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A table centrepiece, which may have a large central bowl or dish, and a series of smaller bowls suspended from a central stem or branches, with the smaller bowls used to display sweetmeats. Some of the grander examples were made in silver, but epergnes were also made in ceramic and glass.
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Australian epergne, set with a central emu egg, on fern support, surrounded by aboriginal figure, kangaroo and emu, flanked by pink glass vases, a/f, length 30 cm

A fine Victorian ruby glass epergne, mid 19th century, a four trumpet epergne with three twist and scrolled canes supporting clear baskets, all well decorated with well crimped rims and trailing rigaree, supported upon a large circular bowl of conforming d

A fine Victorian pink and lemon vaseline glass epergne, mid 19th century, a five trumpet epergne with ruffled floral rims modulating from deep pink to clear, with trailing lemon rigaree and supported within a large bowl with a ruffle and fan shaped rim, he

A Victorian green glass four trumpet epergne, circa 1860, 58 cm high

A gilt metal and cut glass epergne, late 19th/early 20th century, 60 cm high, 60 cm diameter

Exquisite Victorian ruby glass three trumpet epergne with two spiral twist clear glass candy canes, height 53 cm

Victorian ruby glass epergne, large central trumpet flanked by 2 smaller trumpets, 45 cm high

A cranberry and cased glass epergne, early 20th century, the epergne with five wavy edged trumpets and baskets, two spiral canes and trailing rigaree to a wavy edge squared base, height 53 cm

A Victorian blue vaseline glass epergne, 19th century, having a central stem and three lily form trumpets with turquoise blue pointed petals modulating to white and uranium colours, applied spiral trailing foliate motifs, a circular frilled dish form base,

A fine Victorian cranberry glass epergne, 19th century, with a ruffle edged base supporting a tall central trumpet with fold over draped rims, three further trumpets and a trio of clear twist canes supporting baskets with applied spiral motifs, height 60 c

A fine Victorian cranberry and vaseline glass epergne, 19th century, a seven trumpet epergne with frilled trumpets and baskets with an optic rib decor and trailing vegetal rigaree, the baskets with distinctive finials, with glass canes and supported in a p

A Victorian pink vaseline glass epergne, 19th century, with a tall central stem, two additional trumpets, spiral canes and applied trailing decoration to a squared base with crimped edges, height 57 cm

A Victorian vaseline glass epergne, 19th century, a small epergne with three frilled trumpets with cranberry edges above white and uranium colours, to a conforming undulating base, height 35 cm

Two Victorian vaseline glass epergnes, second half 19th century, a cranberry tipped epergne with a circular frilled base, a central stem issuing three spiral twist canes and supporting five frilled baskets with iris style undulating rims, as found; the oth

Victorian vaseline glass four trumpet epergne having seven trumpets & crimped rims. Height 56 cm

Antique vaseline glass graduated epergne, 31 cm wide, some chips

Victorian vaseline glass four trumpet epergne having five five trumpets & crimped rims. Condition: good, slightly loose. Height 46 cm

A Victorian blue glass epergne with three trumpets, approx. 50 cm high.

Victorian ruby glass epergne fitted with four trumpet vases

Two Victorian red glass epergne trumpets, a Victorian enamelled glass jar, coach vase &, 2 paperweights

Vaseline glass four trumpet epergne on a shaped copper base. Condition good to fair, restoration to central trumpet. Height 46 cm

Victorian silver plated and vaseline glass epergne, maker Walker and Hall, with etched leaf decoration to glass, 18 cm high approx

Cranberry glass tall stem epergne of frilled design, on a round pedestal base. Condition: good, minor Ware to the base. Height 61 cm

A Victorian cranberry and uranium glass trumpet and basket epergne, the frilled base supporting three trumpets and two clear glass arms with baskets suspended. Height 60 cm

Trumpet form antique Moser epergne ruby oval panels, fitted in a brass ring turned base, approx 23.5

A Victorian ruby glass epergne, with four trumpets to the perimeter and a further central trumpet, 58 cm high

A Victorian vaseline glass epergne. Second half 19th century, in striking creamy lemon to clear lime tones with a central floral trumpet with an internal spiral motif and trailing applied clear glass embellishments, three matching side trumpets and three b

Ruby glass and silver plated epergne with a flying eagle, 29 cm high

Fenton milk glass four trumpet epergne having a round footed base bowl, & ruffled crimped clear glass edging. Condition fair, chip to the base. Height 34 cm

An opalescent blue and pink glass epergne with a central floral trumpet, surrounded by six trumpet shaped flower receivers and scalloped bowl to base. Height 57 cm origin: England period: Victorian, circa date: 1880

A Victorian ruby vaseline glass epergne, 19th century. 51 cm high

Victorian vaseline glass four trumpet epergne having crimped rims. Condition good, slightly loose. Height 50 cm

Victorian cranberry glass single stem epergne wth a flared rim on a clear glass foot. Condition good, minor age realted wear to the base. Height 31 cm

Victorian ruby glass single stem epergne with a green fishscale bowl on a silver plated base. Condition good, minor age related wear, stem slightly loose. Height 40 cm

Victorian cranberry glass epergne with four trumpet vases & three hanging baskets. Repair to one stem. Height 59 cm