowls 24 cm wide (largest) approx