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Pan American Airways Travel Poster, fly to the South Seas (Clipper), paul George Lawler (American working 1940’s); offset lithograph, signed on the plate, 89.5 cm, 60 cm

Original vintage BOAC airline travel poster, 'Fly to Europe by BOAC', circa 1960, 102cm x 63cm approx.

Severo Pozzati [Sepo] (Italian 1895-1983), All Roads Lead to Rome, printed by Stampatonelle, Off. Graf Coen & C -, Milano & published by ENIT-Italian State Tourist, Department, 1936, 100 x 62 cm

Bartczzi (Spanish), Salamanca, Patronato Nacional del Turismo, published by National Tourist Board, c1930, 100 x 62 cm

c1970s Qantas travel posters, noted '. globetrotters fly Qantas'. with artwork by Schlesinger, and '. Qantas - The Australian Airline'. showing Opera House. Fair/G condition

c1960s Qantas travel posters, '. South Africa'. showing giraffe, &. '. Britain'. showing bulldog. Each 36 x 50 cm

Qantas and Teal 1956 Maori travel poster, designed by Harry Rogers. 49 cm x 36 cm

Australian Travel Poster: Australian National Travel Association poster No. 117, 'The River Derwent - Tasmania, Australia', with artwork by James Northfield, colour process lithograph, printed by McLaren && Co., Melbourne. 101 x 63 cms, laid down on linen.

An early 20th century South Africa tourist poster, 'South Africa Invites You', 'The Road To Sunland', 'Booklet from South Africa Offices. Trafalgar Square, London.', printed in colours showing an open tourer beside an electric train. Printer's details to b

Travel Poster: c.1965 'Japan' text continues 'Australia's Overseas Airline Qantas In Association With B.O.A.C., Teal and Saa' colour lithograph with artwork by Harry Rogers, printed by Posters Pty. Ltd. 99 x 74 cms, laid down on linen.

Travel Posters, Etc.: A small collection of 1950s-1970s posters including Australian National Travel Association posters, Qantas India (small format), American Airlines, etc (15 items). Mixed condition.

Travel Poster: 'Air-India International London-Geneva-Cairo-Bombay' colour lithograph, circa 1960, printed by Bolton Fine Art Litho Works Bombay; 97 x 61 cm, laid down on linen.

Italian Travel Poster: circa 1950, 'Autostradale' luxury motor coach colour lithograph for Sat Milano, printed by Cartotecnica Riboldi - Milano; 99 x 69 cm, laid down on linen.

Airline Travel Poster: 'B.O.A.C Stratocruiser Speedbird an aircraft type in Speedbird Fleet', circa 1950, artwork by R. P. Hutchinson; 61 x 87 cm, laid down on linen.

Airline Travel Poster: 'B.O.A.C Takes Good Care of You' with artwork by John Worsley dated 1949 in the image [1919-2000]; text continues at base 'British Overseas Airways Corporation in association with Qantas Empire Airways Ltd., South African Airways, Ta

Italian Travel Poster: 'Home Lines Speedy Luxurious Passenger Service New York - Mediterranean M/S Italia S/S Atlantic' circa 1948, colour lithograph for Fratelli Cosulich - Genoa and Cosmopolitan Shipping Co. Inc. printed by Saiga, Genoa; 99 x 62 cm, laid

c1960s travel poster, 'The Sunshine State, Queensland, Australia, Fly Ansett-Ana', size 61x91 cm.

Travel Poster: c. 1960s 'Western Australia, Land of Leisurely Living' colour lithograph; 100 x 64, laid on linen.

Travel Poster: 1952 Pan American World Airways travel poster 'Fly By Clipper To Australia and New Zealand, Where Summer Spends the Winter', artwork by Jean Carlu & Dubois, printed in USA, colour lithograph: 104 x 71 cm, laid down on linen.

Travel Poster: c1937 Australian National Travel Association poster, 'Australia', with artwork by Douglas Annand (1903-1976), a photo montage incorporating a photograph of a young woman in a bathing suit by Max Dupain (1911-1992), colour lithograph; 100 x 6

South African Tourism travel poster. C. 1930s, 'Fly Sabena Belgian Airlines to South Africa Land of Sunshine and Adventure', 'Printed in England by Haycock press Ltd. London', linen-backed, good to very good 98.5 x 63 cm

1950s Melbourne Cup Poster, 'See you at the Melbourne Cup, First Tuesday in November', artwork by Shattock showing boots, cap, silks & whip, published by Tourist Development Authority of Victoria, colour lithograph, printed by McLaren & Co, Melbourne, wind

Western Pacific ceremonial staff & tourist mask. Length 68 cm (staff)

c1950s travel poster, 'Sydney, New South Wales', artwork by J.Richard Ashton (1913-2001), published by The NSW Department of Tourist Activities and Immigration, colour process lithograph, printed by A.H.Pettifer, Government Printer, Sydney, size 101x77 cm,

c1950s Qantas travel poster, 'Opening the Way to easier world travel/ Qantas/ Australia's Overseas Airline', colour lithograph, printed by Posters Pty Ltd, size 102 x 77 cm, linen-backed. Rare proof before trimming.

C1960s 'Mildura' travel poster printed by A.C.Brooks [Melbourne], artwork by Trewin. A poster previously unknown to our rooms. Rare 101 x 63 cm

C1955 'Jamtland' Swedish travel poster with artwork by Eleman. 99 x 62 cm

C1940s 'Espana' travel poster, artwork by Jose Morell. 99 x 62 cm

C1930s 'Geneva Switzerland' travel poster with artwork by W.M.Mahrer. Linen backed. 64 x 98 cm

C1930s 'France' travel poster printed by the French Government, artwork by Leonetto Capiello. Linen backed, 99 x 62 cm

C1960s group of travel posters. BOAC, British Airways, Alitalia (4). Varying sizes, some soiling and rough edges. Condition B. (6 items).

C1960s travel poster 'South Africa. Fly There By Qantas', printed by gravure process by cape Times limited [South Africa] for the local tourist Corporation, size 63 x 101 cm. Condition A.

C1960s travel poster 'Qantas Australia's Overseas Airline...'. Art work by Harry Rogers. linen backed. 99 cm x 74 cm. Condition A

C1960 Qantas travel poster 'Japan'. Art work by Harry Rogers. Linen backed. 99 cm x 74.5 cm condition B

C1950s travel poster 'Qantas Australia's Overseas Airlines. Europe'. Art work by Harry Rogers. Linen backed. 99 cm x 74.5 cm. Condition A

C1950s travel poster 'Discover Australia'. Art work by James Northfield. Linen backed. 101 cm x 63.5 cm. Condition B

C1930s travel poster 'Victorian Alps For Winter Sports'. Art work by Gert Sellheim. linen backed. 61 cm x 23 cm. Condition B+. Rare

1960s Qantas 'Europe' travel poster. St. Bernard dog. Lithograph. 101 x 76 cm