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1963-64 Coca-Cola 'Test stars bottle Tops', complete set of South African [15] & Australian [30] in special album. Fair/good condition. Very scarce

Coca Cola wooden crate with full bottles. Red 'Ribbon' crate with mixture of green and clear 6 1/2oz. Full bottles. Also yellow crate

Two full Coca Cola crates. Original wooden yellow crates and red 'Ribbon' crate with original 6 1/2oz. Returnable bottles with contents. Mixture of green and clear bottles

Two full crates Coca Cola. Original wooden yellow crate and red 'Ribbon' crate with original 6 1/2oz. Returnable green bottles with contents. 48 bottles total

Coca-Cola memorabilia collection: a large range including a Vending machine AM/FM Radio (boxed), an FM Radio - can design (boxed, a waist bag Radio AM/FM (boxed), an FM Radio - bottle design (boxed), a bottle phone (boxed), a '55 style Am-FM radio stereo c

1930s-style Coca Cola 'Serve Yourself' refrigerator; 85 x 85 x 60 cm. In working order. Together with a Coke crate, 3 bottles and a ruler. (6 items)

Coca Cola /Olympic collection, noted Coca Coca 1987 America's cup bottles, 10 Coca Cola glasses, Coca Cola 100 year Centennial bottles, modern bar liquid dispenser; assorted Olympic ephemera. (25+)