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Eleven celluloid Kewpie dolls and a celluloid Dopey the dwarf (12), Kewpies made in Japan.

Early doll. Ceramic head. Celluloid limbs. Opening eyes. Needs some attention to limb connections, height 40 cm

2 plastic and celluloid toys, including Single bar exercise gymnast, Weepy the Wee Wee, (OCB)

Two vintage celluloid dolls, 10 cm high (tallest) approx

Armand Marsaille bisque head doll, 352-46, sleepy eyes, cloth body and celluloid hands, velvet costume

Nippon Japanese celluloid pair of dolls, Girl in swimsuit, Boy in sailor suit (rare)

Small box of various celluloid dolls including rare black boy

Armand Marseille 352/6 German 21 inch doll with Bisque head, blue sleeping eyes, open mouth, two upper teeth, cloth body & celluloid limbs (old cries in back)

A Japanese Celluloid doll in velvet dinner suit, (slight dent to nose)

Kiewpie dolls, a group of two celluloid and two plastic (4)

Palitoy English 22 inch celluloid doll with moulded hair, blue eyes & no teeth (dent on nose)

English Palitoy celluloid boy doll in a smart velvet outfit

Japanese 22 inch celluloid doll with moulded hair, blue eyes, five teeth & moulded ears

Japanese 12 inch celluloid doll with moulded long hair, ears covered, moulded green pants with squeaker (leg a/f)

Early Mickey Mouse stuffed toy doll with celluloid ears (slight damage)

Ppmk Triangle mark made in Poland celluloid/plastic character boy, painted and moulded features on bent/straight limb body 49 cm

Clover Mark Japan celluloid toddler boy, character doll as above 61 cm

Made in Japan celluloid toddler character, girl doll, painted features on bent limb, body 48 cm