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About 1932 the Hoffman Brick Company in Melbourne expanded its interests and took over a small art-pottery and began to market a range of commercial art-pottery that employed Australian floral and faunal motifs. This ware was called ‘Mel-rose Australian Ware' and although moulded and thus capable of being economically mass-produced it had some of the qualities of more expensive handmade pottery. Usually coloured green, a fresh clean colour that enjoyed a lasting vogue in the 1930s after the drab browns and ochres of the Depression, some examples exist which have white, pink, grey blue or other coloured glazes. Gum leaves are the usual motif employed on Mel-rose Australian Ware. Possums, kangaroos, koalas and fish are some of the animals employed as decorative motifs on bowls jugs, vases and bookends. Mel-rose Australian Ware continued in production until about 1940, when the escalation of war efforts and privation made the production of goods impossible.
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Australian Melrose ware Toby jug in the form of a seated gentleman, 18 cm high approx

Australian Melrose Ware Toby jug in the form of a lady, 18 cm high approx

Pair Melrose Ware koala embossed trough vases. Internal rim chip to one, crazing to the other. Length 22.5 cm height 8.5 cm

Large Melrose Australian pottery blue glaze vase, unsigned, 21 cm high approx

Melrose Ware Pottery gumleaf flower trough with mauve glaze, 34 cm across

Melrose Ware Pottery possum jug with original label, 11 cm high, 20 cm across, Provenance: Collection of The Late Geoffrey Maxwell Worthington

Melrose Ware Pottery possum trough, 35 cm across the handles, Provenance: Collection of The Late Geoffrey Maxwell Worthington

A pair of Melrose Art Nouveau figural form bookends, green glazed

Melrose Australian pottery float bowl, with green drip glaze together with blue drip glaze vase

Australian pottery Melrose vase with leaf and gumnut decoration, as inspected, 8 cm high approx

Melrose Ware vase of waisted cylindrical form with rare fiery orange to yellow flambe glaze, underside stamped 'Melrose Ware Australian'. Height 11 cm diameter 10 cm

Vintage Australian Melrose vase with gumnut & leaves decoration, 10 cm high approx

Melrose Ware green drip glaze Gumnut vase stamped to the base 'Melrose Ware Australia'. Height 25.5 cm

Melrose Ware trough, with moulded gum leaves, cobalt blue glaze, stamped Melrose Australian. 12 cm high, 24 cm wide, 16 cm deep

Melrose pottery green glazed vase with gumnuts & leaves. 24.5 cm

Melrose pottery green glazed flower trough decorated with gum leaves. Length 35 cm

Good blue Australian Melrose pottery vase decorated with gum leaves. 25 cm high approx.

Mel-rose Ware (Active c.1932-46), pair of good night figurative book ends black underglaze mark Mel-rose Australian Ware to each base, the tallest 19 cm high

Mel-rose Ware (Active c.1932-46), pair of gumnut leaf book ends black underglaze stamp Mel-rose Australian Ware to each base, 14.5 cm high

Melrose Ware figural bookends with gumnut and leaf decoration

Melrose Ware: bookends with gumnuts and leaves glazed in green. original label, height 14 cm. VG condition

Melrose Ware: pottery 'Possum' flower trough glazed in green. Height 11 cm, width34 cm.

Two various Australian earthenware items, including milk jug with blue and yellow drip glaze; and Melrose Ware town crier ashtray. Height 10 cm. (jug)

Melrose ware vase with gum leaves in pink and blue tones. Approx 8 cm tall

Small Melrose Ware green and purple glazed pot with gum nut decoration, 8 cm tall (Hairline)

Small Melrose Ware vase with applied gum nut and leaf decoration, 12.5 cm tall (faults)

A Melrose Ware Pottery Toby jug, in olive green glaze, factory marks, 19 cm high 7' high)

Melrose Ware, a Pottery blue glazed gum leaf and nut moulded vase, factory marks, 8 cm high

Melrose Ware, a Pottery inkwell modelled as John bull in a hat, factory marks, 10 cm high

Melrose Ware, a Pottery 'Father Christmas' Toby Jug, factory marks, 18 cm high