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Barry Brickell, Bosomorph sculptural terracotta form, 67 cm height, 35 cm depth, 44 cm width

Barry Brickell, large sculptural bottle, wood-fired salt-glazed, late 1990s. 38 x 43 x 52.5 cm. A.B.: 'My Bent Barry' - 'Barry Brickell was annoyed by the slumping of this piece, the front wall of the upright shape (was) not strong enough, and

A Barry Brickell pottery large floor pot, the wide ovoid body with long tapered neck and rolled rim, variable dark brown/dark red firing effects. Height 71 cm. Provenance: Purchased by our Blockhouse Bay vendor direct from the potter from his studio, c. 19

Barry Brickell, Bowl, glazed stoneware, signed with artist's impressed monogram, 15 x 33.5 x 33.5 cm

Barry Brickell, a large and impressive Thinso Jug, salt glazed stoneware, Artist's impressed cypher, 43.5 x 19 x 16 cm

Barry Brickell, a large and impressive Fatso Jug, salt glazed stoneware, Artist's impressed cypher, 28 x 37 x 34 cm

Barry Brickell floor pot and cover, impressed mark, 38 cm height

Barry Brickell, three section planter, 46 cm height

Barry Brickell pottery ‘;Thinso’ jug, baluster form, salt-glazed, gold highlights to the shoulder, impressed mark. Height 30.5 cm

An early Barry Brickell sculptured yacht hull in cradle, 'Devonport Yacht Club Annual Cruising Prize', dark salt glaze effects dominant to one side, the wide open form hull as a bowl, the entitlement impressed to the rim, the keel supported by two cradle t

A Barry Brickell salt glazed 'Fatso' jug, with swollen body, pinched beak form spout with piercing below, two small rivet marks, strap handle forking at attachment to body. Height 35 cm

A good Barry Brickell salt glazed dog boat, the boat form open bowled body with tall prow sculpted as a dog's head, the stern with curling tail with saw-teeth graduating ridge, sculpted rope type border, gloss salt glaze effects highlighted with blue, tan

A Barry Brickell pottery sculpture, tapered form, the rounded square base with rope type relief, five spouts at various heights protrude from the tapered body, four from bulbous protrusions, the reverse with architectural castle type wall, bricked with thr

Barry Brickell tall baluster vase, swollen lobed sections to the body, impressed patterns to the rims, chun glaze highlights, impressed potter's mark to foot rim. Height 32.5 cm

Barry Brickell pottery vase, baluster form, swollen lobe sections, impressed pattern to top rim, potter's mark to base. Height 23 cm

A good Barry Brickell salt glazed 'Fatso' jug, traditional characterful form with lipped beak form spout, rich blue, red-brown and pale glaze effects, impressed potter's mark below strap handle. Height 28 cm

Barry Brickell [attrib.], large stoneware bowl, with brown ash glaze, unmarked. Diameter 35.5 cm

Barry Brickell, pair of stoneware beakers, with ash glaze, marked. Height 12.5 cm

A Barry Brickell Fatso jug, medium size, salt glazed with bottle green and various caramel and brown glaze effects, impressed potter's mark to base of strap handle, typical stylised beak form spout. Diameter 26 cm. Height 22.5 cm

A Barry Brickell Thinso jug, tall mildly tapered form with swollen top section tapering to the stylised bird-form rim, strap handle, dark brown and olive green glaze effects to the top, speckled grey body, impressed and sculpted rivet-type decoration to th

A Barry Brickell terracotta bowl, the flared rim with repeating unfurling cruciform motifs in green glaze on red brown, conforming glaze to the exterior, pale tan to the interior, impressed potters' mark. Diameter 21 cm

A vintage Barry Brickell studio pottery tall salt glazed jug, the spout with 'eyes' flanking, pale green blue glaze, speckled brown to the body, impressed potter's mark, c. 1970. Height 23 cm

Barry Brickell, Guardian Dog, 1989, height 110 cm, width 47 cm

A vintage Barry Brickell 'Fatso' jug, pale golden khakhi green salt glaze, heavier towards the top rim, typical sculpted stylised face to the top rim, strap handle, darker firing marks towards the base, impressed potter's mark at base of handle. Height 27

A Barry Brickell 'Fatso' jug, two stylised beak type protrusions to the top rim, rivet detail, the pale glaze with dark speckled highlights, darker areas to the top rim, red firing marks towards the base. Diameter 32 cm, height 31 cm

Barry Brickell (attributed), stoneware pouring vessel, with blue glaze. Width 25 cm

Barry Brickell, stoneware wine bottle, incised 'Villa Maria' and with potter's mark to the footrim; together with a stoneware mug. Height 17 cm

Barry Brickell, large stoneware bowl, with pouring glaze decoration to the rim potter's mark Depth 29 cm

A good Barry Brickell salt glazed 'Fatso' jug, traditional characterful form with lipped beak form spout, rich blue, red-brown and pale glaze effects, impressed potter's mark below strap handle. Height 28 cm.

A Barry Brickell stoneware bowl, the rim with impressed interior pattern, rich variable dark red/brown glaze effects to the exterior, iron spotted glaze interior. Impressed potted mark to base. Diameter 16.5 cm

Barry Brickell, large urn and cover, 36 cm height

Barry Brickell, bowl, impressed mark, 13.5 cm dia

A pair of Barry Brickell bowls, the black glazed exterior with a band of repeating raised decoration highlighted with a mustard tone glaze, blue glaze to the interior, high walled. Impressed mark to each. Diameter 15 cm

A good Barry Brickell 'Thinso' pottery sculptured jug, the tall tapered circular section form with bird head type spout, strap handle, the heavy salt glazing with fine dark tone to most, mustard, green, blue and black highlights towards the top, impressed

A Barry Brickell 'Spiromorph' pottery sculpture, tapered form with swollen swirling lobed central sections, separating from each other with a space between. Finely ribbed swollen neck and spreading foot. Impressed mark to base, traditional terracotta red c

Barry Brickell, large terracotta sculpture, 94 cm height

Barry Brickell. Large salt glazed bread crock Impressed potters cypher to the lid. Height 41 cm

Barry Brickell, stoneware bottle vase, unmarked. Height 28 cm. Provenance: Graeme Fairey collection

Barry Brickell, four stoneware mugs, with side handles, impressed marks. Provenance: Graeme Fairey collection