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A Lladro figurine 'Summer on the Farm', 1985-2007, pattern 5285 designed by Antonio Ramos, depicting a young girl accompanied by a gaggle of geese at a water pump, in soft blue grey and buff colours; backstamp underside and impressed markings, with

A Lladro figurine 'Dama Liberty', 1986-2000, pattern 5377 designed by Jose Puche, 'Dama Liberty' or 'A touch of Class', a 1920s styled lady in draped mauve attire posed beside a pot on stand filled with lilies; blue backstamp and im

A Lladro figure of a Mexican child wearing a Sombrero, height 19 cm

Two Lladro figures of girls, one holding a hen, the other, a lamb, height 28 cm

Lladro figures 'Pensive Eskimo boy' & 'Pensive Eskimo girl' by Francisco Catalá 01012158 & 01012159. Issue year 1985. Retirement year 2016. Condition good, minor wear to the bases. Height 17 cm

Lladro figure group 'Couple from the Artic' by Juan Huerta 01012038. Issue year 1971. Retirement year 2000. Condition good, minor wear to the base. Height 33 cm

Lladro figure 'The Apollo Landing (L.E.) by Salvador Furió 01006168. Issue year 1994. Retirement year 1995. Condition good, new with original box. Height 42 cm

Lladro figure 'Goya lady' by Vicente Martínez 01005125. Issue year 1982. Retirement year 1990. Condition good, minor wear to the base. Height 32 cm

Lladro figure 'Afternoon tea' by José Puche 01001428. Issue year 1982. Retirement year 1998. Condition good, minor wear to the base. Height 36 cm

Lladro, a porcelain figure of a kangaroo with joey, 1986, stamped Factory mark and date: Lladro 1986, 11.5 cm

Two Lladro girl figurines, one holding a lamb 22 cm high, & the other reclining

Lladro figure of girl with books & flowers on a stump, approx 28 cm high and smaller

Lladro, 'Flowers Chest' porcelain figure #1572, approx 11.5 cm high, 15.5 cm wide, 9 cm deep

Lladro, 'On The Town' porcelain figure group #1452, approx 37 cm high

Lladro 'A Barrow of Fun' porcelain figure #5460 approx 21 cm x 22 cm

Lladro 'Scooting' porcelain figure no 5143, approx 27 cm high

A Lladro figurine, a woman in Victorian riding habit side saddle on a white horse. Impressed mark to base. 34 cm x 44 cm

A Lladro figurine of a woman with a parasol and small dog, Issued 1971 and retired in 1993, pattern 4761designed by Vincente Martinez, a typically elongated figure in muted mushroom, cream and dove blue hues; backstamps underside. Height 35.5 cm

Large Lladro figure group 'Swinging' 1297, approx 40 cm high

Lladro 'A girl at the pond' porcelain figure 4918, approx 24 cm high

Lladro Flooring standing figure 'Knowledge' sculptured by Antonio Ruiz C1970 89 cm height

Lladro figure 'Don Quixote' 01001030. Issue year: 1970. Sculptor: Salvador Furió. Size: 40x48 cm. Base included