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Lladro figure group 'Couple From the Artic' by Juan Huerta 01012038, issue year 1971, Retirement year 2000, height 33.5 cm

Lladro figure 'Swan with Wings Spread' by Francisco Catalá, 01015231, issue year 1984, Retirement year 1992, height 17.5 cm

Lladro porcelain figure, in the form of a lady, wearing a bonnet and dress, a/f, height 32 cm

A Lladro 'Unicorn and Goddess' figure group, number 6007. Height 27 cm, width 35 cm

Three Lladro porcelain figure groups, girl with parasol, girl with goose and two boys and candle. Height 19 cm, 22 cm and 21 cm

Lladro figures 'Polar Bear Resting' & 'Attentive Polar Bear' by Juan Huerta 01011208 & 01011207. Issue year 1972. Retirement year 1992. Height of tallest 12 cm

Lladro figure group 'Closing Scene' by Salvador Furió 01004935. Issue year 1974. Retirement year 1996. Height 24 cm

Lladro figure 'Turtle-Dove' by Fulgencio García. 01004550. Issue year 1970. Retirement year 1998, height 29 cm

Lladro figure 'Goya Lady' by Vicente Martínez 01005125. Issue year 1982. Retirement year 1990. Height 32 cm

Lladro figure 'Asian Scholar' 01006177. Issue year 1995. Retirement year 2003. Sculptor Francisco Polope. Height 24 cm

Lladro figure 'Asian Boy' 01006188. Issue year 1995. Retirement year 1998. Sculptor Francisco Polope. Height 24 cm

A boxed Lladro 'Pals Forever' figurine, 10th Anniversary Collectors' Society Piece #7686, showing a young girl with a boy clown, both holding puppies, on wooden stand. Height 22 cm

A boxed Lladro 'A Wish Come True' figurine, 10th anniversary Collectors' Society piece #7676, of a young girl carrying a watering can and flower pot. Height 25 cm

A boxed Lladro 'Surprise', figurine, #5901, showing a clown opening his coat tails to reveal three puppies. Height 20 cm

A boxed Lladro 'Destination Big Top' figurine, showing a young clown with a dog resting his head on a suitcase. Height 25 cm

A pair of Lladro figures, in original box, height 18 - 21 cm

Lladro figure group 'The Kiss' by Vicente Martínez 01004888;issue year 1974;Retirement year 1983, height 33 cm

Lladro figure 'Lagartera Girl' by Francisco Catalá 01005053;issue year 1980;Retirement year 1985, height 27 cm

Lladro figure 'Insular Embroideress' by Salvador Furió 01004865;issue year 1974;Retirement year 1994, height 28 cm

A boxed Lladro 'Circus Magic' figurine, #5892, of a standing clown with four kittens emerging from a top hat. Height 28 cm

A boxed Lladro 'Circus Concert' figurine, #5854, of two clowns; one standing holding a horn and the other sitting playing a violin. Height 26 cm

A large Lladro 'The Goddess and The Unicorn' figurine, modelled as a reclining female reaching up to a kneeling unicorn. Height 280. On fitted base.

A large Lladro clown's head figurine, 'Pensive' by Jose Puche, modelled wearing a bowler hat with flower. Height 270. With rectangular wooden stand.

A Lladro figurine of a dove, modelled alighting on a flowering branch. Height 290. On rectangular wooden stand.

A large Lladro figure group, depicting a country scene of a gentleman feeding grapes to a young woman with a dog at her feet. Height 26 cm

Lladro porcelain Buddha head bust, with serene expression, raised on stepped base, height 28 cm

Lladro porcelain figure, depicting a traditional priest in soft tones of blue and brown, height 27 cm

Wonderful Lladro figure group, depicting mother with child seated upon lap, one holding sphere the other egg, in tones of green, with unglazed faces, height 41 cm

Fine Lladro porcelain figure group, in the form of Madonna and Child and attendants, in tones of brown, pink and lavender, height 35 cm

Lladro 'Essence of Man' I, II & III figures with original boxes, 01018147, 01018145, 01018149, issue year 2005

Lladro 'Scientia' figure with original box, 1018018, issue year 2003, 31 x 16 cm

Lladro 'Essence of woman' II & III figures with original boxes, 01018144 & 01018148, issue year 2005, 23 x 16 cm, & 22 x 20 cm

Lladro 'A bird on hand' figure 01012151, issue year 1985, Retirement year 2000, Sculptor Regino Torrijos, height 29 cm

A Lladro porcelain figure of a newspaper boy, 20th century, 26 cm high

Lladro, ceramic figure of a woman, matt black finish, depicted draped in floating scarf, printed mark to underside, height 52 cm. Provenance: Private Collection, double Bay, NSW

Two boxed Lladro figures, including Don Quixote, #4854, and Woman in blue spotted dress, #4828, height 30 cm and 23 cm

Large Lladro figurine 'Victorian Girl on Swing', ref. no. 1297, 39 cm high, 26 cm wide