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Jim Greig, large stoneware bowl with jun style glaze, incised mark, diameter 27 cm

Jim Greig turning form crackle glaze vase, impressed mark, 22 cm height

Jim Greig casserole, impressed mark, 23.5 cm diameter

A Jim Greig small vase, ovoid four rib form, spotted grey/green glaze. Height 14 cm

A Jim Greig double pointed bowl, wide circular boat form with elliptical rim terminating with two distinct pointed ends, matt umber glaze to rim and base, pale chun glazed interior, incised early geometric potter's mark and dated 1973. Length 36.5 cm,

A Jim Greig 'Landform' bowl, circular with raised bulbous section, the rim edge with plain inward spiral, matt pale green/olive variable glaze, potter's incised mark to base and with label '123 Pottery Dish Jim Greig Hutt Art Society Perman

Jim Greig, Turning Plane form, incised mark, 15.5 cm height

Jim Greig, turning plane form, painted mark, 25.5 cm height

Jim Greig, form vase, incised mark, 34 cm height

Jim Greig, shaped platter, incised mark, 65 cm diagonal

Jim Greig, land form dish, incised mark, 21 cm diameter (slight rim chip)

Jim Greig, land form bowl, incised mark, 33.5 cm dia, (chip to rim)

James Greig, Set of three graduated flattened disk forms

A Jim Greig pottery angular vase, of tapering oval section, the walls heavily decorated with impressed and sgraffito, artist's mark impressed under base. Height 27.5 cm

James Greig. Unfolding form bowl, mottled blue & white glaze to well, incised mark, 37 cm length

Jim Greig, unfolding form bowl, stoneware with oxide rubbed exterior and green ash glaze to the well, diameter 20 cm

Jim Greig, Turning form, stoneware vase with pale green ash glaze, incised initials to the base. Height 27 cm

James Greig, 'Unfolding Form' series bowl, in blue/grey and brown glazes (rim chip). Incised mark 35 cm length

James Greig, 'Unfolding Form' bowl with mottled blue/green and black glazes to the well and oxide rubbed exterior. Incised mark 27 cm length

James Greig, early ovoid bottle form with brown base and wax resist koru forms and pitted chun style overglaze in white and blue, incised mark. 23 cm height

James Greig, Expanding & Contracting 'Landform' bowl, in green ash glazes with white crackle glaze well, incised mark. 23 cm diameter

James Greig, Unfolding Form 'Eye' bowl in unglazed, oxide rubbed exterior and cream speckled glazed well, incised mark. 40 cm length

James Greig, Turning Form bottle vase, in oatmeal and green ash glazes with chun highlights, incised mark and dated 1980. 41 cm height

James Greig, Solid and Void series vase in 'Apple Prunings' ash glaze, incised mark. 23 cm height. Provenance: Exhibited in Japan at the Akasaka Green Gallery, 1985. Purchased from the artist 1986

Jim Greig, stoneware dish, glazed in orange blue and green, incised initials to the base. Provenance: From the Neil and Fay Castle Collection. Diameter 28 cm

Jim Greig early large lamp base of squared form with tapering neck (rim frit) in heavily textured iron oxide finish. Incised mark, 44 cm high

Jim Greig large 'Turning Form' vase in richly streaked dark olive green glaze. Later incised mark, 31 cm high

Jim Greig a rare highly important and massive vase from the 'Solid and Void' series c.1980. Glazed in light through dark brown glazes with extensive poured chun glaze highlights to the shoulders. This is a significant early examplar of the large sculptural

Jim Greig, 'Turning Form' vase in stoneware with pale green ash glaze (rim chip). Incised initials, 30 cm height

Jim Greig bowl with offset winged rim in tessha style glaze with chun glaze to well. Incised mark, 26 cm. Length

Jim Greig 'Unfolding form' bowl in dark green glaze with chun style highlight to well, unglazed exterior, together with similar bowl (chipping). Incised initials, 25 cm

Jim Greig, vase, from 'Intersecting Plane' series in pale green glaze, incised later initials, 30.5 cm height

Jim Greig, angular slab built vase, in cream, brown, green and red glazes, incised later mark, 21.5 cm height

Jim Greig 'Turning form' vase in pale green ash glaze with iron spotting to the edges

A stoneware vase with stipple blue glaze, James Greig wheel thrown and raised on a circular foot, unglazed, black iron underglaze, blue and white overglaze. Impressed cipher. Height 28 cm.