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Antique Edison 'Fireside' Phonograph, complete with horn & crank handle and complete case, together with 8 cylinder records

A vintage Edison 'Gem' cylinder phonograph, with oak dome cover, complete with a black painted horn and two phonographic cylinders.

A vintage Edison Amberola 30 Phonograph C. 1915, oak case with internal horn, needs attention for borer. In running order. Dimensions 35 cm x 8 cm.

An American Columbia Graphophone type B, no. 146919, oak case with small black external horn. Columbia Phonograph Co. New York . Length 29.5 cm

An Edison home model Phonograph C. 1900, oak case (needs restoration). Part of the large external horn is missing. Case length 41 cm.

A brown Vulcanite suitcase containing Edison cylindrical Records, thirty one blue Amberol phonograph records, mostly in original cardboard tubes.

Thomas A. Edison home Phonograph in an oak case with a metal horn, winder & twenty cylinders, the metal plate reading 'Edison home Phonograph manufactured under the Patents of Thomas A. Edison, et al, at Orange, N.J., U.S.A. Oct. 27, 1896. May, 31,

Edison cylinder Amberola phonograph. Provenance: Bryan Jackson collection of music boxes and toys

Edison diamond disc phonograph, early 20th century. 112 cm high, 45 cm wide, 51 cm deep

Edison Home Phonograph with large brass and black painted horn on stand. Horn 126 cm

Collection of cylinder phonograph records. (200+)

Edison Standard phonograph in oak case with blue horn and stand. Horn 73 cm

Edison table top cylinder phonograph in oak case. 34 cm high, 32 cm wide, 40 cm deep

Edison Model D cylinder phonograph with impressive polygonal horn and stand. 92 cm high

'Edison Standard Phonograph', serial number S3 30832, missing horn

An Edison Standard Phonograph model H in oak case serial number 660140, 35 x 34 x 25 cm

Mikiphone Swiss made pocket Phonograph having a black composition resonator & nickel-plated pocket-watch form case impressed lettering. Condition good, minor wear, working order. Diameter 11.4 cm

An Edison diamond disc cabinet phonograph, Chippendale model, Circa 1920. 130 cm high, 56 cm wide, 60 cm deep. Together with a collection of phonograph discs (18 items)

A Thomas Edison 'Gem' table model cylinder phonograph in an oak case with 5 cylinders, Circa 1905 with later horn

An Edison standard phonograph c.1900 complete with reproducer, horn, crank and in working condition 30 cm high, 34 cm wide x 25 cm deep

Edison phonograph, home model (with lid)

Edison Phonograph, home model. Complete with crank, lid and reproducer

Vintage His Master's Voice Phonograph, No 103, Bruxelles retailer plaque along with three tins of needles, approx 33 cm high, 41 cm wide, 47 cm deep

Edison home Phonograph cylinder record player with original horn & approximately 27 records

Thomas A. Edison fireside Phonograph in an oak case with a metal horn & winder, the metal plate reading 'Edison fireside Phonograph Combination type manufactured under the Patents of Thomas A. Edison, et al, at Orange, N.J., U.S.A. Oct. 27, 1896. May, 31,

Antique Edison home phonograph cylinder with painted horn, serial number 241959

An Edison standard cylinder Phonograph. Together with original wooden boxes of Edison cylinders.

Edison, phonograph cylinders; mixed group. (75 items)

Edison, phonograph cylinders; mixed group. (75 items)

Two cartons of cylinder phonograph records. Predominently Amberola. Approx. 60

Three cartons of cylinder phonograph records. Predominantly Amberola. Approx. 100

Edison standard phonograph and horn. Lidded oak case. Type C Reproducer. Functional

Edison Amberola table top phonograph. Walnut case with metal fret. Complete but A/F. Height 38 cm. Width 37 cm. Diameter 49 cm

Excelda Thorens (Switzerland) 'World's Smallest Portable Phonograph', with instruction leaflet, brown crackle finish, no needle, untested (VG-E)

An early 20th century Edison standard cylindrical phonograph with oak case and two part external horn. Numbered 420052, circa 1910. Later horn. Height 105 cm