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Large Regal Mashman Australian pottery vase. Applied gumnut and gumleaf decoration; blue and brown drip glaze ground. Dual handled. Inscribed stamps to base 'Regal Artware. Mashman Sydney' and '10B.'. Height 35 cm

Two Regal Mashman Artware vases, drip glaze brown and green. Stamped to base, height 16 cm and 10 cm

A Regal Mashman pottery and drip glaze basket. Stamped to base, height 18 cm.

A Regal Mashman pedestal vase, brown and blue drip glaze. Stamped Regal Mashman and inscribed to base, height 16 cm.

Two Australian twin handled pottery dishes, possibly Mashman, 27 cm

Large Mashman Bros. Australian pottery vase, with brown drip glaze, 26 cm high approx.

A pair of Regal Mashman Australian pottery Art Deco vases

Mashman pottery bowl, modelled by Thomas Stevens. Impressed leaf pattern, stippled slip, olive & cobalt glaze. Impressed to base 'Mashman Bros Willoughby N.S.W.' c.1890s, height 16 cm

A Regal Mashman drip glazed vase, engraved to base 176D, 26 cm height x 18 cm

An Australian Mashman Regal Art Ware drip glaze pottery vase 19 x 12 cm

A Mashman Brothers Willoughby stoneware jug with gum leaf decoration impressed mark to base. 17 cm high

Australian Regal Mashman beehive vase 15 cm high approx.

A Regal Mashman vase, with green, blue and brown tone drip glaze. 1920-1930s. Height 21 cm

A Regal Mashman small vase, brown and blue glaze. Signed. Height 11 cm. (aw388/3)

Two Regal Mashman Australian pottery vases, factory mark to base, 13 cm high (tallest) approx

Three Mashman vases 2 are signed to base, 11 cm high (tallest) approx

An Australian salt glaze pottery hunting jug with a relief moulded Australian coat of arms, attributed to Mashman pottery, circa 1910, 16 cm high

Selection of Australian Pottery to include a kookaburra figure,two Regal Mashman vases and a frog

Regal Mashman pottery vase. Quad handled, ribbed design, & brown glaze. Marked '226' to base. Height 22 cm

Three Royal Mashman pottery vases in blue, green and brown tones

Regal Mashman: group of three pottery vases c1930s. Heights 8 cm, 9 cm &13 cm

Regal Mashman green and gold glaze vase marked 'Regal Art Ware Mashman Bros Ltd Sydney Nsw' to the base and incised '106' height 21 cm

Four various Australian pottery items, including pair graduated Bakewell yellow jugs; Regal Mashman dual handled vase and bowl. Diameter 17 cm (bowl)

Regal Mashman rose bowl. Blue pink drip glaze, of spherical form. Height 14 cm

Regal Mashman vase in blue & brown tones, stamped 'Regal Art Ware - Mashman Bros Sydney NSW', hand numbered '108' height 33 cm

Mashman Brothers Willoughby, a glazed earthenware sgraffito vase, decorated with flowering sprays, impressed circular mark, 27 cm high; a blue/green vase, 14 cm high; a fan shaped fish vase, 17 cm high; and a two handled floral vase, 21 cm high (4)

Mashman Brothers, Willoughby, a glazed earthenware vase moulded with leaves, impressed circular mark, 13.5 cm high

Regal Mashman vase, brown and white tones

Australian stone ware pair of salt glaze jardinieres possibly Mashman, featuring brolgas amongst foliage, some chips to rims of both. Height 34 cm

Pair Mashman Regal Art Ware vases. Double handled with mottled blue and brown glaze. Height 24 cm

Australian Art Deco Regal Mashman vase of flared stepped form in drip glaze, 21 cm high