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From the establishment of the Beswick factory in Longton, Stoke on Trent in 1894, animal figures of a very high quality and at an affordable price to the collector with a modest budget. have been represented in Beswick sales catalogues and advertising material. The production of Beswick figures can be divided into two periods.

From the 1890's to the mid 1930's the Beswick factory produced, in the Staffordshire traditional form, a combination of table ware, decorative porcelain, majolica and a range of figures and animals such as generals, milkmaids, mantle dogs, cattle and horses. Critics of the time described their models to be of a higher quality than those of their precursors. Unfortunately for collectors, Beswick followed the early Staffordshire tradition of not marking their figures and as a consequence, it is very difficult to identify the names of the modellers, designers and artists from that period until the 1930's.

In 1934 after the death of his father, John (Ewart) took over as managing director and moved the company away from the production of tableware to placing a greater emphasis on figurines. more...
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Beswick figure 'Golden trout' by Arthur Gredington stamped & impressed marks to the base. Condition good, some expected crazing. Length 24 cm

A Beswick champion Hereford cow, modelled by Arthur Gredington, produced 1954-97. Length 17 cm

A Beswick porcelain Hereford Cow, after 1950, model 948, designed by Arthur Gredington, in roan and cream with a gloss glaze, the naturalistically posed second version model with the horns pointing forward; with black circular Beswick mark underside. Heigh

Beswick Koala figure model no 1038, designed by Arthur Gredington, issued 1945-71, 9 cm high approx.

A trio of three Beswick animal figures, a bull, a ram and a Ewe, second half 20th century, comprising a Friesian bull, 'Ch Coddington Hilt bar', model 1439A, designed by Arthur Gredington, issued from 1956; a black faced ram model 3071 designed by Chawner,

Large Beswick Jack Russell, designed by Arthur Gredington, 12 cm high, 16 cm long

Beswick 'Scamp' figurine, model no 1058, designed by Arthur Gredington, series: fun models, 1948-1973, 11.5 cm high

Beswick koala figure, model no 1038, designed by Arthur Gredington, issued 1945-71, 9 cm high approx

A Beswick figurine of a jumping horse and rider, designed by Arthur Gredington 1941-1965, small professional restoration, 27 x 7 x 26 cm

A Beswick figurine of a highland Cow, modelled by Arthur Gredington manufactured 1961 - 1990

A Beswick figurine 'Huntsman on a Rearing horse', modelled by Arthur Gredington manufactured from 1952 - 1995. Height 24 cm

Beswick 'Atlantic salmon' #1233, designed by Arthur Gredington. Height 18 cm