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A cruet also known as a caster, is a small container to hold condiments such as oil, vinegar, mustard, pepper. Its shape and adornments will depend on the specific condiment for which it is designed. For example a cruet for liquids may have a jug-like shape, while a cruet for a spice may be cylindrical with a lid and perhaps a small spoon for serving.

Cruets were made in silver, silver plate, ceramic and glass, and sometimes a combination of two materials, usually as a glass body with a silver or silver plated top.

The earliest cruets, from the beginning of the 18th century were known as "Warwick cruets" after a cruet set made by Anthony Nelme in 1715 for the Duke of Warwick, and include three elaborately decorated and shaped matching silver casters, usually with one unpierced, which held powdered mustard, and the other two for oil and vinegar, combined in a stand with a handle enabling it to be passed between dinner guests. more...
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Royal Worcester 'Princess Anne' dinner setting for twelve comprising twelve dinner plates, twelve salad plates, twelve trios (one cup missing), three tureens, one slops plate, one large platter, one smaller platter, one creamer & one sugar bowl

A Royal Worcester 'Hadley Ware' sugar bowl, with matching milk jug, painted violet on ivory ground, heightened in gilt, date code 1905. Height 6 cm. Diameter 8.5 cm. (2)

Royal Worcester twenty seven piece coffee set, pattern: The Blind Earl, comprising of 12 coffee cups and saucers, coffee pot, creamer, and lidded sugar pot

An eghty one piece Royal Worcester dinner service, 1994-2009, production era, 'Prince Regent' pattern, an unused and elegant place setting for twelve with cobalt and burgundy borders with gold flowers including: dinner, entree, bread and butter plates, rim

Royal Worcester 'Roanoke' dinner setting for six persons comprising six dinner plates, six entree plates, six cup saucer plate sets, six two handled soup bowls & saucers, six demitasse cups & saucers, six kidney shaped dishes, a sugar bowl,

A fine Royal Worcester coffee pot and two handled sugar basin in Rococo manner. 21 cm and 13 cm high.

A Royal Worcester four piece Aesthetic movement porcelain tea set, date code: 1889, all with black ground overlaid with flowers, foliage, and butterflies, handles formed as lizards, comprising a teapot, covered sugar, creamer, and a cup and saucer.

Two piece Danish sterling silver and enamel cruet stamped 'Denmark Sterling 925' to bases, together with a Royal Worcester pepper shaker

An Eighty nine piece Royal Worcester dinner service, 1958-2001 period of manufacture, 'Viceroy gold' pattern, the white service for eight simply embellished with a gold rim and borders, comprising: dinner, entree, side plates, sweet bowls, bouillon and tea

Royal Worcester coffee set Roanoke pattern, comprising coffee pot, sugar, creamer, 14 coffee cans & saucers & a sweet dish

Royal Worcester 'Woodland' tea & coffee service, comprising 3 cake plates, 1 platter, 2 teapots, 18 teacups with saucers, 17 bread/butter plates, 1 coffee pot, 12 coffee cups with saucers, 2 sugar bowls, and 2 creamers

Royal Worcester three piece tea set. 'Roanoke' pattern, including teapot; sugar bowl & cream jug. Height 18 cm (teapot)

A Royal Crown Worcester 'Royal Garden' dinner service comprising: 9 teacups and saucers, 6 coffee cans and sauces, 6 soup cups and saucers, 6 dinner plates (10.5 inch), 6 dinner plates (8 inch), 6 side plates, 2 vegetable tureens, 1 oval serving dish, 1 bu

A Royal Worcester dinner service, Windsor pattern, with neo-classical decoration. The service comprises six dinner plates (10.5 cm diameter), six entree plates (9.25 cm diameter), six dinner plates (8.00 cm diameter), six salad plates, six side plates, six

Royal Worcester Evesham dinner set, comprising of 2 oval casserole dishes with lids, 1 oval dish with lid, 2 round casserole dishes with lids, 1 oval serving dish, 8 dinner plates, 8 side plates, 8 entree dishes with lids,8 entree dish saucers, 8 salmon sh

Rare Royal Worcester hand painted cream & sugar, hand painted with Mushroom / Toadstool. Signed Hart. Jug 7 cm high, puce mark, 'Cortinurius', Flavelle Brothers

A fine Royal Worcester creamer and sugar bowl, second half 20th century, both pieces with gadrooned edges in gilt and finely burnished interiors, with handpainted fruit studies, the waisted creamer with a wide pouring spout with apples and bramble berries,

Vintage Royal Worcester tea set, comprising of cake plate, milk jug, sugar bowl, 6 plates, 6 saucers and 6 cups

An eight place setting of Royal Worcester 'Evesham' tableware, comprising: eight dinner plates, luncheon plates, side plates, dessert bowls, fruit dishes, ramekins; along with a three piece tea set, eight cups and saucers, sauce and gravy boats, salt and p

A Royal Worcester reticulated porcelain tea set, circa 1880, comprising a teapot, a cream jug, a covered sugar basin, a plate and a cup and saucer, each with honeycomb reticulation, painted in colours of turquoise, red and pink with raised jewelled decorat

A rare Royal Worcester jewelled Art Nouveau part tea service, comprising two plates, milk jug and sugar bowl, painted with gilt branches with enamel coral berries

A matched Royal Worcester set tea cup and saucer, creamer and sugar

A Royal Worcester dinner service, pattern 'Gold Chantilly', consisting of - fourteen dinner plates, eighteen small soup bowls, twenty dessert bowls, two sugar bowls, twelve coffee cups and saucers, twelve tea cups and saucers, two milk jug, two meat dishes

Six Royal Worcester china cups, saucers and plates, cake plate, milk jug & sugar basin, blue and gilt; c.1937. (some damage)

Very good Royal Worcester coffee set, in the 18th century style with yellow scale ground and hand painted bird & insect decoration. Signed my various artists including Freeman. Comprising coffee pot, lidded sugar, sparrow beak jug, six each coffee cups & s

A Royal Worcester porcelain coffee set, circa 1864, comprising a lobed rectangular tray, a coffee pot, a lidded sugar bowl with cover, a milk jug and two cups with saucers, each individually painted with birds and floral sprays edged with turquoise and gil

A Royal Worcester miniature coffee set, painted with fruit and signed Freeman, consisting of a coffee pot, lidded sugar and cream, one trio, 1951

Royal Worcester large collection of 'Evesham' dinner wares comprising of twelve main plates, nine entr?e plates, seventeen side plates, fourteen bread and butter plates, eight dessert bowls, ten cereal bowls, six soup bowls, twelve tea cups and saucers, fo

A set of Royal Worcester, Evesham, serving dishes and tea ware, comprising; nine tureens and eight covers various sizes, four oval platters, four pie crust form circular platters various sizes, four serving platters, a cake stand, gravy boat and dish, egg

Royal Worcester 'Eversham' dinner service for 12, dinner, entree and side plates, cups and saucers, salt and pepper, jug, sugar bowl, and two sauce boats and stands (N.B. Side plates in two sizes)

A Royal Worcester sugar bowl, circa 1950, signed P.R. Lolz, the small acorn shaped bowl decorated with apples and green grapes. Stamped to base. Height 7 cm

Antique Royal Worcester tete a tete comprising tea pot, sugar, creamer, two cups and saucers and tray, date cod e for 1879

A Royal Worcester 'Royal garden' ten setting dinner service, comprising of an oval ashette, 11 large dinner plates, 10 smaller dinner plates, an oval sauceboat on saucer dish, two handled tureens with covers, 10 entree dishes, 10 soup plates, 10 handled ra

A Royal Worcester boxed coffee service comprising six demitasse, sugar bowl and jug, each black with gilt banding and gilt interior, a coffee pot and six silver and enamel spoons.

Two Royal Worcester shell form small dishes one as a table salt in the form of a merchild supporting a large oyster shell, the other as a sweets dish in the form of a classical dolphin, its tail tapering into a clam shell. Green marks