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Peter Collis, round shaped pot with gold and black lustre. Diameter 22 cm

Juliet Peter, flat tray with brown and blue motifs, 1960s. Length 42 cm. With accompanying letter and two books

Peter Stichbury, plate decorated with fish. Diameter 28 cm

Peter Alger, green glazed pouring bowl, early 1970s, diameter 26.5 cm

Juliet Peter, sculpture bull salt glaze, early 1970s. 19.5 x 12.2 cm

Juliet Peter, candle holder in shape of horse, early 1970s, brought with a broken leg which she repaired, was put in a major exhibition. 42.5 x 43 cm

Juliet Peter, stoneware branch pot, incised mark to base, 31 cm high

Peter Hutson New Zealand colonial green glazed pottery vase, compressed wide ovoid form with two looping handles, impressed coggle type decoration to top rim, lustrous finish, impressed potter's monogram to base. Height 17 cm

Peter Hutson & Co. circular bowl, inverted rim, lustrous green glaze, two scrolling handles, one restored, impressed mark to base. Diameter 20 cm

Peter Hutson & Co. green glaze vase, waisted cylindrical form with three scrolling handles, lustrous finish, impressed potter's mark to base. Height 15 cm

A large Peter Hutson & Co. four gallon storage pot, lustrous brown glaze, an encircling band of fine diamond and coggle decoration, impressed marks, chipping to the angular everted top lip. Diameter 37.5 cm

A rare Peter Hutson & Co. pottery commemorative Boer War jug (1899-1902), in pale/clear glaze with mild blue to the recesses, relief decoration of a soldier with a bandolier and rifle standing to attention, crossed flags and the words 'Whawhai Mo T

Peter Collis, porcelain vase, with spire neck and blue turquoise crackle glaze, height 30 cm

Peter Collis, large porcelain vase, with spire neck and blue turquoise crackle glaze, height 33.5 cm

A large Juliet Peter pottery vase, spherical with drawn neck rising to an oblong mouth with pinched opening, fluted neck glazed with feather effects in brown on a pale ground. Height 35 cm

Juliet Peter floor vase, impressed mark, 36 cm height

Peter Lange teapot in form of broken brick, 19 cm length (flaw to handle)

Peter Lange, Two Deckchairs, ceramic bricks, steel and epoxy, 92 x 120 x 66 cm each. Provenance: Purchased from Masterworks Gallery, Auckland, 13 July 2013.

Juliet Peter, Large pottery bowl, with wax resist decoration in brown and white ash glaze, original label to the base

Juliet Peter spherical form, incised with intials, 28 cm diameter

Peter Stichbury plate, incised mark, 33.5 cm diameter

Peter Collis large bowl, silver on blue, signature to base, 46.5 cm diameter

Peter Stichbury vase, impressed mark, 30 cm height

Juliet Peter spherical floor vase, incised mark & dated ‘71 to base, 46 cm height

A good Juliet Peter salt glazed floor pot, the ovoid body with encircling band of circle forms, banded salt glaze in copper and deep blue/green tones, paper label to the base, indented highlights to the top rim. Height 48 cm

Peter Collis, black glazed ovoid vase, raised on a cylindrical plinth. Height 32 cm. Provenance: Jag Applied Art Collection

A good Muriel Moody (1907-1991) salt glazed sculpture of a shag, modelled with head raised, variable dark blue to its back, caramel to its front, the beak cracked and repaired, raised on mahogany square plinth base, the tail of the bird overhanging. Origin

Juliet Peter, rectangular stoneware platter, with stylised abstract design, length 28 cm

A good vintage Peter Stichbury tall vase, the unglazed base with wrythen bands, the ovoid large top with two impressed sides highlighted with ring form bosses and a grey glaze. Impressed potter's mark to base. Height 38.5 cm

Juliet Peter, stoneware trough vase, with shaped rim, incised initials. Width 20 cm

Peter Alger, very large stoneware bowl, with 'Koru and crackle pattern' shino glaze, impressed fish mark. Diameter 47 cm. Provenance: Purchased in 1998 from potter's joint exhibition with Greg Barron

Peter Alger, large stoneware wood fired ribbed vase, four fish marks to the base. Height 42 cm

Peter Stichbury, stoneware lamp base, with ash and tenmoku glaze, faded mark, needs rewiring. Height 21 cm

Peter Collis, large pottery vase, with tapering conical top and textured black surface. Height 59 cm

Peter Collis, ovoid white vase, with tapering conical top section. Height 36 cm

Peter Collis, ovoid white vase, with tapering conical top section. Height 36 cm

Juliet Peter Branch Pot incised mark & paper label, 39 cm height

Juliet Peter bowl surface incised decoration on circular foot 31.5 cm diameter

A Peter Alger large green floor pot, four notched sections to the rolled rim, cut sided body, gloss glaze, impressed potters marks to base. Diameter 43 cm, height 34 cm