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Antique Graflex Series B camera, with leather carry case, 31.5 cm wide

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A late 19th century bellows camera, identified as no. 1 Outfit

500 El/M Hasselblad, circa 1970s camera with large collection of accessories, all as new and in original boxes, with carrying case

An attractive late 19 th / early 20 th century timber tripod by the camera maker H. Bellieni et fils (Nancy, France).

Houghton (England): A Triple Victo triple-extension mahogany field camera c.1900. The camera with Aldis anastigmat f7.7 No 7 in Tp roller blind shutter.

Butcher (England): A National half plate mahogany field camera c.1905-20. The camera with Beck symmetrical lens in Tp-style roller blind shutter, requires only very minor restoration. Also, three timber Dds film holders matched to the camera.

An early 20th century half-plate tailboard timber camera with brass lens. The camera appears incomplete, with non-original timber insert and requires restoration.

A late 19th century cabinet view size (8' x 6') timber studio camera. The camera with side-hinged ground glass viewing screen that swings out for insertion of plateholder and equipped with a Dallmeyer 3B brass lens Sn 38592. The bellows in need of attentio

Goerz (Germany): Tenax ('Coat Pocket Tenax') c. 1912 strut-fold camera for 6.5x9 cm plates, with Dogmar 10 cm f4.5.

Vintage Ensignette No. 2 folding camera with original carry cases

Samsung NX10 digital camera with two extra lenses, charger etc in excellent working condition

Tokyo Kogaku (Japan): Topcon Re Super 35mm camera. The first SLR with fully coupled Ttl metering. This one (Sn 4624935) with Re Auto-Topcor 5.8 cm f1.4 Sn 1128101 and camera and lens brochures.

Shincho Seiki (Japan): Darling-16, c1957, vertically styled subminiature camera for 10x12mm exposures on 16mm cassettes (one present). Bakelite body with metal front and back.

Minox (Germany): A Minox group with Minox III in red leather case, a Minox Dsc (Digital Spy Camera), 2008, with Dsc flash attachment in original Minox packaging, and a small group of Minox accessories.

Minox (Germany): Minox Lx and III-S cameras each in leather case with chain, the Lx in original box. (2 cameras)

Minox (Germany): A Minox group with Minox Lx and three Minox C cameras together with a large group of Minox accessories. (4 cameras)

Minox (Germany): A Minox group with Minox III-S in black and in chrome and four Minox B cameras. All cameras in leather cases and the group also with four unexposed film cassettes. (6 cameras)

Minox (Germany): A Minox group with Minox Lx in black, two Minox B cameras in black and two Minox III-S cameras. The cameras in original boxes or in leather cases together with some unexposed film cassettes. (5 cameras)

Konishiroku Kogaku (Japan): A Konica III(Mxl) 35mm rangefinder camera with Hexanon 48mm f2 lens, lens cap and maker's Erc. Also a box of Konica accessories including lens cases, lens caps, body caps, straps, hoods and Konica literature.

Vintage Ensignette no.2 folding camera, and a pair of French field binoculars,

Vintage 1940's camera lighter, made in Occupied Japan stamped to base, 9 cm high approx

Cannon A1 35 mm camera with lenses, UV filter booklet and case

A timber box camera - probably late 19th century. Of simple design, some parts with an adjacent letter or number possibly referencing user instructions. The camera is in a cardboard box labelled 'Engel - Feitknecht Douanne Suisse' together with part of a p

Tokyo Kogaku (Japan): Topcon Re Super 35mm camera. The first SLR with fully coupled Ttl metering. This one (Sn 4624935) with Re Auto-Topcor 5.8 cm f1.4 Sn 1128101 and camera and lens brochures.

Miranda Camera Co.Ltd. (Japan): Miranda lenses (4). Comprising a 28mm f2.8 Auto Miranda E Sn 1257987, a 105mm f2.8 Auto Miranda E Sn 472714 and 2 Auto Miranda 135mm f 2.8 lenses Sn/s 5441030 & 5451658. Each lens with both caps, 2 in fitted cases and 2 in p

Minox Vef (Latvia): Minox (original model) sub-miniature camera Sn 14284 c1941-43. With minostigmat 15mm f3.5 lens. With 'Vef Minox Riga' and 'Made in Latvia' inscribed in base.

Mamiya Camera Co (Japan): Mamiya RB67 Professional medium format camera Sn C90601. With Sekor 90mm f3.8 Sn 58962, lens cap, waist level finder, 120 ProS back, camera strap and RB67 Professional and RB67 Pro-S manuals. (2)

Mamiya Camera Co (Japan): A Mamiya 7 outfit. With a Mamiya 7 body Sn RL1113, a Mamiya N 65mm L f4 Sn RF1132, a Mamiya N 150mm L f4.5 Sn Rh 1077, Mamiya 7 instruction manual and lens booklet. Each lens with filter, hood and cap. A beautiful medium format ou

Konishiroku Kogaku (Japan): Konica Autoreflex T- series 35mm SLR cameras (4): An Autoreflex T with 57mm f1.4, a second Autoreflex T, this with 50mm f1.4 and one chrome and one black Autoreflex T3 camera with 50mm f1.4 and 50mm f1.7 lenses respectively. Thr

Ilford Ltd. (England): Ilford advocate 35 mm camera Sn 1919-2198 with Dallmeyer 35mm f4.5 lens Sn 363238. Cream/white enamel-finished camera of cast metal construction.

Concava S.A. (Switzerland): Tessina 35mm miniature twin lens reflex camera Sn 65220. This is the black version with front and back in chrome. With the difficult to find lightmeter (light responsive), accessory view / sports-finder, a Tessina automatic came

C1890 Marion & Co. Camera. Mahogany 6 x 8inch glass plate camera. No lens. Height 30 cm. Width 28 cm. Diameter 15 cm. (folded)

A collector's miniature brown mottled Bakelite camera the Coronet Midget 1.6 cm British patent, circa 1915

A vintage Pony Premo no.3 plate camera with a Bausch & Lomb lens. Together with four glass plate holders, tripod and original leather carry case.

A bell & Howell two twenty 8mm camera together with a Lumicon Zoom 3e 8mm camera with accompanying tripods (4)