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Jeffrey Mincham was born 1950, Milang, South Australia. Studied art education at the Western Teachers College, South Australia and ceramics at the South Australian School of Art and the Tasmanian School of Art, Hobart, under Les Blakebrough. In 1976 he began potting full-time at the Jam Factory Craft Centre, Adelaide, and became workshop foreman. In 1977 he established his own workshop at Cherryville, South Australia, where he has continued to work up to the present. In 2009 he was recognised as a "Living Treasure" by Craft Australia. His first solo exhibition was at the Jam Factory, Adelaide in 1976. His work is held by the Art Gallery of South Australia, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Australian National Gallery, Canberra, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney, National Gallery of Victoria, Queensland Art Gallery, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, and regional galleries.
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Jeff Mincham (Australian, b. 1950), teapot, 1996, raku fired earthenware under red glaze, with arched handle and incised wave pattern to body, inscribed to base 'Mincham '96', height 21 cm. Provenance: Weswal gallery, Tamworth, 1996. Private co

JEFF MINCHAM (BORN 1950), Large Vessel, fumed raku, 30 cm high, 65 cm diameter. Provenance: Holdsworth Gallery, Sydney, Raku Ceramics by Jeff Mincham, 3-21 April 1993

Large vase by Jeff Mincham, with landscape design, 83 x 65 x 28 cm (irreg)

Jeff Mincham (b. 1950) ceramic pot earthernware raku vessel, applied fin like decoration to top surface, inscribed artist's signature 'Mincham 88' to base (A/F). Height 21 cm. Diameter 34 cm

Jeff Mincham, (b. 1950), ceramic pot engraved line pattern to surface, four applied decorative handles, artist's signature incised to base (A/F). Height 25.5 cm. Diameter 34 cm. Provenance: Estate of Leslie Walton, Sydney

Jeff Mincham, (b. 1950), Rising Moon II, 1999 earthenware pot, glaze with engraved surface depicting night landscape, artist's signature inscribed to base 'Mincham 99'. Height 26.5 cm. Length 61.5 cm. Width 19 cm. Provenance: Corporate collection, Sydney

Jeff Mincham (Australia), large elliptical floor vase, (small chip evident to the base), height 300 x width 38 cm

Jeff Mincham (b. 1950), Untitled (Raku jar), raku fired stoneware, incised to base 'Mincham 85'. Height 37 cm

Jeff Mincham, teapot, raku-fired earthenware with bamboo and rope handle, inscribed 'Mincham '90'. Height 14 cm. Diameter 29 cm. Provenance: Ceramics and Glass Circle of Australia, Second wave

Jeff Mincham (Milang S.A.) raku fired stoneware vessel signed under base 'Mincham 86. Height 51.5 cm. Note: Jeff Mincham Studied at the South Australian School of Art, Including One Year Study with Milton Moon, and One Year with Les Blakebrough. His Works

Jeff Mincham (b.1950) tall vase c1970, cylindrical form, white over brown glazing. Height 33 cm, diameter 12.5 cm

Jeff Mincham, lidded vessel, 1988, raku fired stoneware with bamboo and rope handle, incised 'Mincham 88', height 22 cm, diameter 32 cm

Jeff Mincham, stoneware lidded vase, raku fired, heigth 31 cm

Jeff Mincham, stoneware lidded vase, raku fired, heigth 31 cm

Jeff Mincham South Australia circa 1998, earthenware naturalistic shaped vase, black, green and rust toned glaze, signed Mincham 98. Height 39 cm.

Jeff Mincham South Australia circa 1999, earthenware naturalistic shaped vase, black, green and rust toned glaze with incised decoration signed Mincham 99. Height 83 cm.

Jeff Mincham, small reed jar, impressed artist's seal, 6 cm diameter x 8 cm high

Jeff Mincham, landscape platter, 45 cm wide x 40 cm high;, together with, landscape bottle, 18 cm diameter x 11 cm high

Jeff Mincham, large lidded vessel, 1989, stoneware with bamboo and cord handle, signed and dated 'Mincham 89' to the base. Height 39 cm

Jeff Mincham Paleoglyphs, Three Vessels the slab built ceramic tall pod forms with deeply incised surfaces, each with a substantial hanging support to the rear. Height 99 cm. Width 34 cm

Jeffrey Mincham, (1950 - ), two large 'Neoteric' covered vessels, 39 cm diameter and 33 cm diameter