Learn about Knife Sharpeners and Grinders

Some Victorian and Edwardian table knives were made of iron or steel, which turned black after use. To solve this problem, knife grinders and sharpeners were invented. They were cased in wood or iron plate and had a winding handle. The blades were inserted through slots and sandwiched between pads impregnated with fine carborundum. By turning the handle, the stains were removed.
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A brass inlaid horn and steel knife sharpener, French, 19th century. approx. 38 cm long

A stag antler brass and steel knife sharpener, French, 19th century, approx. 46 cm long

A horn handled steel and brass knife sharpener, French, 19th century. 33 cm long

Antique Kent's of London knife cleaner on iron stand, approx 110 cm high

Antique Kents knife cleaner, Improvements Patented 1865-1870, with cast iron frame base

An oak Geo. Kent Ltd. knife sharpener, circa 1890, the London made sharpener standing on bracket metal feet and set with a single winding handle. Height 42 cm