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The Carlton Ware works were set up about 1890 by James Frederick Wiltshaw, James Alcock Robinson & William Herbert Robinson in Stoke-on-Trent, and Carlton Ware was adopted as a trade name in 1894.

About 1890 the company introduced its "Blush Ware" range, with floral designs on delicate pastel coloured backgrounds, sometimes with gilded additions.

In 1911 the partnership was dissolved and James Frederick Wiltshaw became the sole proprietor.

During the 1920s, the company became known for its Art Deco lustre wares, which command high prices today.

Many of the patterns were of imaginative geometric and stylised floral designs, some using Egyptian and oriental influences, such as the highly collectable ‘Tutenkahmen’ and ‘Mikado’ ranges.

The "Handcraft" range introduced in 1928 offered modern freehand painted designs with matt glazes which distinguished them from other manufacturers of the time using similar designs. more...
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Carlton Ware square vase, decorated to each side with a bird and basket of fruit, 10 cm high

Four Carltonware pieces including gravy boat, dishes & basket

Carlton Ware Malvern bird and basket specimen vase 18.5 cm high

A Carlton Ware 'Basket of flowers' vase, 1916-1927, pattern 2184, the straight sided vase with a slightly everted rim decorated in enamels and gilt with blooms, dotted with butterflies and additional sprigs, with gilt and enamel borders, upon a bottled blu

An assortment of Carlton Ware, nineteen pieces including five horsemen dishes, a floral basket, a bowl, cup, a small figurine, one mustard pot, a pair of novelty jugs, a highland terrier, four miniature cups and vase, a cup and matching saucer, various siz