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A German World War II M35 helmet complete with chin strap and liner, police decals

A World War II German Police Peaked Cap a Feuerwehr (Fire Department) Official Visor Hat. NCO/EM pattern hat for the Fire Service. Hat top is made of dark blue wool with carmine pink piping with black velvet band with nice zinc police hat eagle with metal

Shako Berlin Police leather hat, pre-World War II (Ex Nazi) refurbished for use in 1945 & reissued to the occupying 'Civil Mixed Watchmen Service' (Police), with accompanying official certificate in German & English; East German Border Guard helmet, Cold W

German Nazi military Police Shako silver Alum' lobster tail hat the origins of the distinctive Shako has been somewhat shrouded with the passing of time with some military historians accrediting the French with its development in the 1780's, based on the d

Police visor hats including, Australian Pith Helmet type Victorian, New Zealand Bobby style no longer used, Australian Victoria, State Police Cap (Needs sewing), New Zealand Police Old Style Badge, Melbourne Flat Cap, New Melbourne Flat Cap

Police Visor Hats including, Japan Police, West German Federal Border Police, German Officer's Hat, Sylvia Weichseldorfer German Hat, Bamberger German Hat, Sweden Police General Uniform Co. All in very good condition. (6)