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Doreen Blumhardt pair small footed bowls, dimples to well, impressed mark, 17 cm diameter (2)

Doreen Blumhardt small footed bowl, fine interior glaze, 18 cm diameter (chip to rim)

Doreen Blumhardt wrythen ribbed vase, impressed mark, 17 cm height

Doreen Blumhardt flared circular vase with sgraffito decoration, impressed mark, 28 cm height

Doreen Blumhardt large moon flask vase with coral impressions, impressed mark, 42 cm height (repairs to neck)

Doreen Blumhardt two small bowls, one with impressed mark, 18 cm diameter (2)

Doreen Blumhardt two footed sushi dishes, impressed marks, 19 cm & 18.5 cm lengths

Doreen Blumhardt two footed sushi dishes, impressed marks with paper labels, 22 cm & 19.5 cm lengths

Doreen Blumhardt tea pot, impressed mark, 21 cm height

Doreen Blumhardt waisted bottle vase, impressed mark, 23 cm height

Doreen Blumhardt footed bowl, impressed mark, 28.5 cm diameter

Doreen Blumhardt vase, impressed mark & paper label, 28 cm height

Doreen Blumhardt, sushi dish, impressed mark, 18 x 19.5 cm

Doreen Blumhardt Vase flattened lozenge form paper label 35 cm height (slight rim chip and slight glaze damage)

Doreen Blumhardt, large stoneware platter, with weaving poured green, blue and brown glaze over an oatmeal ground impressed mark Depth 40.5 cm

Doreen Blumhardt, very large rectangular stoneware platter, with poured pink, green and black glaze over a green ground impressed mark width 50.5 cm

Doreen Blumhardt, large shallow stoneware bowl, with wax resist pattern on a grey ash glaze illegible impressed mark Depth 39.5 cm

Doreen Blumhardt, large stoneware bowl, with tenmoku and ash glaze impressed mark Depth 38 cm

Doreen Blumhardt, dish, impressed mark, 34 cm length

Doreen Blumhardt, bottle vase, impressed mark, 42 cm height (base chip)

Doreen Blumhardt, oblong shallow dish, impressed mark, 49 cm length

Doreen Blumhardt, square platter, impressed mark & paper label, 60 cm width

Doreen Blumhardt, a large ash glaze floor vase. Diameter 54 cm

Doreen Blumhardt, large table bowl, glazed well with unglazed wide, rim incised with kowhai, 48 cm diameter

Doreen Blumhardt, flattened spade form vase in blue glazes, paper, label to base, 36 cm height

Doreen Blumhardt, slab shallow dish, impressed mark, 28 cm length

Doreen Blumhardt, stoneware spade vase covered with olive green and dark red flambe glaze original label to the base. Height 24 cm

Doreen Blumhardt, Heaven, man, earth sculptural installation, multiple parts, stoneware and wood, circa 1999

Doreen Blumhardt, pair of rare coral series stoneware outdoor tables