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Juliet Peter floor vase, impressed mark, 36 cm height

Peter Lange teapot in form of broken brick, 19 cm length (flaw to handle)

Peter Lange, Two Deckchairs, ceramic bricks, steel and epoxy, 92 x 120 x 66 cm each. Provenance: Purchased from Masterworks Gallery, Auckland, 13 July 2013.

Juliet Peter, Large pottery bowl, with wax resist decoration in brown and white ash glaze, original label to the base

Juliet Peter spherical form, incised with intials, 28 cm diameter

Peter Stichbury plate, incised mark, 33.5 cm diameter

Peter Collis large bowl, silver on blue, signature to base, 46.5 cm diameter

Peter Stichbury vase, impressed mark, 30 cm height

Juliet Peter spherical floor vase, incised mark & dated ‘71 to base, 46 cm height

A good Juliet Peter salt glazed floor pot, the ovoid body with encircling band of circle forms, banded salt glaze in copper and deep blue/green tones, paper label to the base, indented highlights to the top rim. Height 48 cm

Peter Collis, black glazed ovoid vase, raised on a cylindrical plinth. Height 32 cm. Provenance: Jag Applied Art Collection

A good Muriel Moody (1907-1991) salt glazed sculpture of a shag, modelled with head raised, variable dark blue to its back, caramel to its front, the beak cracked and repaired, raised on mahogany square plinth base, the tail of the bird overhanging. Origin

Juliet Peter, rectangular stoneware platter, with stylised abstract design, length 28 cm

A good vintage Peter Stichbury tall vase, the unglazed base with wrythen bands, the ovoid large top with two impressed sides highlighted with ring form bosses and a grey glaze. Impressed potter's mark to base. Height 38.5 cm

Juliet Peter, stoneware trough vase, with shaped rim, incised initials. Width 20 cm

Peter Alger, very large stoneware bowl, with 'Koru and crackle pattern' shino glaze, impressed fish mark. Diameter 47 cm. Provenance: Purchased in 1998 from potter's joint exhibition with Greg Barron

Peter Alger, large stoneware wood fired ribbed vase, four fish marks to the base. Height 42 cm

Peter Stichbury, stoneware lamp base, with ash and tenmoku glaze, faded mark, needs rewiring. Height 21 cm

Peter Collis, large pottery vase, with tapering conical top and textured black surface. Height 59 cm

Peter Collis, ovoid white vase, with tapering conical top section. Height 36 cm

Peter Collis, ovoid white vase, with tapering conical top section. Height 36 cm

Juliet Peter Branch Pot incised mark & paper label, 39 cm height

Juliet Peter bowl surface incised decoration on circular foot 31.5 cm diameter

A Peter Alger large green floor pot, four notched sections to the rolled rim, cut sided body, gloss glaze, impressed potters marks to base. Diameter 43 cm, height 34 cm

A Peter Alger 'Lava Box #6', the circular recessed lid with knob finial, square section, mildly tapered and curved sides, raised on four feet of pentagon form, the lustrous red/brown glaze with craquelure showing dark glaze below. Impressed potter&

A Peter Lange sculpted teapot, the handle modelled as reinforcing steel with wingnut fastenings, a broken rock stopper, the body as a concrete block with chipped corners, reinforcing steel form curbed spout, potter's name signed to base. Height 18 cm

Peter Stichbury, stoneware plate, black glaze over blue glaze, wax resist decoration, impressed mark. Diameter 29.5 cm

Peter Collis, porcelain vase, with spire neck and blue turquoise crackle glaze. H .19 cm

Peter Collis, very large red glazed porcelain bowl, (restored chip to the rim). Diameter 58 cm x height 29 cm

A Roy Cowan and Juliet Peter large stoneware floor vase, painted in blue and green with abstract gestural decoration to the ovoid body. Height 66 cm. Provenance: Lorraine and Patrick Williams collection, Wellington.

Peter Lange, two stoneware shaped teapots, incised signature width 22 cm max

Peter Collis, porcelain blue crackle glazed platter, depth 34.5 cm

Peter Stichbury, two stoneware oil bottles, both with original corks impressed marks height 17 cm max

Peter Stichbury, a stoneware oil bottle, with lid and a small milk jug, impressed marks; together with a stoneware mortar and pestle and a small dish. Height 23 cm max

Peter Stichbury, Tenmoku glazed stoneware jar, with screw top impressed mark height 17 cm

A Peter Stichbury pottery vase, tall beaker type form with tenmoku glazed cylinder base, the ribbed body with small riveted strap type highlights, partial rock ash glaze, impressed potter's mark. Height 22.5 cm

Peter Stichbury stoneware teapot and six wine cups, the teapot with fine incised and press moulded decoration in scarification style, pale grey and tenmoku glaze, the wine cups with panels of similar decoration.

A good Peter Stichbury stoneware large footed bowl, the tenmoku glaze with cord iron sand decoration, impressed potter's mark to base. Diameter 40 cm

Peter Collis, vase, inscribed mark, 28 cm height

Juliet Peter, table bowl, incised mark & paper label, 41 cm dia, (firing flaw to foot)