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Bohemian glass, famous for its beauty and colour, has been in production since the 13th century, aided by the abundant natural resources found in the countryside, including potash which combined with chalk created a clear glass, wood to fire the kilns, as well as limestone and silica.

Bohemia became part of Czechoslovakia from 1918, and from 1993, part of the Czech Republic, although the word 'Bohemia' and variations on it continued in use in labeling glass.

By the mid 18th century Bohemian glass dominated world production and in the 19th century Bohemia became the centre for production of new types of coloured glass, including hyalith, lithyaylin, annagrun and annagelb.

'Mary Gregory' glass, in popular belief originated from a lady by that name either in America that painted scenes of children on ruby, blue or green glass using a white enamel paint mixed with ground glass, actually originated in Bohemia, and was a major export in the mid and latter quarter of the 19th century.

Mary Gregory glass, like many glass items from Bohemia does not carry a permanent manufacturers mark. more...

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19th century Bohemian glass with hand painted enamel overlay, lemon squeeze base, approx 16 cm high

A cobalt blue Bohemian cut and Flash glass vase, early 20th century, a tapering conical vase with long cuts and leaf motifs, a lens cut beaded border to the rim, height 12.5 cm

A 19th century silver plate and Bohemian three-bottle decanter stand, the tall clear glass bottles flashed in red, blue and green, cut with grape and vine decoration, faceted sections to the base, long necks and hexagonal stoppers, the English silver plate

A large 19th century Bohemian overlay glass liqueur set, comprising of faceted decanter with silver neck, spire stopper and eight Roemer style glasses. All with wheel engraved figure and scroll scenes. Height 34 cm.

Three long stemmed Bohemian glass goblets, the bowls in green with gilt embellishment to bowls and stems.

A 19th century Bohemian glass vase, the body of cranberry with gilt embellishments with three panels decorated in wildflowers on a white ground and one panel decorated with an Italian Renaissance gentleman, white and gilt acanthus decoration to base and ri

Bohemian cut glass two tone vase, amber with clear diamond cut band decoration, height 11 cm approx

A Bohemian Flash glass trumpet vase, late 19th century, the cut crystal body with diamond, star and palm style cuts, with serrated undulating edges and cased in raspberry, in a silver plated domed and weighted base with shallow moat, height 21 cm

Bohemian overlaid cranberry glass vase decorated with three gilt windows & raised enamelled flowers. Condition: good, minor wear to some gilding. Height 26.4 cm

A Curt Schlevogt Bohemian Malachite glass turtle jewellery box., Czech 20th century

A Bohemian green glass vase with enamel decoration, early 20th century, the cylindrical vase with a fluted rim, decorated to the body with gilt heightened trailing flora, the lower section with a mellifluous clear glass teardrop decor flowing to six petal

A striking Bohemian glass enamel decorated Salamander vase by Moser or Harrach, circa 1890. a mould blown green ewer with an internal rib and hollow base, having a mellifluous and undulating applied turquoise rim and well decorated with gilt enriched ename

Bohemian glass decanter and six stemmed glasses, with gilt and floral decoration

A three cranberry glass & gilt Bohemian vases, height 14 - 15.5 cm

A hand painted Bohemian green glass stemmed bowl with Ruffled edge, Dia. 31 cm, Ht. 21 cm

Six 19th century Bohemian overlay glass tumblers, three each with blue and red overlay, deeply cut with stylised floral and geometric designs. Height 8 cm

Attributed to Ludwig Moser, Bohemian Glass Vase, c. 1900, enamel and gilt painted with fish swimming amongst aquatic plants, height 20 cm

Two Bohemian ruby flash cut glass vases, height 19 cm approx

Bohemian 19th century cobalt amber glass vase with painted body raised enamel foliate pattern & gilt highlights, approx 13 cm high

Bohemian 19th century overlay shade, painted on ruby glass, approx 22 cm high, 31 cm diameter

A Bohemian glass enamel decorated vase, early to mid 20th century, a conical green vase upon a knopped pedestal base decorated with flowers, patterns and birds upon a gilt scroll decorated ground . Height 29.5 cm

A pair of Bohemian glass mantel vases with finely painted portraits, mid 19th century, 43 cm each

19th century Bohemian glass fluted goblet amethyst colour borders, faceted wheel cut sides, fluted body, includes etching of cornucopia, 12 cm high

Bohemian goblet glass painted gilt borders, fluted body 19th century, 11 cm high

19th century bohemian pedestal form wine glass, etched and hand painted foliate design, and guilding to edge, approx 11 cm high

19th century bohemian hexagonal form ruby glass, etching of cornucopia, triumphal horn etc, olurk approx 11 cm high

19th c. Bohemian glass cup with gilt highlights ruby glass in sectional form, approx 10.5 cm high

Bohemian glass with porcelain flower over windows, gold gilt on glass 19th c. Retaining retailer label to base, approx 11 cm high

Vintage Bohemian overlay glass comport 14.5 cm diameter & 17 cm high approx.

Bohemian overlay cased glass white cut to green painted decanters painted with floral motifs & gilt highlights. Condition: good, minor wear to the bases. Height 40 cm

Bohemian cobalt blue cut to clear glass lustre suite painted with gilt hightlights, each with eight crystal drops, with original 'Bohemia made in Czechoslovakia' sticker. Condition: good to fair, some paint losses, some chips to the bases. Height 2

A fancy c.1900 Bohemian glass casket box, rounded rectangular form, blue tint, highlighted with fine sculpted floral bouquets on elaborate gilt decoration ground, gilt metal mounts. 11 x 7 x 10 cm

A fine Art Deco Bohemian citrine glass vase, comb & cross thatched panels with floral central panel, hand painted, gilt rim, approx 15 cm high

A pair of Bohemian painted and overlaid green glass vases, each with diamond cut and floral painted cartouches to the body, beneath a cut-out rim, 38 cm high

A pair of 19th century Bohemian painted and overlaid clear glass vases, each with a diagonal cut glass stem, beneath an everted rim, 30.5 cm high